ISC Canada East Niagara Falls Qualifier

June 18, 2012

Niagara Falls, ON

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ISC Canada East Qualifier - Game # 3 
Oshweken Redmen - 1R 6H 1E
Toronto Gators - 0R 1H 1E

Oshweken - Caleb Keeshig - 7IP 0R 1H 11K 1BB
Toronto - Justin Schofield - 7IP 1R 1ER 6H 9K 3BB

Ryan Sault doubles to score Robert Bomberry for the only run of the game

 ISC Qualifier Canada East Game #4 

Scarborough Force - 4R 8H 0E
Waterdown Hammer - 3R 6H 0E

Scarborough - Andy Skelton - 7IP 3R 3ER 8H 15K
Waterdown - Tim Neil - 7IP 4R 4ER 6H 5K

Waterdown - Will Lake 2-3 - 2 run Homerun
Scarborough - Nick Dambrosio - 3-3 - Walk off 2RUN Shot

Force come from behind in the 7th inning after being down 3-0 to score 4 and steal a win from the Waterdown Hammer

SNAPPERS vs OUTLAWS about 10 minutes away from starting.

ISC Qualifier Canada East - Game 1 
Niagara Snappers - 6R 8H 0E
Kitchener Outlaws - 0R 4H 2E

Niagara - Andrew Phibbs - 7IP 0R 5H 8K 0BB
Kitchener - Kevin Buckley - 2IP 5R 5ER 4H 1K
                 Michael Legace-Roote - 5IP 1R 1ER 3H 7K 1BB

Niagara - Kevin Newhouse - 2RBI single
              Darren Newson - 2 Run HR

Games will start at 9am on Saturday Morning.

ISC Canada East Qualifier - Game #2 
Elmira Expos - 5R 7H 1E
Alvinston Indians - 2R 9H 0E

Elmira - Casey Halstead - 7IP 2R 2ER 9H 1K 1BB
Alvinston - Brad Young - 4.2IP 4R 4ER 5H 3K 1BB
                Ryan Swift (In Relief) 2.1IP 1R 0ER 2H 3K

Elmira - Trevor Beatson - 3/3
             Tim Freeman - 2/3 - HR

Alvinston - Joe Triest 2-3 - HR
                Jeff Lyons 3-3

ISC Qualifier Canada East - Game # 5 
Donnacona Blue Sox - 5R 11H 1E
Hickson Reds - 3R 6H 0E

Donnacona - Patrice Leclerc - 7IP 3R 3ER 6H 1K 0BB
Hickson - Tim Yantzi - 6IP 5R 5ER 11H 3K 1BB
               Steve Wettlaufer - 1IP 0R 0ER 0H 0K 0BB

Donnacona - Patrice Leclerc Solo HR
                   Kristian Knapp - 2HIts
                   Matt Greer - 2 Run HR
                   Cory Alkerton - Single and a Solo HR
                   Mathieu Lessard - 2 Hits

Hickson - Jon Klingenberg - 3/3
               Fred Killing - Solo HR
               Josh Killing - Solo HR

Donnacona down 3-1 in the 5th and scores 3 to take the lead - added insurance run in the 7th - Hickson strands tying runners on 2nd & 3rd in the bottom of the 7th

ISC Qualifier Canada East - Game # 6 
Shakespeare Falcons - 11R 11H 0E
Wyvale Tribe - 6R 9H 1E

Shakespeare - Fred Follings - 7IP 6R 6ER 9H 10K 1BB
Wyvale - Kurt Glover - 3.1IP 8R 7H 3K 2BB
              Mark Lambie - 3.2IP 3R 4H 0K 0BB

Shakespeare - Keith Rankin - 3 singles/HR/3RBI
                      Jamie Boyd - 3 Run HR

Wyvale - Stefan Walma - 2HR and 4RBI

ISC Qualifier Canada East - Game #9 
Elmira Expos - 11R 17H 1E
Oshweken Redmen - 1R 3H 2E

Elmira - Dan Martin - 3IP 0R 1H 4K 1BB
            Martin Humphries (In Relief) - 2IP 1R 1ER 2H 2K 0BB

Oshweken - Darren Zack - 2IP 3R 3ER 5H
                  Caleb Keeshig (In Relief) .1IP 4R 3ER 3H 1BB
                  Wayne Green (In Relief) 1.1IP 3R 3ER 5H 1BB
                  Darren Zack Jr. (In Relief) 1.1 1R 1ER 4H 2K 2BB

