ISF's Day 6 - Game 48 - USA vs Great Britain

July 22, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

Game 48

the 8:30pm game will start just before 9pm

Great Britain at USA

Ballparkradio Interview with Great Britain’s Coach Russ Snow

Umpire Schedule for the Day

Bios on the Umpires

Paul Koert will start for the USA

Richard Haldane will pitch for Great Britain

8:50pm - Introductions


Don Garvey is catching Paul Koert
Brandon Horn, single to start things off for GB
22, Patrick Morgan, single down the left side, two on
5, Chalmers, - and I have a line up card! - walks
3, Stockford, out
12, James Darby, fly to cf, caught, runner scored, runner tagged at 3b
1-0 for GB
1 run on two hits

Stockford is catching Haldane
1, Miller, out
5, Kyle Magnuson, walks
4, Matt Palazzo, hard to the rf wall, and caught, out, runner to 2b
27, Chris DeLarwelle,  double, drives in run, 1-1 now
8, dp,  Frank DeGroat, walks
11, Adam Lalonde, strikes out
 one run on one hit, no errors, two lob

9, p,  Richard Haldane, nails one hard down the left side for a single
10, Sunley, out
14, Richard Devey, walks
23, 2b,  Horn, walks
walsh, out
22, Morgan, strikes out
2 hits, no runs, 3 lob, no errors

9, Chase Turner one off the fence for a triple
6, Garvey single, rbi
10, Pinnochio single down the left side
1, Blake Miller, goes down swinging
5, Kyle Magnuson, out at 1b, runnr to 2b, runners on 2 and 3, 2 out
4, Matt Palazzo, hit by pitch, bases loaded
27, Chris DeLarwelle, caught looking and strands three runners
one run on 3 hits, 3 lob, no errors
2-1 for USA

5, Chalmers, singled
3, Stockford singled
12, James Darby, high pop to the fence in cf, out, moves runners up to 2 and 3, one out
9, p,  Richard Haldine, pounds it to the fence, out, and runner scores and runner now on 3b, two out
10, Scott Sunley, out
2-2 tie now
one run on one hit, one error, one lob

8, db,  Frank DeGroat, walk
11, cf,  Adam Lalonde, pop up to 1b and out
77, Chase Turner, hit it hard to deep lf and out
6, Don Garvey, hits it behind ss, lf runs in to get it and drops it, DeGroat scores and Garvey has a double
10, Steve Pinnochio hits it hard into the corner in left (error?) and has a triple, and an rbi  4-2 now
1, ss  Black Miller, grounds to pitcher, he holds the ball, runner safe on 1b, hold all the runners, 3b makes a run for it and out at home to end the inning, exciting finish to that inning.
4-2 now for USA

14, Richard Devey, out at 1b
13, Pat Walsh, strikes out looking
23, Brandon Horn, dribbles it to Koert and he can't get a handle on it, and Horn is safe on 1b.
22, Patrick Morgan, fly to lf and its caught and falls down, he is out
no runs no hits, one usa error
4-2 for USA

5, Kyle Magnusson,  singles
4, Matt Palazzo, home run, two rbi 6-2 for USA
pitching change, Haldane out, in is 15, Mark Elson
27, Chris DeLarwelle, fly out
8, Frank DeGroat, grounded to 3b, rocker to 1b, its dropped and /Frank is safe on first but looks injured. stays in.
change from Mr. Turner
24, Landy Rodriguez in to hit for Lalonde, walks
77, Chase Turner, almost hits into a double play but is safe at first but runner is out at 2b
6, Don Garvey, runers on 1b and 3b, two out, DeGroat coming out of game - injured at 1b, collision with 1b - replaced on 3b by Daryn Miller; Garvey, pop up to 1b and out
2 runs on two hits, one error
6-2 for USA

5, James Chalmers, walks
3, Stockford, out at first
12, James Darby, ohhh, Darvy did not like that call and the air is blue but Mr Blue calmed him down. called third strike and Darby does the right thing
15, Mark Elson, double right down the 1b line close to the line, scores a run.
Mr Turner out for a visit with the blues brothers. Koert is out, Luster is in.
10, Sunley, out at first
one run on one hit, one lob
6-3 USA leading GB

10, Steve Pinnochio,  walks
one out
22, Nate Devine, out
4, Palazzo, gets one by first and scores the runner.
27, DeLarwelle, out on fly ball
one run one error
7-3 lead for USA

first batter grounded out
Walsh singled
23, Horn, single to lf - having a good night at bat
22, Morgan, single down the middle, scored one, now runners on the corners.  7-5 ball game, with one out
5, Chalmers, single, runner out at 2b but ball dropped at first and Chalmers safe
3, Stockford, - pitching change, Travis Price in to pitch for USA - runner for Chalmers -
Stockford singled, scored a run (error?)
Darby walked, intentional
runner for Darby 2 - runners on 1 and 2
9, Haldane, score is 7-6 for USA
goes down swinging and strands two
3 runs on 4 hits and left 2 on base - they did not call it an error when Stockford singled

James Darby is now pitching
Richard Haldane is at first
Richard Devey in in rf

Frank DeGroat re enters

8, DeGroat, walks
21, Marcus Tan,  running for Frank
11, Adam Lalonde, bunt, moves the runner, heads up play by catcher at 3b to block Tan
77, Chase Turner, to deep lf again but caught, and Tan moves to 3b
6, Don Garvey, walks
runners on the corners and two out
10, Steve Pinochio, goes down swinging and strands two runners
no runs, no hits, two lob
7-6 for USA leading GB

still a good crowd left

10, Sunley, nails one past ss to lf safe on first
14, Devey, goes down swinging after fouling one very close to fair territory past 3b
13, Pat Walsh, ohhhh, close at 1b, big agruement over the call, and it turns out it was a foul ball at thrid; here we go again, grounder, out at 1b, runner safe at first
Pete out to talk to the team, time out
23, Brandon Horn, pops to 2nd for the out. the game is over and a good one it was.
USA: 7
Great Britain: 6

USA wins 5th in a row at ISF Worlds

ISF Standings After Day 6



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