ISF XII Men's World Championship - The Umpires

July 13, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

Below are the Bios of the umpiring crew for the ISF XII Men's World Championship As you can see this is an excellent, well experienced crew.





I have been married for 26 years and have two sons ages 22 and 21. Both play senior baseball and both umpire. I have umpired for 21 years after hanging up my glove. I received my ISF certification in 2003. I have worked 6 Canadian Championships (4 at the senior level), 2005 ISF Jr Mens Worlds, 3 ISC World Championships. I am currently the Umpire-in-Chief for the province of Nova Scotia.

I am employed (for 30 years) by the Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority as an administrator for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Looking forward to meeting you on the15th.


  • · Profile Leigh Evans
  • · 7th July 2009
  • · am married to Sandra a Primary School Secretary, with two children, Stacey 23 a Occupational Therapist, she's engaged to be married and Andrew 21 a 4th year university PhD student.
  • · am a qualified Motor Mechanic, although I have been the Service Department Manager of a Toyota Dealership for 17 years.
  • · first became involved in Fast-pitch Softball in 1979 in Melbourne Australia by watching my girl friend (now my wife of 27 years) play.
  • · Over the next few years I became involved in Scoring at club level and I represented my local association teams at the Victorian State Championships as a statistician in 1983, 1984,1985 and 1986.
  • · first bagger, I started playing softball for the Hi-way softball club in Melbourne in1983, most recently with the Melbourne Warriors in the 2002 World Masters.
  • · won club best and fairest 1985,1987 and 1990 and became runner up in 1988, I also won the Association MVP in 1985. I gave up playing to Umpire at that level to train for my Level 4.
  • · During my time at my Softball club I spent several years on the executive committee including Vice President.
  • · also coached their men’s team in 1987/88 to a Grand final.
  • · started umpiring in 1989 and gained my level one in 1991 and I gained my National level 6 at the Open Men's in Melbourne 2000 and my I.S.F. accreditation in 2004.
  • · In 2002 I became a member of the Softball Australia National Umpire Staff.
  • · 2002 – 2006 I was the Victorian State Rules interpreter and Lecturer and in 2007 became the National Rules Interpreter and the DUIC of Australia.
  • · Since 2004 I examined level 6 umpires at the Open Men’s Championships.
  • · Personally
  • · My son Andrew was a member of the Australian U19 Men's Squad, and has played for Australia at several international series in Australia, My Daughter Stacey is a Level 6 umpire in Australia and My Wife Sandra is a State coach and has coached at National and International level including Specialist coach in the 2008 Junior Men's
  • · went to Japan is 1996 to be inducted into the Toyota International Champions Society after winning the National Skills contest for service Management.
  • · In 2003 I won the Toyota Australia Southern Region, Service Manager of the Year.
  • · Highlights
  • · Highlights of my Umpiring includes, In 2002 going Japan for the Japan cup and plate umpiring the Grand final Japan v USA, Attaining my level ISF in 2004, being selected to attend the 2005 Under 19 Men’s World Championships and plate umpired the Semi and Preliminary Finals, Umpiring in the 2006 Commonwealth Championship and calling the grand final from behind the plate. 2005 & 2007 Vivian Triplet Australian Umpire of the year and the Margo Koskelainen Victorian Umpire of the year 2007. Attending the Canada Cup in 2007 and being allocated second base in the Grand final. Umpiring the Gold medal game in the Men’s pacific Series in Canberra in 2007 and traveling to N.Z. for the Men's World Qualifier.
  • · In 2009 I was presented with Life Membership of the Victorian Softball Association.


My name is Juan José Fajardo, Iwas born in San Francisco from Campeche, Campeche, Mexico, July of 1959, 25 are profession accountant and work in the Secretary of Social Development of the Government of the State of Campeche, I am 18 years old in the work of the Umpire,in the 2002 I obtained my certification ISF in the XII Seminar of Certificationof Umpires in the Republic of the El Salvador, obtaining the second better qualification of the seminar, I have participated in the XIX Central AmericanGames and of the Caribbean in El Salvador, in the 2003 in the XIV Pan-AmericanGames in Santo Domingo, Republic Of the Dominican Republic, there am it participates in several Pan-American in Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala, so much Feminine as Virile, of the 2001 at the 2009 have participated in the Infantile and Juvenile National Olympiads of Softball, in 2001 I was named President ofthe Good-natured Association of Softball, in the 2006 they granted me the Prizeganso the Sport Grouper in the best Modality Ampayer, in him 2008 name me National Director of Umpires of the Mexican Federation of Softball, and aftertwo opportunities that I got lost to participate in a World Championship, nowplays me to be in my first World Championship, where I will put all myexperience that I have acquired in the game Field along 18 years.


