Snapper Shootout Update and Scores - Weekend

June 3, 2012

Niagara Falls, ON

Shootout Update and Scores - Saturday 10:30am

Also see NEWS-2 for some updates from the road on our blackberry.

Weather is overcast with alot of wind and some spotty rain. All games will be slightly delayed due to the rescheduling of last night’s game to this morning. Results below for Friday’s scheduled games.

BW Motors Division

Hill United Chiefs

Port Elgin Blue Devils

Port Huron Wellness/Gillies

Scarborough Force

MS Heating Division

KW Cubs

Lake Simcoe Lightning

Wiarton Nationals

Niagara Fury

Niagara Fasteners Division

Alvinston Indians

Elmira Expos

Niagara Snappers

Owen Sound Jr. Selects

Friday June 1, 2012

G1 – 6:30pm (resumed on Saturday at 9am)

Niagara Snappers8

Elmira Expos 4

WP: Andrew Phibbs 7IP, 4H, 4R, 12K, 2BB

LP: Dan Martin 6IP, 11H, 8R, 2K, 2BB

Snappers: Trevor Falk 2-4 HR, Brian Crawford 2-3 2HR’s, Scott Young 2-3 BB RBI, Perry Bartley 2-3

Expos: Dan Martin 1-3 HR, Casey Halstead 1-3 HR

G2 – 6:30pm (game resumed at 9am on Saturday)

Lake Simcoe Lightning 7

KW Cubs 2

WP: Greg Garrity 7IP, 4H, 2R, 12K, 2BB

LP: Scott Wagar 6IP, 6H, 7R, 6K, 4BB

Lake Simcoe: Greg Garrity 2-3 HR 2RBI’s, John Zeigler 1-2 HR 3RBI’s

KW Cubs: Dan Mitchell 1-2 HR RBI, Scott Wagar 1-2

G3 – 8:30pm (game started at 8:30am on Saturday)

Wiarton Nationals 12

Niagara Fury 1

**5 inning mercy

WP: Andy Jackson 5IP, 5H, 1R, 7K, 0BB

LP: Doug Hoffman 3IP, 13H, 12R, 1K, 1BB

Wiarton Nationals: Brent Thompson 3-3 HR, 3B,2B 6RBI’s, Matt Robbins 1-3 3 RBI’s, Colin Miller RBI, Andy Jackson RBI, Joel Trigger RBI

Niagara Fury: Mark Korten 1-2 RBI, Ray Carr 1-2, Bryan Belisle 2-2


Snapper Shootout Scores - 12pm Saturday

Saturday June 2, 2012

G4 – 9:30am

Port Elgin Blue Devils 6

Scarborough Force 5

WP: Dustin Veenhoff 7IP, 10H, 5R, 7K, 2BB

LP: Grant Patterson 7IP, 9H, 6R, 7K, 0BB


Port Elgin:  Matt Murphy 2-4, Darryl McKinnon 2-4 HR, Shaun Detzler 2-4

Scarborough Force:  Aaron Fraser 2-4, Andrew Scott 2-4, Craig Buttar 3-4

G5 – 9:30am

Hill United Chiefs 8

Port Huron Wellness/Gillies 0

** 5 inning mercy

WP: Mike Joseph 5IP, 0R, 1H, 7K, 0BB

LP: Kyle Crawford 5IP, 8R, 6H, 5K, 2BB


Hill United:  Steve Mullaley 3-3 3HR 5RBI’s, Jason Hill 1-2 HR 3RBI’s, Jeff Ellsworth 2-3

Port Huron: Tyler Dudley 1-2

G6 – 9:30am

Owen Sound Jr. Selects 9

Alvinston Indians 3

WP:  Caleb Keeshig 7IP, 6H, 3R, 5K, 7BB

LP: in relief Tom Berube 2IP, 7H, 6R, 1K, 0BB; starter Brad Young 5IP, 3H, 3R, 2K, 0BB


Owen Sound Jr:  Adam Stuck 2-4 2HR 3RBI’s, Austin Brown 2-4 HR RBI, Cody Skelton 2-4 HR 3RBI’s, Brett Hull 1-3 HR RBI

