ISF's - Day 8 - Playoff C3 - New Zealand at Australia

July 24, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

Playoff Game C3

New Zealand at Ausralia


I have the line up cards for the next game - no surprises
Manlley for the Black Sox  - pitching to Shannon
Folkard for Australia

6:30PM Game will start about 7:15pm

Time to put my Australia Steelers hat on - I did call them to win this game. They have had the pitching this week, we shall see.

7:10pm the Haka

7:13pm start
21, Tomas Makea, and we have a DIP from the 1b blue. (Dreaded Illegal Pitch) - out at 1b
12, Nathan Nukunuku, grounded out
11, Martin, out!

I just told the media folks about the complaints about the open mike with the web cam and a runner has gone to tell them.

25, Michael Tanner, single bounced over 2b
17, Mike Harrow plunks one into midfield for a single, two men on
53, Zenon Winters, hard swing out
7, Nick Shailes, grounder out at 1b, runners on 2 and 3
2, Josh Davison out at first
no runs on two hits, no errors, two lob

Note: I am not near the video feed, I am under the stands. The video team is up on top of the stadium and I have no direct connection with them.

Travis Wilson strikes out
22, Don Hale, grounder in front of the plate and Harrow jumps on it and rockets it to 1b for the out even though Hale was moving like lightening
15, Brad Rona, grounder to ss and out at 1b
game is moving fast

Very active crowd, big groups of Kiwis in one area and  not far away, big group of Aussies in the other.

27, Jeff Goolagong, single to lf
8, Tyron Bartorillo, wow, pop to cf and he drops it!  runners safe on 1 and 2. crowd goes wild
42, Heath Wells, oh good gawd, goes to the cf fence and a spectacular catch for the out. and next the runner comes in and is tagged and the blue calls him out and Aussie goes nuts, Makea to Wilson on the throw nailed him. Some would say a good play by Shannon to make it look like an out. But the blue was right on it so you decide.
14, Jones, with runner on 2b, grounds it and Nathan boots the ball, runners safe on corners!
conference - did runner interfere on the runner - blue say no after a short meeting
can you feel the tension!
Tanner drives it to 1b and Martin diving catch gets it, but blue says no play. on we go. - and good gawd again, they have Jones in a run down 1-2 back and forth and runner comes home and is called safe!
still Tanner, goes down swinging!
one run on one hit, two errors, one lob
1-0 for Australia after two innings

they are cranking up the music

all the bench sitters from Black Sox went for a run

1, Shannon, hit batter, can I have an escore to 1b please
10, lf, Casley, fly out to lf
13, dp,   Ratu, pop up and out infield
21, Makea, - runner steals 2b, looked out from here but no arguement from AU. drives it right into the leaning Folarkd`s mitt.
no runs on no hits, no errors, left one on

We will rock you! (pretend you can hear it - maybe you can with the video feed)

The runner has gone up to tell the play by play announcer to close his open mike, again. sorry we have nothing to do with the video feed!

1-0 for Australia

Harrow walked
Winters, high fly to deep rf in the corner, into the bull pen, inerupting Shannons warm up
7, Nick Shailes, walked
2, Josh Davison, smashed right back to the cf fence and Makea has it.
27, Jeff Goolagong, - runner steals 3b - Gooly, out! 
no runs on no hits, no errors and left 2 ob
1-0 for Australia so far

is anyone reading this tonight down under??

Andrew Rindfleish says Go Steelers!

Shane Cantelmi says Go Steelers

Answer is yep, 2-30pm Sat afternoon in NZ and we are reading it blow by blo

Pip & Ayden say HI, Thanks for the coverage Ayden and I are reading and watching the stream in Folkards home town Canberra.Cheer

Hi,My name is Luke Carter.I am Nick Shailes Best friend, i unfourtunatly can not be at the field to see the match between Aust an NZ.So i love that you are keeping in the know as far as the game tonight.Thanks a tonneLuk

Im watchin your coverage here from Melbourne Australia. Only found out you were running a play by play thismorning and have been glued to the computer since then! Go Aussies!!Looking forward to the USA v Canada game- my dad is calling the plate. Wishing him a great game!Keep up the great coverage :-)Stac

Julie/ Reagan, Seth, Toby & Blair - go the black sox- KIA KAH

Michael Smith - You bet we are watching your updates in Australia

Barry doney - are we reading it?baz from auckland has worn his refresh button out on his laptop

Russell Denkel - yes mate am following great work thanks keep it comin

Bec and Macks say Hi to all the Steeler

Julie in NZ our refresh button is running hot!!!!! keep up the updates !!! Great work... GO KIWIS!!

