ISF's Day 6 - Game 47 - New Zealand vs Mexico

July 22, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

Game 47

New Zealand vs Mexico

This is the 6:30pm game so we have a long break after the Canada vs South Africa game

6:30pm  on BVI

Umpire Schedule for the Day

Heinie Shannon has the ball for New Zealand

Oscar Martinez will start for Mexico

6:15pm and counting down - teams warming up on the field.
6:25pm and player introductions
6:30 the Black Sox did the Haka, and Brad Rona went a record time in the stare down
- good sized crowd thoroughly enjoyed that one!

first batter in the box
21, Thomas Makea, - visit to the mound by the 3b blue to talk about the weather and/or the DIP (Dreaded Illegal Pitch) - walk - this is not going to be pretty
- visit to the mound by the entire Mexican delegation - not happy about the DIP calls
12, Nathan Nukunukku, grounds out to 1b and moves the runner to 3b - he could have done that by waiting for another DIP
11, Jarrod Martin - passed ball and Makea trots home - strikes out swinging - two out
14, Travis Wilson, pounds one up the middle for a single.
22, Donny Hale, pounds one hard into 3b and he is still standing - line drive to 3b and out
1 one on one hit, no errors, one lob
1-0 for NZ

5, Louis Echave, goes down swinging
14, 2b, Mario Perez, - time for a DIP lesson from the blue - on both corners, one blue to a coach - single low out to cf, safe on 1b
16, rf, Raymundo Parra, runner steals second, clearly tagged, but oh oh, the blue says he is safe! checked with the rest of the press box, yes, he was out, but oh well. - fly to lf and out
no runs on one hit, no errors, one lob
1-0 for NZ

15, 3b,  Brad Rona, walks
1, c  Pat Shannon,  - and now we are all even - runner steals second, is clearly out and is called safe! two bad calls on same base a half inning apart. - Shannon, - passed ball and Ron is now on 3b - walks
10, Casley smashes one at 2b and he can't get a grip on it so Casley is safe on 1b and Shannon is on 3b
24, Ben Enoka, casley steals 2b - grounds to pitcher, holds the runner - throws out enoka at 1b
21, Makea, and there is no mistaking where theat one is going - out of the yard, over the cherry pickers in cf - two run home run
12, Nathan Nukunuku, pops high to 2b and is out
11, Jarrad Martin, walks
14, 2b,  Travis Wilson - and we will have a pitching change - 45 - hey, leave the ball! - new pitcher 25, Lorenzo Holendez, grateful that Oscar threw the ball back in - Wilson, high to the fence in rf and out
four runs on two hits, no errors, left one on base
5-0 after two.5 innings for New Zealand

24 goes down swinging
17, Lamberto Ung, and we have a DIP! and Shannon is in shock.  short chat with the blue. goes down swinging
12, cf,  Ruben Delgadillo, goes out swinging
no runs, no hits, no errors
5-0 for NZ

Donny Hale goes down swinging
15, Brad Rona, walks
1, Patrick Shannon, passed ball and Rona on 2b - drops one in behind 1b for a double and an RBI
10, rf,  Casley, grounds to 2b and out at 1b.  Shannon on 3b
24, Ben Enoka, drops one deep in cf for a double and an RBI
21, Makea, single, drives in Enoka
time for a pitching change - 26 Yuri Loya
12, Nukes, goes down swinging, on a change up
3 runs on 3 hits - no errors, none left on

56, Jose Cruz Castro, out at rf
23 struck out
5, Louis Echave, swish and out
no hits no runs

8-0 for NZ

11, Martin, out
14, Travis Wilson, out at 1b
22, Donn Hale, walked
15, Rona, runners on 1-2 - walks, one out
1, Shannon, bases loaded, one out, doubles to lf, scores one, Rona safe on 3b
10, rf, Casley, blooper down 3b side, scores Rona, single, Shannon on 3b
24, Enoka, pop to behind 2b, its jubbled but he holds onto it. out
21, Makea, grounder to 3b and over to 1b and out
3 runs on 3 hits, no errors
11-0 for NZ

14, Mario Perez,  a sizzler over cf fence, home run
16, Raymundo Parra, right to cf and out
20, Arturo Solano, goes down swinging
24, Gustavo Priskher, out
one run on one hit, no errors
11-1 for New Zealand

now pitching, 6, Sergio Almeida
18, Roman Gabriel, hits the fence in lf, for a double
13, Stepehn Ratu, hit it to the same place but over the fence, that few extra feet, brings in two runs
14, Travis Wilson, - almost nails his own 1b coach - out at first
88, dp, Paul Walford, grounds to the pitcher and out
15, Brad Rona, 2 out and no one on base, walk, four walks in a row.
here comes Eddie, 6 Gareth Cook will come in for Pat Shannon
6, Cook, grounds to 2b and out
Shannon re enters to catch

17,  Lamberto Ung, strikes out
12, Ruben Degadillo, grounds to 3b and out
56,, c, Jose Cruz Castro, out

13-1 for New Zealand

Final: 8:28pm

USA vs Great Britain coming up next, about 9pm



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