Alvinston Indians:  Pat Humphries 2-2, Chris Drew 1-3, Joe Triest 1-3, Ben Hodgins 1-3

Shootout - 2pm Update

G7 – 11:45am

Lake Simcoe Lightning 17

Wiarton Nationals 8

**5 inning mercy

WP: Andrew Putnam 5IP, 6H, 8R, 6K, 4BB

LP:  Chris Mink 4IP, 7H, 12R, 3K, 4BB;  in relief Brett Miller 1IP, 7H, 5R, 0K, 0BB


Lake Simcoe:  John Kemp 3-4 2HR 3 RBI’s, Matt Swift 2-3 HR RBI, Greg Garrity 2-2 HR, Brian Ingles 2-2 HR, Jordan Yakiwchull 1-1 HR, Steve Gilles 1-4 HR

Wiarton:  Zack Caison 2-2 2HR’s 7RBI’s, Chris Mink 2-3,

G8 – 11:45am

Niagara Fury 11

KW Cubs 10

WP: Bryan Belisle 7IP, 10H, 10R, 4K, 1BB

LP: in relief Ryan French 5IP, 4R, 5H, 7K, 1BB; starter Scott Wagar 2IP, 7R, 6H, 0K, oBB


Fury:  Rob Greatrix 34- HR, Phil John 4-4 HR, Casey Toews 2-3 HR

KW Cubs:  Dan Mitchell 3-4 HR, Andy Baechler 1-3 HR, Brad Thompson 1-4 HR

Snapper Shootout Scores - 4PM 

G9 – 2pm
Niagara Snappers 3
Owen Sound Jr. Selects 2
WP: in relief Andrew Phibbs 1IP, 1H, 0R, 2K, 2BB; starter Ian Wallwork 6IP, 6H, 2R, 7K, 3BB
LP: Michael Leger 7IP, 7H, 3R, 3K, 0BB
Snappers: Adam Dearborn 2-3 RBI, Peter Dobbin 1-4 RBI, Kevin Newhouse 1-3 RBI
Owen Sound: Jeff Lyons 1-4 RBI, Nic Moore 1-1 2BB RBI, Adam Stuck 2-3 BB

G10 – 2pm
Port Huron Wellness/Gillies 6
Port Elgin Blue Devils 1
WP: Dewy Dyck 7IP, 1H, 1R, 7K, 1BB
LP: Rob Fawcett 7IP, 7H, 6R, 7K, 1BB
Port Huron: Tyler Dudney 3-3 HR, Scott Nichols 1-4 HR, Lee Foco 1-3 HR
Port Elgin: Aaron Whitney 1-3

G11 – 2pm
Elmira Expos 20
Alvinston Indians 1
**5 inning mercy
WP: Casey Halstead 5IP, 4H, 1R, 6K, 0BB
LP: Ryan Swift


Snapper Shootout 6pm Update

G12 – 4:15pm
KW Cubs 6
Wiarton Nationals 3
WP: Scott Wagar 7IP, 6H, 3R, 9K, 1BB
LP: Andy Jackson 6IP, 9H, 6R, 9K, 0BB
KW Cubs: Brad Thompson 1-3 2RBI’s, Scott Wagar 2-3, Bob Gillow 2-3, Adam Hiller 1-3 RBI
Wiarton: Brent Thompson 1-3 HR 2RBI’s, Joel Twigger 3-3 RBI

G13 – 4:15pm
Lake Simcoe Lightning 16
Niagara Fury 9
WP: Andrew Putnam 5IP, 9H, 9R, 5K, 4BB
LP: Doug Hoffman 5IP, 8H, 16R, 8K, 6BB
Lake Simcoe: Brandon Horn 3-3 HR RBI, John Kemp 2-3 HR RBI, Gregg Garrity 3-3 HR RBI, John Zeiger 1-3 HR RBI, Steve Gilles 2-2 HR RBI
Fury: Joe MacMaster 2-3 HR, Phil John 2-4, Tom Watkinson 2-4

