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July 2011 ISC Roster for Toronto Gators

July 20, 2011

Farmington, UT

Player Names (18) Player Limit except for Legends Teams Out of
Last Name First Name Uniform # Position Region PRAWN Newcomer City, State/Province
Archibald Donnelly 7 P     x Wolfville, NS
Greatrix Rob 14 Inf       Niagara Falls, ON
Edholm Daniel 12 OF x   x Buffalo, NY
Newson Darrin 2 Inf/C       St. Catharines, ON
Carr Ray 15 Inf       Niagara Falls, ON
Roy Mathieu 66 OF     x Quebec City, QC
Sargon Adam 13 Inf     x Toronto, ON
Bernstein Les 33 OF       Toronto, ON
Setford Blair 27 Inf       Mississauga, ON
Hoffman Doug 81 P       Kitchener, ON
Cameron Thomas 8 P x     Auckland, NZ
John Phil 4 Inf/OF       Niagara Falls, ON
Fisher Edi 17 Inf       Toronto, ON
Demasi Dom 11 Util       Toronto, ON
Berlin Dan 23 Util       Toronto, ON
Kemp John 24 C       Keswick, ON
POSITION Last Name First Name Uniform # City, State/Province
Field manager Setford Blair 27 Mississauga, ON
Coach Goodman Bob   Toronto, ON
Coach Berlin Dan   Toronto, ON
Scorekeeper Goodman Shelley   Toronto, ON
Sponsor Fireman Jack   Toronto, ON