I am single, living in the Vancouver area of BC, Canada for the past 36 years. I operate Quality Unique Products specializing in Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention software for computers. I have worked in Latin countries with the poor children and orphans for the past 25 years for the Spirit of Peace Ministries.

Umpiring has been my life, first doing Little League in 1967 and then softball in 1969. Now in my 43rd season, I am grateful to the ISC, NCAA, NAIA and especially Softball BC, Softball Canada the ISF for all of the opportunities afforded. I was granted my Softball Canada Level V in 1988 and became ISF certified in 1989.

I have worked 7 Canadian Championships (6 Sr. Men's), 4 ISC World Championships (2002 - 2005), an ISF Jr. Men's World Championship (1993), World Master's Games (1994), an International Softball Cup 2000) in the Blacktown, Australia Olympic stadium,worked in 4 National Sr. Men's Championships in 4 different countries within a year, worked in 15 Women's Canada Cups (1993-2008), 2 International Challenge Cups, the Chinese National Championship and the Chinese National Olympic Games. I was fortunate enough to have umpired in over 40 tournaments involving national teams outside of North America.

My real passion has been teaching for Softball BC, Softball Canada and the ISF at 5 Blue Conventions, the Softball Canada National Umpire School, National clinics and teaching 2 ISFclinics in Guangzhou and Chungdu City, China. I was a Deputy UIC on the Canadian National umpire staff (ODC) and have been on many committees to writemanuals for Softball BC, Softball Canada and the ISF specializing in Plate andBase Mechanics.

Most importantly is how important eachand every one of you are to our umpiring family. Looking forward to enjoyinga few weeks with all of you!

Have a safe trip!




My name is Jan Hora, I am coming from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, which is sometime calls the centreof Europe. I live here for whole my life. I am married to Jitka. As usual our both lives are connected with softball, she is pitcher and in these day's she is preparing for European championship. We have one daughter, she is just 13 month old baby.

 In my professional life I am civil engineer, my job is to design load bearing structures of buildings and other constructions.

Softball is my hobby since I started high school. I played it for 10 years when I stop and put all softball time for umpire's job. Other than softball I like cross-country skiing, cycling and handworks on our cottage.

My softball career:

I got my European umpire's A level licence in 2001 and my ISF licence in 2003.

My umpire's experience:

I did 5 times European Championshipmen's or women’s (2001, 2002, 2003, 2003, 2007) and 5 other European cups, Internationaltournaments:

2003 Greek Cup in Athens

2005 it was honour for me to be part ofcrew on Junior Men's World Championship (PEI – Canada)

2005 I have been invited to Maccabiah Games in Israel

2007 Euro-African Olympic Qualifier

2007 Men's World Cup

2007 World University Games in Bangkok

Since 2006 till now I am Czech Softball Association UIC.

 I look forward to see you all soon



Bioof Jens Jakobsen

am 43 years old, married to my lovely wife Mette (41). We have 2 fantastic girls on 6 and 9 years old. We live in a small town near Copenhagen in Denmark.I am bringing them all to Saskatoon, so you will all have the opportunity to meet them during the tournament.

Ona professional level I have been owner of several drugstores for over 10 years. Last year I sold them all and have now bought a part of a Danish web page. .Beside that I import and have all sale of softball equipment in Denmark.

have been playing softball for more than 25 years (12 years on the national team)and is still playing a little bit. Funny thing is that my first world championship as a player was in Saskatoon in 1988. Now I am back as a blue.

got my ISF license in 1993 in Italy and after that I have worked international tournaments almost every year.

Here is a list over the most important.


