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Open Letter To The Sport Of Fastball - Peter J. Porcelli, II

November 2, 2007

Clearwater, FL

 This last Monday, I stood before a judge and heard sentence pronounced upon me totaling 13 years in prison, which eliminates any chance I had for getting a camp which is devoid of walls, guns and violent criminals. According to the prosecutor, had not my wife made a “Magnificent” appearance speaking on my behalf, I would have received more time as the judge was clearly moved by her appeal. She tearfully asked for mercy, pointing to our nearly 18 years of faithful and devoted marriage and the dual parenting of our two children, ages 13 & 9 who are both straight A honor students and have never had any behavioral problems. You can imagine how I felt as she wept on the stand.
     I wish to address the softball world that I have had the privilege to be part of going on 19 years with 17 consecutive ISC world tourney’s attended, until last year when conditions precluded my being permitted to attend.
     With regard to my problems with the law, I wish to state for the record and once and for all, possibly contradicting what some of my friends, including the so-called ones, who might make it look like I am shirking responsibility, that I DEFINITELY DO take full responsibility for the events that have resulted in my having hurt my family, a number of customers, and many in between, employees included. I made a very poor choice in how I had my company managed when I went to Victoria in 2002, electing to go with a certain company to do my sales.
     Unfortunately they grossly misrepresented my product, a debit card with a Mastercard logo which was the first debit card you could go shopping with at stores instead of strictly an ATM. It was such a good product it could have been easily marketed successfully honestly, but as it worked out, the greedy people, loaded it up with misrepresentations and I got closed down in August,2002.
    As most of you know, I was indicted in March of this year, I pled guilty and agreed to cooperate to both help myself and also to assist in the indictment of the person they consider the lead dog of the sales company. He did this sort of thing to at least eight other companies, I never used anyone else but him. To learn more look up Kyle Kimoto & Assail, Inc..
     It is my fault I am in trouble, nobody else’s. As things got worse I looked to avoid the truth and that was a combination of stupidity and arrogance on my part. They say that getting an education in life is expensive. I suggest you check out the cost of stupidity and arrogance.
     I would not even bother with writing about this to the fastball world except for the idea that while I am in the process of falling on my sword, I wish to address much unfinished business in the sport we all love.
     I came on the scene in 1993 with much of the same arrogance and the know-it-all attitude along with any good intentions I had. I am not here today to speak about the successes, the friends, the accomplishments, and anything you all feel I did which might have been good.
    I admit I did a horrible job of appreciating the sport we love, and I alienated many good people through my words, deeds and other actions. I shortchanged many in a lot of ways, and denied, avoided, and otherwise refused to take responsibility for that as well.
This continued throughout my continued participation until it peaked at some point. I would like to think I have changed my ways and tried to undo some of the damage I have caused as opposed to simply put it on a counterbalance with the good I have done.
     But the most important part, is that I have yet to admit it openly, and leave no doubt as to my innermost feelings. They say actions speak louder than words, and to that extent I hope if some of you perceive a better effort from me more recently over the years, it is only good if I also give you the words I also owe, with no reservation: “I truly apologize to everyone I have hurt in any way.”
     Top of my list is Todd Martin. Not because I did any more damage to him, I may not have even affected him, and hope I have not. But that is the name I think of the most, when it comes to ill will, if I am going to be honest with myself. There are many more, but this is not a litany and I wont go there. You know who you are.
     I have been granted 60 days before reporting to finish rehab on my shoulder which was operated on in July, but I know the judge truly wanted to give my wife and family a break, so I will report after the Holidays, right after. I wish to publicly apologize to my beautiful wife, Nicole, my children Trey and Tiffany for all the pain and hardship I have brought them.
     I was going to have a get-together before I leave for my closest friends, but I am up in the air about that, I do not wish to make them any more uncomfortable.
    I will emerge from this a better man, I promise, much better. I am fortunate to have great health and family, the two most important things in life, so I am far from thinking I am done as a worthwhile human, but I know I have to prove that in the future.
     A good friend of mine, Amir, called me last Friday, worried for me about my situation. Amir Sarhaddi, the man everyone loved and who only did good for his fellow man, never a hint of trouble from him. Saturday night, when stopping on the interstate highway at 3:00Am to see if he could be of assistance for an auto accident that had just occurred not involving him, for which the authorities had not yet arrived, was struck by a third vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. He leaves behind a wife and two children ages 8 & 11. This sure puts my relatively small self-inflicted trouble in perspective. Horrible things happen even to those who don’t bring it upon themselves. How truly fortunate I am that God gives me a chance to make amends.
     Thank you for taking the time, I regret the fact that the sport has been mentioned along with my name in connection with the legal woes. There are actually many out there outside the sport that think this sport loves me and they cannot understand why this is so. They are obviously misguided in their assumption that I am unconditionally loved as you are fair and intelligent as a group, you certainly are not deluded by me or anyone else. You are also the most wonderful group I have ever been associated with, probably the main reason none of us can ever truly walk away. God Bless each and every one of you. I am forever in your debt.
Most Sincerely,
Peter J. Porcelli, II

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