G14 – 4:15pm
Hill United Chiefs 9
Scarborough Force 8
WP: MiHR2RBI’s, Mike Joseph
LP: Joran Graham
Hill United: Ezekial 1-2 HR 2RBI’s, Jeff Elsworth 2-4, Jason Hill 3-4 HR, Mark Johnson 4-4
Scarborough: Andrew Scott 2-4 HR 2RBI’s, Jake Taylor 2-4 HR RBI, Craig Buttar 2-3, Joran Graham 2-3 2HR’s


Snapper Shootout - 8pm Update

G15 – 6:30pm

Niagara Snappers 9

Alvinston Indians 8

**8 innings

WP: in relief Andrew Phibbs 3.66IP, 5H, 2R, 3K, 0BB; starter Matt Lyon 4.33IP, 7H, 6R, 3K, 0BB

LP: in relief Tom Berube 3.33IP, 3H, 3R, 2K, 2BB; starter Brad Young 4.66IP, 7H, 6R, 2K, 0BB


Snappers:  Peter Dobbin 2-4 2HR’s 2RBI’s, Matt Lyon 1-4 HR RBI, Trevor Falk 1-4 HR RBI, Darren Newson 2-3 HR RBI, Adam Dearborn 1-1 HR RBI,

Alvinston Indians:  Kyle Mitchell 1-3 HR 3RBI’s, Kyle Vink 1-3 HR 3 RBI’s, Chris Drew 2-3, Pat Humphries 2-4


G16 – 6:30pm

Elmira Expos 8

Owen Sound Jr. Selects 1

WP: Dan Martin 6IP, 6H, 1R, 8K, 0K

LP: Jeff Lyon 6IP,9H, 8R, 4K, 1BB


Elmira:  Dan Martin 2-3 HR, Travis Martin 1-3 HR, Marty Humphries 2-3 HR, Josh Broman 1-1 HR 2BB

Owen Sound Jrs:  Adam Stuck 1-3, Nic Moore 1-3, Cody Skelton 1-3, Jeff Lyons 1-3

G17 – 6:30pm

Port Huron Wellness/Gillies 9

Scarborough Force 8

WP: Kyle Crawford

LP: Kyle Linton


 Shootout Update - 8pm final game and Sunday Playoff Matchups



G18 – 8:45pm

Hill United Chiefs 9

Port Elgin Blue Devils 0

**5 inning mercy

WP:  Mitch Hardy

LP: Dustin Veenhoff



Final Rankings


A1)         Hill United Chiefs 3-0

A2)         Niagara Snappers 3-0

A3)         Lake Simcoe Lightning 3-0

A4)         Elmira Expos 2-1

A5)         Port Huron Wellness/Gillies 2-1

A6)         Owen Sound Jr. Selects 1-2

A7)         Port Elgin Blue Devils 1-2

A8)         KW Cubs 1-2

B1)         Wiarton Nationals 1-2

B2)         Niagara Fury 1-2

B3)         Scarborough Force 0-3

B4)         Alvinston Indians 0-3

Playoff Round

Sunday June 3, 2012

G19 – 9:15am – D1 – “A” QF – 3rd vs. 6th

Lake Simcoe vs. Owen Sound

G20 – 9:15am – D2 – “A” QF – 4th vs. 5th

Elmira Expos vs. Port Huron

G21 – 10am – D3 – “B” SEMI – 9th vs. 12th

Wiarton Nationals vs. Alvinston Indians

G22 – 11:30am – D1 – “A” QF – 1st v. 8th

Hill United vs. KW Cubs

G23 – 11:30am – D2 – “A” QF – 2nd vs. 7th

Niagara Snappers vs. Port Elgin Blue Devils

G24 – Noon – D3 – “B” SEMI – 10th vs. 11th

Niagara Fury vs. Scarborough Force

G25 – 1:45pm – D1 – “A” SEMI – W20 vs. W22
G26 – 1:45pm – D2 – “A” SEMI – W19 vs. W23
G27 – 2pm – D3 – “B” FINAL – W21 vs. W24
G28 – 4pm – D1 – “A” FINAL – W25 vs. W26