Elmira - Josh Brohman - 3/3 HR
            Travis Martin - 3/4 HR
            Trevor Beatson - 3/4

Oshweken - Ryan Sault 1/2 Solo HR

ISC Qualifier Canada East - Game # 10 
Scarborough Force - 13R 14H 1E
Donnacona Blue Sox - 0R 1H 1E

Scarborough - Tyson Barkman 5IP 0R 1H 4K 1BB
Donnacona - Francis Leclair - 2IP 7R 7ER 8H 1K 2BB
                   Luc Thibault (In Relief) 3IP 6R 6ER 5H 3K 1BB

Scarborough - Aaron Fraser - 2Run HR/ 2BB/ Double
                     Nick Dambrosio - 2 singles and an RBI
                     Brian McGuire - Solo HR
                     Tyson Barkman - 2Run HR

Donnacona - Francis Leclair - single


ISC Qualifier Canada East - Game # 7 


Niagara Snappers - 8R 11H 1E
Perry Island Hawks - 3R 10H 2E

Niagara - Ian Wallwork - 7IP 3R 1ER 10H 6K 2BB
Perry Island - Frank Cox - 5IP 8R 2ER 10H 3K 2BB
                    Cory Stolar (In Relief) - 1IP 0R 1H 1BB

Niagara - Adam Dearborn, Trevor Falk and Brian Crawford all with HR's and 2 RBI
Perry Island - Brett Hall HR


ISC Qualifier Canada East - Game# 8
Shakespeare Falcons - 10R 10H 1E
Cree Nation Fireballs - 0R 3H 4E

Shakespeare - Jeff Murphy - 5IP OR 3H 6K 3BB
Cree Nation - Ray Shanoush - 4IP 6R 6ER 6H 8K 1BB
                    Wally Lowe - 1IP 4R 2ER 4H

Shakespeare - Jamie Wicke - 1-4 HR
                      Jamie Boyd - 2/3
                      Matt McLaren - 2/3 HR
                      AJ Moses - 2/3 HR

ISC Qualifier Canada East - Game # 12 
Waterdown Hammer - 9R 11H 3E
Hickson Reds - 2R 6H 0E

Waterdown - Jim Hurst - 3IP 2R 0ER 4H 1K 0BB
                   Tim Neill (In Relief) - 2IP 0R 2H 4K 0BB

Hickson Reds - Jon Klingenberg - 2IP 3R 3ER 3H 3K 1BB
                       Tim Yantzi (In Relief) 2IP 4R 3ER 6H 1K 0BB
                        Chad Fink (In Relief) 0IP 2R 2ER 2H 0K 0BB

Waterdown - Mike Pullen - 3 Hits a homerun and an RBI
                    Tim Coe - 2 Hits 2HR 3 RBI
                    Mike Cameron - 2 Hits 1HR 3RBI
                    Dom Domasi - 2 Hits 2 Runs 1 triple

Hickson - Fred Killing - 2 Hits and an RBI
               Jeff Rowell - 2 Hits

ISC Qualifier Canada East - Game #11 

Alvinston Indians - 2R 4H 0E
Toronto Gators - 1R 3H 2E

Alvinston - Tom Berube - 7IP 1R 1ER 3H 8K 4BB

Toronto - Donnelly Archibald - 1IP 2R 1Er 2H 1K 1BB
             Greg Garrity - 6IP 0R 2H 8K 0BB

Alvinston - Joe Triest - RBI single
                Kyle Mitchell - RBI Single

Toronto - Greg Garrity - Solo HR

ISC Qualifier Canada East - Game #13 

Kitchener Outlaws - 2R 4H 1E
Donnacona Blue Sox - 0R 2H 1E

Kitchener Outlaws - Brian Belisle - 6IP 0R 2H 5K 2BB
Donnacona Blue Sox - Francis LeClair - 7IP 2R 1ER 4H 1K 1BB

Kitchener - Corey Tinline  -2/3 1 RBI
                 Ron Dean - 1/2 1 RBI

Donnacona - Kristien Knapp  - 2/3

Niagara Fall Qualifier Gm 14 

Perry Island Hawks 2
Wyevale Tribe 1
WP Frank Cox 7 ip 3 hits 9 Ks 1 BB
LP Jason Giffen 7 ip 4 hits 10 Ks 4 BB
Perry Island Brett Hall 1-2 2BB; Craig Brown 1-2 game winning run
Wyevale Steffan Walma home run

Listen to: tonight 7 and 9pm!

