Snapper Shootout Results

June 5, 2011

Niagara Falls, ON

 June 4-6, 2011


Some game results posted as well to NEWS-2  as we get them.

Game 3
Owen Sound Selects 5
KW Cubs 3

MVP: Skelton
WP: Leahy
LP: French
Game 2
Elmira Cubs 9
Niagara Fury 3
MVP: Travis Martin
WP: Casey Halstead
LP: Tom Berube

Game 1
Niagara Snappers 11
Port Elgin 3
MVP: Scott Young

WP: Bill Hillhouse
LP: Rob Fawcett

Game 4
Alvinston Indians 6
Hill United 0
MVP: ??
WP: Ryan Swift
LP: Mike Joseph

Snapper shootout Early Saturday Scores 

In a short delay due to lightning. 11am games will be delayed

Game 5

Ashland 4
Aurora 1
MVP: Sean Kelly

WP: Sean Kelly
LP: Paul Koert

Game 6

Lake Simcoe 18
Cree Nation 1
MVP: Mike Sedore

WP: Mike Sedore
LP: Ray Shanoush

Game 7

Snappers 11
Napanee 5
MVP: Kevin Newhouse

WP: Andy Jackson
LP: Josh Lockeridge

Weather Network  - 

Heavy rain at 11am

Games resuming at 3pm - maybe

having a managers meeting at 2:30

Play to resume about 3:30pm 

Some game results posted as well to NEWS-2  as we get them.



Saturday 11am (3:30pm) games 

All games are 5 innings for round robin play. These games started at 3:30

Game 8

Alvinston Indians 8
NF Fury 0
MVP: Ryan Swift

WP: Brad Young
LP: Brian Belisle

Game 9

Quyon Combat 4
KW Cubs 3
MVP: Dylan Cunningham

WP: Joran Graham
LP: Scott Wagar

Game 10

Owen Sound 2
Elmira Expos 1
MVP: Matt Leahy

WP: Matt Leahy
LP: Dan Martin

Saturday 1pm (5pm) Scores 


Game 11

Ashland Stockpack 2
Niagara Snappers 1
MVP: Trevor Urban

WP: Sean Kelly
LP: Don Scott

Game 12

Port Elgin 6
Aurora 5
MVP: Brian Moss

WP: Rob Fawcett
LP: Todd Martin

Game 13

Elmira Cubs 4
Hill United 2
MVP: Kevin Gutscher

WP: Casey Halstead
LP: Rory Miller


Shootout 3pm (6:30pm) Scores 


Game 14

Owen Sound 7
Lake Simcoe 0
MVP: Luke Leahy

WP: Luke Leahy
LP: Greg Garrity

Game 15

Quyon Combat Flyers 7
Cree Nation 0
MVP: Matt Greer

WP: Matt Greer
LP: Andrew Fleck

Game 16

Napanee Juniors 3
Niagara Fury 1
MVP: Luke McDonald

WP: Ian Wallwork
LP: Tom Berube


Shootout 7pm (8pm) score 

Game 20

Lake Simcoe 4
Alvinston 1
MVP: Jusrin Cebette

WP: Greg Garrity
LP: Shaun Winship

Shootout 9pm (9:30pm) Score 
Game 21
Ashland Stockpack 5
Quyon Flyers 3
MVP: Jason Whitely
WP: Sean Kelly
LP: Drew Hathaway
The games that were supposed to be played at 5pm on Saturday, will be played at 8am this morning (Sunday). Once those games are completed, all teams will be ranked and the playoffs will start at 9:30am
Dan Bernard

Shootout 5pm (8am) Scores 

Game 17

KW Cubs 9
Hill United 1
MVP: Allan Phibbs

WP: Ryan French
LP: Rory Miller

Game 18

Port Elgin 8
Cree Nation 2
MVP: Greg Thede

WP: Rob Fawcett
LP: Ray Shanoosh

Game 19

Napanee Jrs. 2
Aurora 1
MVP: Josh Lockridge (No Hitter)

WP: Josh Lockridge
LP: Paul Koert


Shootout Playoff Round 
*fewest runs allowed was used as the tiebreaker for seeding purposes

A Division

1. Owen Sound Selects 3-0 (4 runs against)
2. Ashland Stockpack 3-0 (5 runs against)
3. Alvinston Indians 2-1 (4 runs against)
4. Elmira Cubs 2-1 (6 runs against)

Owen Sound vs. Elmira @ 11:30am
Ashland vs. Alvinston @ 11:30am

B Division

5. Lake Simcoe 2-1 (7 runs against)
6. Quyon Flyers 2-1 (8 runs against)
7. Napanee Jrs. 2-1 (8 runs against)
8. Niagara Snappers 2-1 (10 runs against)

Lake Simcoe vs. Niagara Snappers @ 9:30am
Quyon vs. Napanee @ 9:30am

C Division

9. Port Elgin 2-1 (13 runs against)
10. KW Cubs 1-2 (10 runs against)
11. Aurora 0-3 (12 runs against)
12. Niagara Fury 0-3 (15 runs against)

Port Elgin vs. Niagara Fury @ 9:30am
KW Cubs vs. Aurora @ 9:30am


13. Hill United 0-3 (16 runs against)
14. Cree Nation 0-3 (18 runs against)

**max 6 runs against per game was used as per tournament rules.
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Some game results posted as well to NEWS-2  as we get them.


Shootout Playoff Results 

B Semis

(6) Quyon Combat Flyers 6
(7) Napanee Jrs. 3
MVP: Dylan Cunningham

WP: Drew Hathaway
LP: Ian Wallwork

(5) Lake Simcoe 7
(8) Niagara Snappers 0
MVP: Greg Garrity

WP: Greg Garrity
LP: Bill Hillhouse

(5) Lake Simcoe vs.(6) Quyon @ 1:30pm

C Semis

(9) Port Elgin 4
(12) Niagara Fury 3
MVP: Brian Lantz

WP: Scott Smith
LP: Tom Berube

(10) KW Cubs 3
(11) Aurora 2
MVP: Andy Baechler

WP: Scott Wagar
LP: Todd Martin

(10) KW Cubs vs. (9) Port Elgin @ 1:30pm

Shootout "A" Semis 


(1) Owen Sound Selects 3
(4) Elmira Expos 1
MVP: Ben Wideman

WP: Andy Skelton
LP: Dan Martin

(2) Ashland Stockpack 6
(3) Alvinston Indians 0
MVP: Sean Kelly

WP: Sean Kelly
LP: Shaun Winship

1) Owen Sound vs (2) Ashland in the "A" Finals at 3:30pm


Shootout "C" Finals 


KW Cubs 11
Port Elgin 7
MVP: Andy Baechler

WP: Scott Wagar
LP: Rob Fawcett


Shootout "B" Finals 

Quyon Combat Flyers 6
Lake Simcoe 1
MVP: Joran Graham

WP: Drew Hathaway
LP: Greg Garrity



Shootout "A" Finals 


Owen Sound Selects 9
Ashland Stockpack 0
MVP: Ryan Thompson

WP: Matt Leahy
LP: Sean Kelly

Congratulations to the Owen Sound Selects who finished with a perfect 5-0 record to win the 2011 Snapper Shootout. Despite the 4 hour rain delay, we were able to start the finals at the originally scheduled time. Thank you to all the teams for taking part and the Niagara Falls city staff who worked so hard throughout the entire weekend getting the diamonds ready


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