Snapper Shootout - Sunday 11am Playoff Results 


Playoff Round

Sunday June 3, 2012

G19 – 9:15am – D1 – “A” QF – 3rd vs. 6th
Lake Simcoe 12
Owen Sound 6
**6 inning mercy
WP: in relief Gregg Garrity  4IP, 3H, 1R, 5K, 1BB; starter Andrew Putnam 2IP, 8H, 5R, 5K, 1BB
LP: Michael Legace Roote  6IP, 9H, 12R, 2K, 5BB
Lake Simcoe: John Zeigler HR 3RBI’s, Todd Hamblin HR 3RBI’s, Brandon Horn 2RBI’s, Gregg Garrity RBI, Rob O’Neil RBI, Matt Swift 2-2 HR RBI 2BB
Owen Sound: Adam Stuck 2-4 RBI, Nic Moore 1-4 RBI, Cody Skelton 3-3 RBI, Jeff Lyons 1-4 RBI, Curtis Leonard 2-4 RBI, Gowan Stuck RBI

G20 – 9:15am – D2 – “A” QF – 4th vs. 5th
Elmira Expos 7
Port Huron 1
**5 inning mercy
WP: Casey Halstead 5IP, 3H, 1R, 7K, 3BB
LP: Dewey Dyck 5IP, 10H, 7R, 3K, 2BB
Elmira: Marty Humphries 2-2 HR 4RBI’s, Travis Freeman 2-3 2RBI’s, Casey Halstead 2-3 RBI
Port Huron: Steve Gertenberger 2-1 RBI, Dennis Jones 1-1

G21 – 10am – D3 – “B” SEMI – 9th vs. 12th
Wiarton Nationals 10
Alvinston Indians 0
**5 inning mercy
WP: Andy Jackson 5IP, 1H, 0R, 5K, 1BB
LP: Ryan Swift 2.33IP, 6H, 5R, 1K, 2BB; in relief Brad Young 2.66IP, 4H, 5R, 2K, 1BB
Wiarton: Brent Thompson 2-3 HR RBI, Andy Jackson 2-3 HR RBI, Colin Miller 1-3 HR RBI, Joel Twigger 2-3 HR RBI, Matt Robbes 1-3 HR RBI, Taylor McConnell 1-3 4RBI’s
Alvinston: Andy Triest 1-1

G22 – 11:30am – D1 – “A” QF – 1st v. 8th
Hill United vs. KW Cubs

G23 – 11:30am – D2 – “A” QF – 2nd vs. 7th
Niagara Snappers vs. Port Elgin Blue Devils

G24 – Noon – D3 – “B” SEMI – 10th vs. 11th
Niagara Fury vs. Scarborough Force

G25 – 1:45pm – D1 – “A” SEMI – W20 vs. W22
Elmira Expos vs.

G26 – 1:45pm – D2 – “A” SEMI – W19 vs. W23
Lake Simcoe Lightning vs.

G27 – 2pm – D3 – “B” FINAL – W21 vs. W24
Wiarton Nationals vs.

G28 – 4pm – D1 – “A” FINAL – W25 vs. W26


Snapper Update - 1pm



G22 – 11:30am – D1 – “A” QF – 1st v. 8th
Hill United 12
KW Cubs 9
WP: in relief Mitch Hardy; starter Mike Joseph
LP: starter Ryan French; in relief Scott Wagar
Hill United:Brad Ezekial 2HR, Jeff Ellsworth HR, Jason Hill HR, Steve Mullaley HR, Mark Arsenault HR, Mark Johnson HR, Calvin Miller HR
KW Cubs: Grant Baechler 4-4 HR, Bob Gillow 2-3 HR, Adam Hiller 2HR 3 RBI’s, Brandon Park HR 2RBI, Brad Thompson HR,