Niagara Falls Gms 15 & 16 

Gm 15
Alvinston Indians 8
Cree Nation Fireballers 1
WP Ryan Swift 5 ip 1 run 6 hits 7Ks 1BB
LP Ray Shanoush 3 ip 4 runs 2 earned 5 hits 5Ks 1BB; Willy Lowe 2 ip 3 runs 2 hits 1BB
Alvinston Jamie Shields 3-3
Cree Nation 2 singles, RBI

Gm 16
Waterdown Hammer 4
Ohsweken Redmen 2
WP Tim Neill 4 ip 4 hits 3Ks in relief of Mike Pullin 3 ip 2 runs 4 hits 5Ks
LP Darren Zack 4 2/3 ip 2 runs 4 hits 4Ks in relief of Caleb Keeshig 1 1/3 ip 2 runs 4 hits 1K
Waterdown Tim Coe 2-3 run
Ohsweken Robert Bomberry 2-3

Isc canada east qualifier game 20

Scarborough Force - 5R 5H 0E
Shakespeare Falcons - 2R 2H 3E

Scarborough - Andy Skelton - 4IP 2R 2ER 2H 7K 5BB
                         Tyson Barkman (in relief)- 3IP 0R 0H 4K 1BB

Shakespeare - Fred Follings 5IP 3R 3ER 5H 7K 0BB
                         Jeff Murphy (in relief) 2IP 2R 0ER 0H 2K
Aaron Frasor - 1/4 HR

Game 19
Niagara Snappers 6
Elmira Expos 1

WP Andrew Phibbs 7 ip 5 hits 14 Ks
LP Casey Halstead 3 ip 4 runs 7 hits 6 Ks 1BB; Dan Martin 4 ip 2 runs 5 hits 3Ks

Snappers: Matt Lyon 3-3 2 runs; Darren Newson 2b 2 RBIs; Mike Bateman 2-3; Kevin Newhouse 2-3 2b; Adam Dearborn 2-4
Expos Dan Martin Home Run

Blair Setford

Cant make it to the park? Let the park come to you....3 possibly 4 games today on .com 10, 3, 5 and 7 maybe



Niagara Falls Gm 17 

Alvinston Indians 12
Kitchener Outlaws 3

WP Brad Young 5 ip 2 runs 3 hits 5Ks 1BB; Ryan Swift 2 ip 1 run 2 hits 1K 2BB
LP Michael Legace Root 1 1/3 ip 5 runs 3 earned 4 hits 2Ks 2BB; Brian Belisle 5 2/3 ip 7 runs 6 earned 9 hits 3Ks
Alvinston Ryan Swift 2-3 home run 2 RBI; Chris Drew 3-4 2x2b RBI; Craig Scott 4-4 Cody Campbell 3-run home run
Kitchener Ron Dean 2-run home run

Blair Setford

ISC Qualifier Game 18

Perry Island Hawks 3
Waterdown Hammer 2

Hawks score 2 with 2 out in T7 on an infield error and overthrow for winning runs
WP Frank Cox 7 ip 2 runs 0 earned 5 hits 10Ks 3BB
LP Tim Neill 7 ip 3 runs 1 earned 3 hits 8Ks 4BB
Hawks Craig Brown 2-3 RBI
Hammer Will Lake 2-3 run scored

Hawks to play Elmira
Alvinston playing Shakespeare

Snappers leading Scarborough 3-0 in 4th

Blair Setford

Niagara Gm 23 

Niagara Snappers 5
Scarborough Force 1

WP Andrew Phibbs 7ip 3 hits 8Ks 1BB
LP Tyson Barkman 5 ip 7 hits 5 runs 3Ks 1BB; Kyle Linton 1 ip 2Ks
Snappers Trevor Falk 3-3 1b, 2x2-run home runs 5 RBIs; Adam Dearborn 2-3
Force Scott Leblanc RBI 2b Andy Skelton 2b
Snappers advance to final and have earned at least a beth to the 2012 ISC World Tournament with a chance to earn a paid berth + travel money.

Force will play in the losers bracket final at approximately 3 pm on Ballpark Radio.

