Springfield, ON June 17-19 Area Qualifier

June 20, 2011

Springfield, ON


The Blue Crew  - ISF Level V Certification Weekend - 4 man crews on the job!

We are also posting some results to NEWS-2 between visits to the hotel (in Midland) to work on the lap top.
 Sunday results will be mostly via blackberry on link above to NEWS-2 until I get home late Sunday or early Monday.

Friday, June 17

Gm 1
Shakespeare Falcons 8
Team Cree Nation 3
WP Luke Raymer 7 inn 3 hits 3 runs 2 earned runs 11Ks
LP Ray Shanoush 6 inn 10 hits 8 runs 7 earned 10Ks 3 BBs
Shakespeare Jamie Boyd 3 hits, Kevin Newhouse 1b, home run, Jamie Wicke 1b, 3b; Reid Yantzi 1b, 3b
Cree Nation Ray Shanoush 3-run home run
Shakespeare to play Toronto Gators Sat 9 am

Gm 2
Hickson Reds 7
Wyevale Tribe 1
WP Mark Van Vliet 7 inn 6 hits 1 run 11Ks
LP Jason Giffen 4 runs, Mark Lambie 6 inn 3 hits 3 runs 4Ks 3BBs
Hickson Paul McIntyre 2-3 3b RBI
Wyevale Steffan Walma home run
Hickson to play Alvinston Indians Sat 11 am

Gm 4
Sweaburg Crush 7
Kitchener Selects 0
WP Todd Winkworth 5 inn 2 hits 3Ks; Rory Miller 1 inn 1 hit 2Ks
LP Rod Fevreau 6 inn 7 runs 4 earned 8 hits 4Ks
Sweaburg: Robert Bomberry 2-run home run; Matt Sault 3-run home run
Sweaburg to play KW Cubs Sat 9 am

Gm 3
Quyon Flyers 4
Kitchener Outlaws 3
WP Drew Hathway 7 inn 5 hits 3 runs 8Ks 2BBs
LP Ryan Shannon 6 inn 7 hits 4 runs 2 earned runs 2Ks 1BB
Quyon Joran Graham 1-3 2 RBIs, Joel Langford RBI
Kitchener Kevin Hurley 1-2 2 RBIs
Quyon to play Elmira Expos Sat 11 am

Game 5
Shakespeare Falcons - 5
Toronto Gators - 0

WP: Fred Follings
7IP 0R 5H 3K 1BB
LP: Donnely Archibald
5.1IP 2R 2ER 6H 3K 4BB
Tom Berube (in relief)
..2IP 3R 3ER 2H 1K
Doug Hoffman
1IP 0R 1H 0K 0BB

Falcons: Wicke - 2RBI single
Rankin - 2RBI single

Shakespeare plays the winner of Alvinston/Hickson at 5

Toronto plays Kitchener Selects at 1pm

Game 6
Alvinston Indians: 7
Hickson Reds: 1

WP: Ryan Swift
3.1IP 1R 1H 6K 2BB
Shaun Winship (in relief)
3.2IP 0R 3H 7K

LP: Tim Neill
4.2IP 6R 8H 6K 0BB
Tim Yantzi (in relief)
2.1IP 1R 2H 2K 2BB

Kyle Mitchell: Single and Homerun
Ryan Chapman: Triple and Double

Brent Lange 2 singles and an RBI

Alvinston plays Shakespeare at 5pm
Hickson will play Kitchener Outlaws at 3pm

Game 7
Quyon Combat Flyers - 7
Elmira Expos - 5

WP: Joran Graham
7IP 3R 5H 8K 2BB
LP: Dan Martin
1.2IP 5R 5ER 4H 2K 1BB
Casey Halstead (in relief)
5.1IP 2R 2ER 5H 2K

Chad Hargrove : 2 run shot
Joel Langford: solo shot (back to back)

Tim Freeman- 2 run shot

Quyon plays KW cubs at 5pm

Elmira plays Wyvale at 3pm


Game 8:
KW Cubs: 11
Sweaburg Crush: 0

WP: Scott Wagar 4IP 0H 0R 7K
LP: Adam Martin 2 1/3IP 8R 6ER 7H
Todd Winkworth (in relief) 2/3IP 3R 3ER 3H 1K 1BB
Rory Miller (in relief)
1IP 0R 1H 2K

