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Brothers in Arms

September 22, 2017

Santo Domingo, D.R. –  Brothers in Arms

The true meaning of friendship took on a sobering and heartfelt meaning last evening as Hurricane Maria cut her destructive path through the Caribbean. ‎ With the storm devastating Puerto Rico and set to strike Dominican Republic the nation's two National Teams played out the final game of the preliminary round robin of the WBSC  Pan Am Qualifier in Santo Domingo, DR.
Many of the players on the field from Puerto Rico played not knowing if they had homes to return to, not knowing the whereabouts and safety of their families and totally cut off from communication back home on their island. 
Following a totally classy lead played out by Team USA in an earlier game, the traditional handshake at the games completion was followed by a prayer circle around the pitchers mound to pray for the safety of all families and homes devastated by a second hurricane in a 2 week span.
Athletes are often criticized for their off field conduct, but when amateur players share a common battle beyond the lines they are truly united in arms.
I hope all of the softball world will say a prayer for those most affected by these recent hurricanes and where possible give generously in any way to help in the rebuilding process.
Larry Lynch

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