Ian Blowers - Go aussie go Aussi

Fostio Boccardo - Great updates we are watching from perth wa brings back somany memories as this time last year my son aaron was in the 19 mens world series aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi from  the boccardo keep up the good work

12, Nathan Nukunuku, gounds to ss and out at 1b
11, Martin, cues it between the legs of 2b for a single
14, Travis Wilson, strikes out -  2 out, runner on 1b
22, Don Hale, grounds one to 2b, tag the runner, out
1-0 for Australia

Aussie fans winning the noise battle tonight so far.

8, dp,  Bartorillo, oh gawd double, rf, bobbled it, ran to 3b two errors on the same hit. no one out and a runner on 3b - a two base error, or two errors, not sure yet - score board has it as 2 errors.
Wells out at 1b
14, Nathan Jones, discussin the calls with Mr Bob. called third strike and Nathan not pleased but blue ignores him
Michael Tanner, walks
time for a Kiwi conference - expecting a double steal maybe
17, Mike Harrow, - 2 out, runnrs now on 2-3 - grounder to 3b Rona rockets it to Martin at 1b - over
2 errors, 2 lob, no runs, no hits
7 lob so far

15, Brad Rona, walks
1, Patreick Shannon, hits to 1b and two are out!
10, Casley , doubles to lf
13, dp  Ratu,  goes down swinging
1 lob
1-0 Australia leding NZ

Zenon Winters rips one past 2b, safe on first
7, Nick Shailes, bunt, Manley falls over, safe on first and runner goes to 3b, two errors in the same inning - 5 so far
2, Josh Davison, runners on the corners and no one out. Shailes steals second, ball dropped, runner on 3b holds; single to the cf and scores two runners
27 Goolagong, - runner on 1b, no one out score is 3-0 for Oz. - WALKS
8, Bartorillo,
there will be a pitching change - 5, Heinie Shannon pitching now
8, Bartorillo, grounds to Rona out at 1b
1 out
42, Wells, grounds a bounce over H Shannon, makes it 2nd, but Wilson charges in with the ball to Shannon at the plate for the out,. - 2 out
16, Terry Downes, runners on 2 and 3, 2 out, callled out swinging
2 runs on 2 hits, one error, 2 lob
3-0 for Australia


Thankyou for the updates; Julie, Blair, Reagan, Seth & Toby`;3 Auckland United players in Auckland

Warren Duff says Lots of Aussie steelers fans reading your updates


Score should be much higher for Australia but Kiwis holding their own in spite of the errors. 9 left on base so far by Oz

Oz fans really chanting strong tonight.

top of the order coming up

Makea, strikes out
12, Nathan Nukunuku, grounder out at 1b
11, Jarrod Martin, walks
14, Travis Wilson, 2 out - runner on 1b; 2 strikes, goes down swinging
no runs, no hits, no errors, one lob

3-0 for AU

Tanner, and yes I heard it, the DIP! 3b blue.  Shannon not pleased with the DIP.  WALKS
17, Mike Harrow, bunt, pop, out
53, Zenon Winters, slams through the glove of Nukes and sits safe on 1b, runner on 2b, only one out.
7, Shailes, rams it past ss for a single and an RBI
oye oye oye, its catching on
major convention on the mound
don`t the black sox fan club have a chant - they are silent
Davison, runner steals 2b - runners on 2 and 3, 1 out - Josh goes down swinging - 2 out
27, Goolagong, HOME RUN - over lf fence - 3 RBI and that`s the ball game!

7-0 for Australia - a mercy

final: 9:30pm

The oye oye oye crowd are happy tonight

7 runs on 8 hits

Yes, I seem to be 3-0 on predictions so far.


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