KW- Travis Hofstetter single and a double
Wayne Stephen - 2 singles

Cubs play winner of Quyon vs. Elmira at 5pm

Crush play Cree Nation at 1pm

Game 9

Sweaburg Crush - 13
Cree Nation - 2

WP - Rory Miller
3IP 2R 2ER 5H 1K 0BB
Rick Johnson (in relief)
2IP 0R 1H 1K 0BB

LP: Ray Shanoush
1.2IP 5ER 6H 2K 1BB
Derek Bulley (in releif)
3.1IP 8R 9H 2K 0BB

Jeff Figg - Homerun and triple
DJ Latford - homerun and single
Matt Sault - Homerun and single

Cree Nation:
Tony Searle - 2 singles
Mike Gilpin - double


Game 10 -
Wyvale Tribe - 0
Elmira Expos - 6

WP: Casey Halstead
Dan Martin in relief

LP: Gord Scott

Kevin Gutscher - 3 for 4
Trevor Beatson & Travis Martin 2 for 3.

Halstead and Martin frustrate the Tribe Hitters
LP: Gord Scott


Game 11

Kitchener Outlaws - 11
Hickson Reds - 8
Final in 8 innings

WP: Ryan Shannon (in relief)
4IP 1R 1ER 3H 2K 0BB
Kevin Buckley
4IP 7R 6ER 6H 1K 2BB

LP:Tim Neill (in relief)
3.1IP 8R 8ER 7H 4K 4BB
Mark VanVliet
4.2IP 3R 3ER 5H 5K 4BB

John Klingenburg - Homerun, double, single
Adam Learn - 2 singles

Tim Dubois - homerun and a single
Brian Kron - Homerun and 2 singles
Terry Martin - Homerun and a single
Ryan Shannon - walk off Grand slam in the bottom of the 8th inning to win it.

Game 12
Toronto Gators: 10
Kitchener Selects: 2

WP: Tom Berube
4IP 0R 2H 3K 0BB
Doug Hoffman (in relief)
3IP 2R 2ER 2H 2K 2BB

LP: Scott Clark
..2IP 3R 3ER 3H 2K
Bryan Belisle
6.1IP 7R 7ER 8H 4K 1BB

Mathieu Roy - 4 for 5 2 triples 3 RBI - game ending diving catch in centre field out of no where.
Donnelly Archibald - 2 for 4 3RBI
Dan Edholm - 4 for 4 2 triples 2 RBI

Toronto Gators will play the winner of Hickson/Kitchener Outlaws at 7pm.


Game 13

Sweaburg Crush - 3
Elmira Expos - 1

WP: Adam Martin
7IP 1R 1ER 6H 6K 1BB

LP: Casey Halstead
6IP 3R 2ER 7H 4K 1BB

Josh Leuszler 2 singles
Matt Sault 2 singles

Josh Brohman single and a double

Game 14

Kitchener Outlaws - 10
Toronto Gators - 2

WP: Kevin Buckley
6IP 2R 2ER 6H 6K 0BB
LP: Donnelly Archibald
5.1IP 8R 7H 9K 3BB
Doug Hoffman (in relief)
1.2IP 2R 2ER 1H 1K

Corey Tinline - 2 for 4 triple
Kevin Hurley - 2 for 4 triple
Ryan Shannon - 2 for 4 triple and a double
Matt Stagg - 3 for 3 - 2 doubles and an RBI

Mathieu Roy - Homerun



Game 15

KW Cubs - 9
Quyon Combat Flyers - 1

WP: Ryan French
5IP 1R 1ER 2H 4K 2BB
LP: Drew Hathway
3IP 6R 6ER 7H 3K 0BB
Chad Hargrove (in relief)
1IP 3R 3ER 7H 3K 0BB

Cubs: Andy Baechler 2 for 3 with a triple
Allan Phibbs 3 for 3 Homerun and 5 RBI
Travis Hofstetter 2 for 3

Quyon: Drew Hathway HOUR

KW CUBS will play the winner of Alvinston/Shakespeare in the 9pm game.

Game 16

Shakespeare Falcons - 8
Alvinston Indians - 6

WP: Fred Follings
6.1IP 6R 6ER 11H 6K 1BB
Luke Raymer
..2IP 0R 1H 0K 1BB

LP: Brad Young
4.1IP 4R 3ER 7H 2K 0BB
Shaun Winship
2.2IP 4R 3ER 6H 2K 0BB

Jamie Wicke triple and a single
Kyle Wilhelm 2 singles
Jamie Boyd double and a single
Keith Rankin 2 singles
Reid Yantzi double and a single

Kyle Mitchell 2 Homeruns 4RBI
Joe Triest 3 singles
Ryan Chapman 2 singles
Mark McCallum double and a single

Shakespeare plays KW CUBS at 9.