Alvinston leading Shakespeare 3-0 into 3rd Berube vs Murphy

Elmira up 2-0 vs Perry Island Dan Martin 2-run home run off Frank Cox

Blair Setford

Niagara Gms 21 & 22 

Gm 21
Alvinston Indians 4
Shakespeare Falcons 1

WP Tom Berube 7 ip 1 runs 2 hits 7Ks 1BB
LP Jeff Murphy 6 ip 4 runs 3 earned 6 hits 4Ks
Alvinston Ryan Swift 1b RBI; Chris Drew 1b RBI
Shakespeare Rob Falhaufer home run

Gm 22
Elmira Expos 9
Perry Island Hawks 2

WP Dan Martin 5 ip 2 runs 4 hits 7Ks
LP Frank Cox 2 ip 8 runs 8 hits 4Ks; Cory Stollar 3 ip 1 run 3 hits 1K 3BB
Expos Dan Martin 2 home runs 3 RBIs; Trevor Beatson 2-run home run; Casey Halstead 2-run home run; Jon Hiller home run; Josh Brohman 2x1b
Hawks Joel Belanger, Cory Stollar, solo home runs

Gm 24 Alvinston vs Elmira starting at 12:50 pm
Winner to play Scarborough Force 15 mins from conclusion of gm

Blair Setford

Gm 25 starting at 2:35 approx on Ballpark Radio 

Scarborough vs Elmira

Isc qualifier 2012 canada east game 24
Elmira - 5R 10H 0E
Alvinston - 0R 2H 2E

Elmira - casey halstead - 7IP 0R 2H 4K 0E
Alvinston - Tom Berube - 1+IP 3R 2ER 5H 1K 0BB
                    Ryan Swift - 5IP 2R 1ER 5H 3K 1BB
Elmira - Casey Halstead - HR and a single
                Dan Martin and Travis Martin - 2hits
Alvinston - Joe Triest and Ryan Swift - 1hit each

Gm 26 champ gm starting now on BPR 
Scarb vs Niagara
Niagara gm 25 
Scarborough Force 6
Elmira Expos 2

WP Andy Skelton 7 ip 5 hits 2 runs 7 Ks 4BB
LP Dan Martin 1 1/3 ip 5 runs 3 earned 2Ks 1BB, Casey Halstead 5 2/3 ip 1 run 6 hits 3Ks
Force Craig Buttar 2-4 Nick Dambrosio 2-4 Jake Taylor 2-4 Frank Lang 2-4
Expos Travis Martin 2-run home run

Force vs Snappers live NOW on

Game 26 results

Scarborough Force 10
Niagara Snappers 3
WP Andy Skelton 5 ip 3 runs 6 hits 3Ks 2BB
LP Ian Wallwork 2 2/3 ip 8 runs 8 hits 1K 3BB, Perry Bartley 2 1/3 ip 2 runs 5 hits 1K 1BB
Force Craig Buttar 2 home runs 5 RBIs; Andy Skelton home run; Scott Leblanc 3-4 3 runs
Snappers Trevor Falk 2-run home run; Mike Bateman home run
Snappers jump out to 3 run lead in first, Force roar back with 10 unanswered runs

"If" game to start on
 at 6:35 pm

Blair Setford

Niagara Gm 27 Final 

Scarborough Force 4
Niagara Snappers 3

WP Tyson Barkman 7 ip 3 runs 7 hits 8 Ks 2BB
LP Andrew Phibbs 7 ip 4 runs 8 hits 6Ks 3BB
Force Andy Skelton 2x2-run home runs
Snappers Trevor Falk 2b RBI, Mike Bateman 2-3; Pete Dobbin 2-2 RBI 2 BB

Congratulations to Scarborough Force, 2012 ISC Canada East Champions, earning a paid berth plus travel money for the ISC World Tournament.

Thanks to all teams, players, fans for their support in Niagara Falls this weekend.

We thank the host committee lead by Rob Greatrix, Mark Korten, Tom Watkinson, Ray Carr and crew and the Blue Crew headed by Peter K.

Blair Setford
Joe Todd
Kyle Smith

Additional Niagara Falls Thank You's 

As always, in the haste to pack up and get home on a Sunday night, there are folks who were not mentioned in our initial thank you's who contributed significantly to the overall success of the ISC Canada East qualifier that it would be remiss if they weren't publicly acknowledged.

From the host committee, big thank you's to Phil John, Al Greatrix, Butch Provost, Herb Beckman, Glen Crocker Sr., Dave Rotella, Marcel Bilodeau and all others who put in their time and effort scorekeeping and working in the beer garden. We also thank the City of Niagara Falls staff at Ker Park for great service all weekend. And from our game controllers crew, thanks to Colin Smith and Chris Bach for their assistance this weekend as well.

For the broadcasts, thanks to Jim Flanagan for the technical support - we look forward to Jim's work from the California Classic next weekend!

Again thank you to the teams, players and fans for their support!

ISC Canada East
Blair Setford
Joe Todd
Kyle Smith

also some results on NEWS-2 all weekend


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