1993: European Cup Women France

1995: European Championship Women Belgium

1996: European Cup Winners Cup Women Nederland

1997: European Championship Men Nederland, European Cup Men Nederland

1998: Canada Cup, ISF IX Women´s world Japan European cup Women Italy

1999: ISF European/Africa Olympic Qualifier Italy, European Cup Men Nederland

2001: European Cup Men Nederland

2005: European Cup Men Belgium

2006: European Cup Winners Cup Men Nederland

2007: ISF European/Africa Olympic Qualifier Italy

2008: European Championship Men Denmark

For many years I have been Umpire-in-Chief in Denmark and been making clinics for Danish umpires.

am looking forward to meet you all, have fun and work some fantastic games together.

Seeyou next week.




I am 41 years young and married to Juliefor 15 years. We have two daughters that are 14 and 12 going on 25! I have beenin the education field for nearly 20 years as a teacher/coach, and now an Attendance Officer. I have lived in Killeen, Texas my entire life.

My umpiring career began when I was 15y/o. I have been a registered ASA umpire for 25 plus years! In that time periodI have worked 8 Junior Olympic Nationals, and 12 Men's National's. Of these 3 have been the Men's Major. I also umpire at the College level as well. Working 7 Regional Tournaments, 5 Super Regionals, and the Women's College World Seriesin both 2008 and 2009. I attained my International Certification in 2003. Sincethen, I have had the pleasure of working the 1st World University games,International Sports Festival, World Cup II, American Challenger Series, andthe 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janiero.

I am looking forward to meeting everyoneof you, and developing new friendships! See everybody on the 15th!!!!




I was born in Necochea, a small townbeside the ocean, but I moved to La Plata - capital city of Buenos Aire sprovince far 50 km. from Buenos Aires City-.

I´m happily married to Fabiana. We havebeen married for 21 years. We have only a son, named Homero (16) who playsoftball -of course- and play guitar too.

I´ve been working as a phisicaleducation teacher for 25 five years. I think I´m going to retired in a cuple ofyear ( by the way, how that it feels Frank??)

I started umpiring in 1993 and became as anational Umpire in 1996. Since I was certified ISF -in 2000- had the honour towork in three regional tournament (Panamerican Junior Girls and Woman)and a World Junior Men´s Championship, past year.

I´ve just been selected by my Federationfor develop the umpiring in all over the country. For that, officiating in thistournament it´ll be very important to me and my country.

What is the most important things for me tocome in the next days: meet old friends, make new ones, be the mostproffessional we can, interchanges experiences and spend - all together- goodtimes....

........the best we can, insideand outside the field.

Untill then mates..... takecare,

(I´m sorry about my language, I hope you can understand anyway. Be patient to me)




You, hello. My self-introduction iscarried out.
My name is SHIGEO KAMAT.Since it cannot talk well, please give me English.
It lives in Miyagi Prefecture of 300km of north directions from Tokyo in Japan.
The family lives on six persons together with a wife, son husband and wife, andtwo grandchildren.
Once, although the policeman's work was done, I have retired at the age of 60.
It is having acquired the Japanese umpire. The international umpire wasacquired in 1996.
Now, it is inaugurated as CIU of JSA. The experience of old InternationalChampionship is as follows.
2006 Pacific Mans International Series
2006 8th Mans Asian CHAMPIONSHIP
Soon, I am looking forward to meeting you




Ciao a tutti!(Hello to everybody!)

My name isGianluca Magnani and I’m from Roccabianca a little and lovely village in thenorth of Italy by far the best place on the face of the earth .

I’m 39 andsingle. I don’t have sons and my family is at the moment my mother and mygrandmother both living in the same village as me. I work for a Company thatproduces and sells olive oil as Operation Manager, and this has been my firstand unique work during my life.

Other thansoftball I like fishing and my favorite pastime is opera, but more than thisI’m a marvelous dart player … ok ok … only a player!!

My softballcareer has started in 1986 and softball has been for me the main part of mylife. I’ve been lucky to go around the world thanks to softball. I’ve beeninvolved in 25 European Competition, a Canada Cup in 2002, an IntercontinentalChampionship in 2005, Olympic Qualifier in 2003 and 2005, World ChampionshipWomen in 2006 and Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008.




My name isVincent Maoeng, born in 19 July 1963; yes my birthday will be during thechampionship. Born in Benoni, South Africa. I am married to Linda for 23 yearsand blessed with three children, two boys and a girl (22; 19; and 18). I workfor African Explosives Limited, as Education; Training and DevelopmentPractitioner.