Alvinston plays sunday at 9am


Gm 17
Alvinston Indians 9
Sweaburg Crush 2
WP Ryan Swift 5 inn 2 runs 6 hits 5Ks
LP Todd Winkworth 1 2/3 inn 6 runs 5 earned 7 hits 3Ks; Adam Martin 3 1/3 inn 3 runs 3 hits 1K 1BB
Alvinston Ryan Chapman Grand Slam, Kyle Mitchell 2-run home run, Ryan Gray 3b, 1b, Mark McCallum home run
Sweaburg Steve Johnson 2x2b
Alvinston jumps on Sweaburg early and never let up

Gm 18
Quyon Flyers 3
Kitchener Outlaws 2
WP Joran Graham 7 inn 2 runs 2 hits 10Ks 2BBs
LP Kevin Buckley 7 inn 3 runs 7 hits 7Ks 1BB
Kitchener Terry Martin 2-run home run
Quyon Drew Hathway home run; Dave Tubman pinch hit RBI; Dylan Cunningham RBI
Quyon scores 2 in T7 after Martin's home run in the 6th had put Kitchener ahead

Up next @ 10:50 am
Gm 20
Alvinston vs Quyon
Winner to play Shakespeare
KW Cubs wait in the finals




Game 19
KW Cubs - 11
Shakespeare Falcons - 1

WP: Scott Wagar
5IP 1R 1ER 1H 2K 0BB

LP: Luke Raymer
3.2IP 11R 11ER 10H 5K 2BB
Larry Cox (in relief)
1.1IP 0R 0H

Bob Gillow 3-3 Homerun 4RBI 3runs
Adam Hiller 3-3 Homerun 2RBI 2runs

Jamie Boyd 1 for 2 Homerun (only hit wagar surrended)
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Gm 20
Alvinston Indians 2
Quyon Flyers 1
WP Shaun Winship 2 1/3 inn 0 runs 4 hits 4Ks, in relief of Ryan Swift 4 2/3 inn 1 run 3 hits 3Ks 1BB
LP Joran Graham 6 1/3 inn 2 runs 1 earned 6 hits 7Ks 3BBs
Alvinston Kyle Mitchell home run, Joe Triest 2b, 1b
Quyon Matt Greer RBI; Cory Morrison 2x1b
Alvinston scores game-winning run on a broken play in B7
Indians earn a berth in the WT and advance to play Shakespeare in losers bracket final.
KW Cubs await the winner in the championship game.

Gm 21
Shakespeare Falcons 2
Alvinston Indians 1
WP Fred Follings 8 inn 1 run 6 hits 5Ks 1BB 1HBP
LP Shaun Winship 7+inn 2 runs 1 earned 7 hits 9Ks
Shakespeare Jamie Boyd RBI 2b; Reid Yantzi 3b 1b GWRBI; Matt McClaren 1bx2
Alvinston Jamie Davis home run
Shakespeare advances to play KW Cubs in the championship.
Alvinston finishes 3rd and secures a berth in the 2011 ISC World Tournament.

Gm 22
KW Cubs 8
Shakespeare Falcons 1
WP Ryan French 6 inn 1 run 1 hit 9Ks 1BB
LP Fred Follings 5 1/3 inn 9 runs 10 hits 5Ks 2BBs
KW Travis Hofstetter home run; Andy Baechler 3x2b; Bob Gillow 2-run home run, 2x1b; Adam Hiller 2x1b, 2b; Brad Thomson 3-run walk off home run
Shakespeare Trevor Glaab home run

Congratulations to the KW Cubs, winners of the Ontario ISC qualifier three of the past four years. Cubs only gave up 3 hits and 3 runs all weekend, ending every game on the run-rule. Cubs, Shakespeare Falcons and Alvinston Indians all qualify for the 2011 ISC World Tournament in Quad Cities.

Thank you to the hard working Springfield Brewers team led by Shaun Winship and Mark McCallum who hosted us this weekend. Great job by all involved! Thanks again to the Blue Crew, Mitch Zuk, Bob Stanton and Brian Van Os and congratulations to those who achieved their ISF Level V certification. We want to thank ISC staff Jim Marr, Chris Bach, Doug Bach and Kyle Smith for their work this weekend.
Thanks as always for their ongoing support to all the teams, players and fans who made the journey to Springfield, in particular Team Cree Nation who made a 20 hour drive.

Joe Todd
ISC Canada East Regional Commissioner

Blair Setford
ISC Canada East VP


 We are also posting some results to NEWS-2 between visits to the hotel (in Midland) to work on the lap top.
Sunday results will be mostly via blackberry on link above to NEWS-2 until I get home late Sunday or early Monday.