ISF's Day 4 - Game 27 - USA vs Philippines

July 20, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

Game 27

The 1:30pm game and we may start on time

Team USA vs the Philippines

just waiting for the line up cards

Terry Luster is warming up for USA.

almost 1:30pm

First batter on
Luster pitching to deGroat
21, Orlando Binardo, out
2, Cabrera, deep to cf out,
27, Binardo, runner steals 2b, ball thrown past 2b, so he steals 3b
passed ball and runner comes home, Philippines up 1-0
Binardo, walks
6, Bradshaw, - while Pete Turner has a word or three with the blue, and oh wow, the runner steals secone and replay, the ball is thrown past 2b again and the runner scores - Phillipines up 2-0
2 runs on 2 hits and 3 errors!
2-0 for Philippines

Pitching for the Philippines is 10, Rogello Rojas

Miller singles
Magnusson, doubles and Miller on 3b
4, Matt Palazzo, makes it to 2nd on an error at 2b, scores two and we have a time game
meeting on the pitchers mound
29, Chris deLarwelle, goes down looking
8, Frank DeGroat, lines one hard to 3b and an outstanding falling over sideways out!
22, Nate Devine, walks
10, Steve Pinnochio, fly to lf and out, but it could have stayed up there even longer with this wild wind - I need a dust buster for my lap top!
2-2 tie

15, out at 1b
9, Bacharisas, pops up a bit and over to 1b for the out
71, Dario Bacarisas, grounder to 2nd and out
no runs on no hits, no errors, no one lob

2. D. Miller, fly to rf and out
21, Marcus Tan, out
1. Blake miller up the middle throw is to first and dropped, safe
5, Kyle Magnuson, miller stole second, close but safe, Kyle, pops back and catcher makes a nice out, that's three.
still 2-2
no runs on no hits

12 strikes out
16, hit by pitch, ouch, walks
21, singles but the runner is out at second, close call, almost a double
2, Cabrara, gets the runer at 2b stealing, out
no runs no hits, no errors

4, Palazzo, home run - puts USA up 3-2
27, Chris DeLarwelle, challenging the blue on the batters box, Turner almost made it out to speak his mind, thought better of it, sat down. walks, had a ton of foul offs too
8, Frank DeGroat, grounded one hard to third, whipped it to second for the out, but the throw to first went past and Frank is safe., one out
second baseman was replaced - whew, tough coach!
22, Devine, grounds one up the middle and is safe on first and the runner is on 2b
10, Pinnochio, a triple to the lf fence, the wind took it, and two runners score so that would make it 5-2 for USA now
pitching change, 10 is out, 11 Leo Barredo is in to pitch
Pinnochio a big home run with 2 RBI that will make it 7-2 for USA
21, Marcus Tan, drops one in front of the cf and is safe on 2b, fast
1, Blake Miller, high fly caught by 2b for the out
5, Kyle Magnusson, grounds to 2b and out

first batter singled
second  batter out
6, Oscar Bradshaw, singles to the right of 2b and we have runners on the corners
15, Abello, goes down swinging
46, Rosales, but has Atiliano on his back, grouns it to short and he drops it, safe on 1b and runner on 2b.  crowd goes crazy!
71, Dario, gronds out
one run on two hits

4, Palazzo,  high one to rf and it just drops out of his goove and he is safe now on 2b
Turner giving changes to the blue
and not to be outdone, the Philippine coach gives the blue some changes
will try and catch them all
x - they never did announce the changes for eiether side
lost connection, USA scored now 9-3 still in B4
Pinnochio, with runner on 1b, hits into a well executed double play, end of the inning
two runs on two hits, no errors
9-3 USA

first batter out
second batter singles
21, Orlando Binardo, singles
2, Jasper Cabrera, drills one right into the gove of the cf
no runs and no one hit, no errors

runner safe on first
21, Marcus Tan out at 1b
1, Blake Miller, pops up to ss, out , runner holds on 1b
5, Kyle Magnusson, doubles, now runers on 2-3
11, Adam Lalonde, snow cone to rf. out.
Blue Boys had a meeting and looks like they are going to hang in there.
9-2 for USA

Ty McKinney in to pitch for USA
27, Binardo, out
6, Bradshaw, out at 1b
73, Jerome Bacarisas, out
no runs no hits

pitching change,
24 Landy Rodriguez, walks
8, Frank DeGroat, high pop to ss and out
22, Devine, missed the catch, but got a nice ovation!
no hits no runs, none lob
9-3 for USA

46, walked
71, Dario Bacarisas, lined to 3b and out
17, Anthony Santos, drops one on the foul line 1b side and gets back in time to avoid the tag, runners safe on 1-3, one out
16, Rosales, singles but runner nailed at 2b, two out
21, Orlando singles and drives in a run, runners now on 1-3, two out
2, c, Jasper Cabrera, out at 1b to end the game

Nice ovation from the fans, the Philippine team has made lots of friends


FINAL:  9-4 USA over Philippines



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