I am the ISFRegional coordinator for Africa; UIC for Softball South Africa, I have beenumpiring for 20 years. I got my ISF certification in 1998, umpired 2 X Men’sWorld Championships; I X Women Championship; 1 X Canada Cup; 1 X Olympic qualifierand 1 X Olympic Games – Athens. Have done a lot of regional umpiring andconducted clinics throughout Africa. Was involved with ISF school in Japan forcertification.

Enough for now.




My name is Mark McFarlane. I amtravelling with Wiremu Tamaki on a “Pre-World Series” build up through Ontarioand BC.Â

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, amsingle but live with Nicola Ogier, a current ISF umpire.

I have two kids and two grand kids.

I own a paint contracting business withmy brother and son and Nicola runs the office.

My brother was an ex-Black Sox playerand my son was an ex-Junior Black Sox player.

After a time from playing and coaching Ibegan umpiring in 1996. I achieved my ISF accreditation in 2004.Â

I have worked the Micronesia Games -2000, the ISF World Junior Men’s at PEI – 2005. I have worked the Men’sPacific Series in Rotorua, New Zealand 2005 and again in Melbourne, Australiain 2007.Â

Additionally I have worked the ISFOceania Men’s World Series Qualifier in North Harbour, Auckland in 2008 and theISC World Tournament in Kimberly, USA in the same year.

I am currently the Deputy National ChiefUmpire for Softball New Zealand and current Umpire-in-Chief for my local area.Â

I look forward to meeting new umpiringfamily members and the ones I have already met in the past.


My name is Frank Omoe. I was born justeast of, then raised, and continue to live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Ithas been my honour and privilege, for the last thirty-three years, to have beenmarried to Nancy. We have three grown children who are all single. To myknowledge there are no grandchildren, but with the two boys living in London,England and Vancouver, Canada, who knows?

Right now I have the best job I have everhad, recently retiring after nearly thirty-five wonderful years as a teacherand school principal.

This season is my twenty-second as anumpire. I have umpired at six Canadian Championships and supervised twoothers. Since receiving my ISF Certification in 2001, I have umpired two ThreeNation Challenge events, the 2002 ISF Women’s World Championships, the 2005 and2007 International Softball Congress World Tournaments and the 2008 ISC IITournament of Champions.

I have served as the Fastpitch Directorand Vice President of our Edmonton and District Softball Umpires Association. Nationally, I have been part of several rules and umpire manual rewritecommittees and have instructed at four Blue Conventions and a NationalMechanics School.

I am looking forward to representing mylocal, provincial and national umpire associations and the ISF at the bestmen’s softball championship in the world. Of equal importance, I can’t wait tobecome reacquainted with some old friends, and make some new ones in the nextthree weeks.




Information notavailable at the moment




I am married toJoanne (34 years) and have 2 grown daughters and 2 granddaughters. Our family has lived in Saskatchewan, Canada all our lives and we intend on remaining herefor the duration.

On aprofessional level, I have been a Manager in the Credit Union system for 29years and an additional 8 years as a Manager with a grain company.

My umpiringcareer over the past 20 plus years has been a real passion (my wife calls it anobsession). I have umpired at 7 Canadian Championships (3 Senior Mens),numerous Regional and Provincial Championships and have supervised 2 CanadianChampionships. I received my Level V in Canada in 2002 and attained my ISF Certificationin 2003. At the international level, I have had the good fortune to umpire theISF World Jr. Mens, Canada Cup, World University Games, 3 Nations Challenge andnow the ISF World Mens.

On theadministration side of the game, I am currently a Deputy Umpire-in-Chief inSaskatchewan. This is my second time in this position. I have instructed theSoftball Canada clinic annually for 17 years, been a presenter at the national“Blue Convention” twice, instructed the Softball Canada Level IV clinic and amon the organizing committee for the 2010 Blue Convention right here inSaskatchewan.

I truly feelthat it has been and continues to be a great honour to represent the ISF,Softball Canada and Softball Saskatchewan at these Championships and above allat this prestigious event.



BIO OF Wu Tamaki

My name is Wiremu Tamaki better known as"Wu" and I hale from Newlands, Wellington, New Zealand. I'm 40 yearsof age and have been with my wife, Sherra-Lee, for some 24 years. We have twosons and one grandson.

