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St. John's Intermediate Men's FP Playoff Results (Friday, September 22)

September 23, 2017

St. John's, NL - - St. John's Intermediate Men's FP Playoff Results (Friday, September 22)

Molson St. John's Intermediate Men's Fastpitch League

Best-of-3 Quarter-Finals (Friday, September 22, 2017)

Quarter-Final Series A: 8th-Chayee Bourras NL Selects vs. 1st-Bay Roberts Coors Light

Game #2: Bay Roberts Coors Light 11 vs. Chayee Bourras NL Selects 6

Costello (3-3, 2B), Byrne (3-4, 2B, 2RBI), Strickland (2 2B, 3RBI) & Doyle (3RBI) For Bay Roberts Coors Light

Bay Roberts Coors Light Defeated Chayee Bourras NL Selects 11-6

(Bay Roberts Coors Light Wins Best-of-3 Quarter-Final 2-0)

Bay Roberts Coors Light Pitching Stats:

WP: Johnny Doyle 7IP, 6R, 7H, 1BB, 10K

Bay Roberts Coors Light Top Batters:

Rylee Costello 3-3, 4R, Double, 2BB

Daniel Byrne 3-4, 3R, Double, 1HBP, 2RBI

Scott Strickland 2-4, 2 Doubles, 1SAC, 3RBI

Andrew McCarthy 1-2, 2R, 3BB, 1RBI

Johnny Doyle 1-3, 2BB, 3RBI

Chayee Bourras NL Selects Pitching Stats:

LP: Marcus Pittman 7IP, 11R, 11H, 1HBP, 10BB, 5K

Chayee Bourras NL Selects Top Batters:

Ryan Maher 3-3, 1R, Triple, 1RBI

Liam Shea 2-4, 2R, Triple, 1RBI

Marcus Pittman 1-3, 1R, 1SB

Jordan Pomeroy 1-4, 1R, 1RBI

Quarter-Final Series B: 7th-Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic vs. 2nd-Lafontaine Club

Game #2: Lafontaine Club 8 vs. Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic 0 (5-Innings)

O'Reilly (1-Hitter, 13K) & Pittman (3R 2B, 3R HR & 6RBI) For Lafontaine Club

Lafontaine Club Blanked Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic 8-0

(Lafontaine Club Wins Best-of-3 Quarter-Final 2-0)

Lafontaine Club Pitching Stats:

WP: Johnny O'Reilly 5IP, 0R, 1H, 2BB, 13K

Lafontaine Club Top Batters:

Nick Pittman 2-4, 1R, Double, 3R Home Run, 6RBI

Matthew O'Reilly 1-2, 1R, 1BB, 1RBI

Russell Woodman 1-2, 2R, Triple, 1BB

Colby Murphy 1-3, 1R

Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic Pitching Stats:

LP: Matt Power 5IP, 8R, 5H, 8BB, 6K

Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic Top Batters:

Matt Power 1-2

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