Bridge to the Future

July 17, 2007

Kitchener, ON

As the flagship event of the major men’sfastball season draws ever nearer I am sending this appeal to all majorfastball players , coaches and managers participating in or simply enjoying theISC World Tournaments to give a little back to the game through the Bridge tothe Future training program.
Attached is a schedule of events for theskills clinics on Monday August 13 and Tuesday August 14. The infrastructure isin place to host hundreds of youth intent on growing with their sport, all weneed to be successful are world class individuals who will share a little timeand knowledge for the betterment of this game.
Last year Kitchener set an ISC bar that may never be equaledin terms of attendance, instruction and support for the Bridge to the Futureprogram. Like any good team we cannot dwell on last years success and we haveset our goal to push that bar one notch higher in 2007.
I realize that schedules will dictateparticipation from individuals and teams but I would ask each of you to contactme by return e-mail with at least your commitment to assist us if the SoftballGods give you some spare time during any of the times listed. Having personallyparticipated in previous Bridge to the Future events and skills clinics withTeam Canada, Team USAand the New Zealand Black Sox I can assure you there is great personal rewardin seeing young players trying to improve their individual game by hanging onyour every word.
It is a privilege to be able toparticipate in the World Tournament, share in the full experience by steppingup to the plate to be able to secure its future.
Larry Lynch
Kitchener Bridge to the Future

Here we go again, another year and another"Bridge" in Kitchener. We have started the registration program and currently are doing quite well,although at this time we're a little slow at the 13-16 age bracket, but we'resure that will pick up.
Here's the 2007 agenda.
Monday, August 13th at Wilson Park (same as lastyear)
9 -12 year olds  times 9 til 11:30 am
13 -16 year olds 1 - 3:30 pm
Monday at Peter Hallman Ball Yard  - 6:30 pm itwill be the Special Olympians and the Athletes with SpecialNeeds.
Tuesday at Peter Hallman we will need pitchers andcatchers for a group of pitchers andcatchers 15 - 18 years old. It is to be aspecialized session on calling games, setting up and how to throw differenttype pitches.
What we need from you is:
1: names of players who commit to assisting us asinstructors and their teams they will represent;
2: to get the message out to any player, coach orDirector that have a child or grandchildren that are considering to register asa participant.
The registration forms can be had by going to thewebsite:  andthe Bridge page.
Any questions or concerns please let me know. We have asked Larry Lynch to help us coordinate here at this end and determineany local players that have committed to assist.  Maybe the two of youshould connect so that the work is not being duplicated. I have copied him sohe is aware of our communication.
Pete McILwraith


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