My back ground is in Human Resourcesworking as an Advisor for the biggest School in New Zealand called TheCorrespondence School with up to 22,000 students providing distance learning.

My interests are fast pitch softball,rugby league, cycling, mountain biking, tramping, ball room dancing andlearning languages.

I started umpiring in 1996 attainingSoftball New Zealand (SNZ) qualification in 1999. I received my ISF Badge in2003.

Umpiring achievements………..

International Front:

I've umpired in two ISF WorldChampionships:

- Men’s Worlds in 2004, Christchurch, NZ

- Junior Womens Worlds in 2007,Enschede, Netherlands

In addition I've umpired in the OceaniaMen’s World Series Qualifier in 2008, North Harbour, New Zealand and then the2008 Beijing Olympics.

I've attended many SNZ NationalChampionships for both men and women since 1999. I am the Website Manager forSNZ's Umpire Website and a member of the National Umpiring Staff (NUS) for SNZUmpires.

Like you, things are starting to heat upand I'm getting excited about next week and seeing you and the Crew.

Until travels to everyoneand lets get busy in Saskatoon!



BIO of Scott Thomas

I live in Broken Arrow, OK USA I'mhappily married to Linda (17 years) and we have 2 daughters, 2 sons, 6grandkids and I'm still 48 years young.

I've been a Lead Mechanic forthe last 24 years with Flightsafety International. I buildFlight simulators for Military and Commercial Airlines.

ASA Softball Umpiring has been very goodto me. In my 26 years of ASA umpiring, I've umpired 9 NationalsTournaments (3 Majors) 1 Women's and 2 Men's. I attained my IFScertification in 1998, umpired the 2003 Pam-Games in Santo Domingo, D.R.,2007 the KFC World Cup of Softball/American Challenge. Iserved as a ASA Metro Deputy UIC/Board Member for 10+ years. On theCollege level I still work a full schedule in the spring and in 2006was selected to umpire the Women's College World Series.

Let me tell you a little secret ofmine at the age of 15 I lost my right eye in a fishing accident so myentire umpiring career has been with one eye. When the fans say are you blindmy answer is always YES. My nickname is "Hookeye"

I'm looking forward to my first WorldTournament and meeting my new umpire family.

See you soon

Travel safe




This is Santos Vazquez from Puerto Rico. I come from a beautiful small Island, just right beside Dominican Republic and Cuba.

I have been and umpire for the last 30 years. I got my ISF carnet in the first Latin American Seminar in Santo Domingo, ,D.R. in 1987.(OLD ONE).

My International experience is:

Three Regional Caribbean Games. 1990-Mexico,1993-Puerto Rico and 2005-Colombia. Three Pan-American Games. 1991-Havana Cuba,2003-Santo Domingo-D.R. and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Three Worlds Championship.(1990-Normal Illinois,1993-Modified,San Juan P.R.

and 1994 St. John, Canada.

One Olympic Games.(2004-Athens, Greece)

Manny others(qualifiers for regionals and Pan am Games)

See all of you in three days.








I am looking forward to seeing you all soon and having the opportunity to work with you all.
I guess it is my turn to tell you all a little about me.

Softball has been very good to me! I have been involved with ASA andumpiring softball for the past 34 years and I still umpire every chance I get.
I received my ISF Certification in 1986 and had the opportunity to workfor Merle Butler on several occasions.
I have been involved in the training aspect of umpiring for the past 20 yearsand I find that I love this aspect of the game as much as working on the field.
I live with my mother on a small farm, in a small town, in the mid-west part ofthe United States called Alexandria.
I am single and have four siblings who have provided me with many nieces andnephews to spoil.
I teach high school, health and weight lifting during the school year andin the summer I run our driver education program.
I am very proud of the fact that I finished our 8 week summer program in 4weeks. This is what allows me to come play in CA with you all!
I had the opportunity to work with Bob Stanton and Brian VanOs last year in CAand I am looking forward to another great experience with them and all ofyou!
I wish you all safe travel and I will see you all soon.

BIO for Bob Stanton

I am 59 years if age and currentlysingle. I am employed with the Government of the Province of NewBrunswick in Canada as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of NaturalResources. Most of my work involves negotiation with First Nations(Aboriginal Communities on access to natural resources).