G23 – 11:30am – D2 – “A” QF – 2nd vs. 7th
Niagara Snappers 4
Port Elgin Blue Devils 2
WP: Andrew Phibbs 6IP, 7H, 2R, 6K, 0bb; in relief Ian Wallwork 1IP, 0H, 0R, 0K, 0BB
LP: Dustin Veenhoff 6IP, 5H, 4R, 7K, 2BB
Snappers: Adam Dearborn 1-3 2RNI’s, Matt Lyon 1-3 RBI, Trevor Falk 1-3 RBI
Port Elgin: Shawn Detzler 3-3 RBI, Mike Reiley 1-3 HR RBI

G24 – Noon – D3 – “B” SEMI – 10th vs. 11th
Scarborough Force 23
Niagara Fury 0
**3 inning mercy
WP: Grant Patterson 3IP, 4H, 0R, 2K, 0BB
LP: Bryan Belisle 1.33IP, 8H, 10R, 0K, 0BB; in relief Doug Hoffman 1.66IP, 11H, 7R, 0K, 2BB
Scarborough: Aaron Fraser HR 2RBI’s, Scottt Leblanc 2HR 2RBI’s, Andrew Scott HR 2RBI’s, Joran Graham HR 3RBI’s, Brian McGuire HR 3RBI’s
Fury: Rob Greatrix 1-2

G25 – 1:45pm – D1 – “A” SEMI – W20 vs. W22
Elmira Expos vs. Hill United

G26 – 1:45pm – D2 – “A” SEMI – W19 vs. W23
Lake Simcoe Lightning vs. Niagara Snappers

G27 – 2pm – D3 – “B” FINAL – W21 vs. W24
Wiarton Nationals vs. Scarborough Force

G28 – 4pm – D1 – “A” FINAL – W25 vs. W26

Final Shootout Update 

G25 – 1:45pm – D1 – “A” SEMI – W20 vs. W22
Hill United 12
Elmira Expos 6
**5 inning mercy
WP: Jason Hill 5IP, 5H, 6R, 9K, 1BB
LP: Casey Halstead 2.66IP, 7H, 7R, 1K, 0BB; in relief Dan Martin 2.33IP 4H, 5R, 3K, 0BB
Hill United: Brad Ezekial 2-4 HR, Jeff Ellsworth 1-2 HR, Jason Hill 1-4 HR, Mark Johnson 2-2 2HR’s, Ryan Thompson 1-3 HR
Elmira Expos: Dan Martin 1-2 HR, Travis Martin 1-2 HR, Travis Freeman 1-2 HR

G26 – 1:45pm – D2 – “A” SEMI – W19 vs. W23
Lake Simcoe Lightning 10
Niagara Snappers 5
**called in 7th due to rain
WP: Gregg Garrity 6IP, 3H, 5R, 6K, 2BB
LP: Ian Wallwork 4.66IP, 8H, 7R, 4K, 4BB; in relief Andrew Phibbs 2.33IP, 4H, 2R, 0K, 0BB
Lake Simcoe: John Kemp 2-5 HR 4RBI’s, Matt Swift 2-5 HR 3RBI’s, Gregg Garrity 2-4 HR 2RBI’s, Todd Hamblin 2-4 HR RBI
Snappers: Mike Bateman 1-3, Brian Crawford 1-1 BB, Peter Dobbin 1-3

G27 – 2pm – D3 – “B” FINAL – W21 vs. W24
Scarborough Force 14
Wiarton Nationals 1
**5 inning mercy
WP: Joran Graham 5IP, 5H, 1R, 2K, 2BB
LP: Andy Jackson 5IP, 18H, 14R, 5K, 0BB
Scarborough: Craig Buttar 4-4 HR, Brian McGuire 1-4 HR, Aaron Fraser 2-4, Andrew Scott 3-4, Andy Skelton 3-4, Joran Graham 2-4
Wiarton: Brent Thompson 2-3, Joel Twigger 1-2 HR, Brett Miller 1-2

G28 – 4pm – D1 – “A” FINAL – W25 vs. W26
Hill United vs. Lake Simcoe Lightning
**It was a nightmare weekend for pitchers. Rough numbers are 27 games played, 125 home runs hit in those 27 games,  372 runs scored (average of 13.7 runs per game). The weather was cold, windy and rainy and we still managed to get all the games in except for the finals.
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