Cal-State Builders updated roster

August 5, 2011

Farmington, UT

Player Names (18) Player Limit except for Legends Teams Out of
Last Name First Name Uniform # Position Region PRAWN Newcomer City, State/Province
Carlton Dave 12 1b/of       San Mateo, CA
Moore Rick 44 c/if     X Concord, CA
Murao Dustin 21 of     X Richmond, BC, CAN
McMann Matt 17 c/of     X Surrey, BC, CAN
Sivilla Ricky 22 of     X El Cerrito, CA
Gonzalez Rafael 19 3b     X Walnut Creek, CA
Gonzalez Raul 2 of     X Dublin, CA
Tomasello Scot 32 1b/of     X Union City, CA
Tan Merrick 3 if/of     X Union City, CA
Paz Macario 6 if     X San Diego, CA
Wowk Jeremy 10 2b     X Vancouver, BC, CAN
Wells Cornel 27 util     X Hayward, CA
Kammueller Kevin 43 P X   X Shakopee, MN
Strang Darren 24 P       Richmond, BC, CAN
Abbott Jon 28 c/if       San Francisco, CA
Gonzalez Antonio 20/1 of     X San Ysidro, CA
POSITION Last Name First Name Uniform # City, State/Province
Field manager Metcalf Mike 33 Miramar, CA
Coach Mitchell Pete 34 San Diego, CA
Coach Bradshaw Nick 35 San Diego, CA
Scorekeeper Carlton Miki n/a San Mateo, CA
Trainer Larkin Alisha n/a San Francisco, CA