I am a fan of Blues music and make aneffort to attend live blues entertainment where ever I go.

I have been an umpire since 1983 and haveworked a number of Canadian Championships and a couple of International Events,including the 1997 Pan American Games. I received my ISF designation in1994. I still do one or two games a week in my home town of Fredericton, New Brunswick, when I am home.

I did coach a local Ladies teamfor a few years and still coach a University ladies team in the Fall of theyear. We have been invited to the Canadian University Championships thisyear.

I have been in umpire programadministration since 1990. From 1990 to 1998 I was the Umpire inChief for Softball New Brunswick. From 2000-2004 I was amember of the Softball Canada Officials Development Committee and was involvedin a number of clinics, schools and umpire conventions, both as a presenter andas an evaluator. I have been an Umpire in Chief at 12 or so CanadianChampionships. I served as the Softball Canada Umpire in Chief form2004-2008.

Since joining the ISF staff in 2006, Ihave given umpire clinics or ISF Certification in China, Japan, North Korea,Belgium, USA and Canada. I have been an Umpire and Chief at a Pan AmericaQualifier in Mexico, World Junior Women`s in the Netherlands, a Pan AmericanGames in Brazil, a World Junior Men`s in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada and theOlympics in Beijing, China. I took on the role as Director of Umpires forthe ISF in 2009.

I am always overwhelmed by the qualityof people I meet.

My philosophy as a supervisor is to keepthe crew relaxed, deflect the politics and let the umpire do their job, i.e.,umpire to the best of their abilities.

I look forward to Saskatoon.




Brian Van Os

#211-2969 Whisper Way

Coquitlam, British Columbia

V3E 3S8


I am 59 years old and single with twodaughters Jennifer and Jillian. The pride of my life is Ella my newgranddaughter. I have been retired since Aug. 2007 after working 33 years withour Natural Gas Distribution Company in the Lower mainland of BritishColumbia. I have done some consulting for Teresen Gas since retiring and dogas work for friends and family.

I have been involved with umpiring since1971 and registered with Softball Canada since 1978. I retired from the fieldin 2002. I am currently National Director of Umpiring for Softball Canadataking over the position from Bob Stanton. I have worked with RulesInterpretation and our Casebook (after Don Bracey retired from the ODC).

My proudest moment in Softball wasworking the Gold medal game on the plate in the 1988 ISF Men’s World inSaskatoon. I was inducted into the Softball BC Hall of Fame in 2004 as anofficial. The biggest influence on me was my father who talked me into umpiringLittle League for him. He was the co-ordinator of Little League baseball when Iplayed Babe Ruth (13-16 years). My mother and father still attend games atCanada Cup in Surrey, BC. I enjoy golfing 3-4 days a week and I am a directorat my golf club. Looking forward to working with the ISF crew in Saskatoon.

My on field activity includes 4 CanadianChampionships (3 Sr. Men)

ISF activity includes:

ISF Certiied in 1987 - Recertified in1993-New Westminster Challenge Cup

Instructed and evaluated at two ISFCertification Clinics

2008 Simon Fraser University, Burnaby,British Columbia with Julie Johnson and Bob Stanton

2005 San Diego, California with MerleButler

2001 World Jr. Black town, Aust. (platefinal)

1998 Pan American Men’squalifier-Valencia, Ven

1997 ISC Men’s Club World-Victoria, BC

1988 Men ISF World Saskatoon, Sask.(plate final)

1993, 1996 Men's Challenge Cup-NewWestminster, BC

1991 Men's Challenge Cup, Saskatoon

1986 Women's Challenge Cup NewWestminster, BC

Canada Cup International Women'sFastball-Surrey BC


1997-2001 Umpire

2002-2004 Co UIC Futures

2005- Present Co DUIC Futures/Show Case


National Director of Umpires SoftballCanada         2009

Softball Canada Deputy UIC-2002-2008

Softball British Columbia UIC 1989-1997

Softball BC District 14 UIC 1984-1988

UIC or DUIC 15 Canadian Championshipsincluding 7 at the Sr. Men's Level

Bob Stanton

ISF Director of Umpires

571 Afton Lane

Fredericton, New Brunswick


E3B 7L7

(R) (506) 454-9719

(Cell) (506) 461-8030

(Fax) (506) 457-6762




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