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Softball Ontario welcomes Peter Kluszczynski as new Fast Pitch Provincial Umpire-in-Chief

November 17, 2017

Toronto, ON - - Softball Ontario welcomes Peter Kluszczynski as new Fast Pitch Provincial Umpire-in-Chief

November 11, 2017 (Toronto, ON) - Softball Ontario is pleased to announce that Peter Kluszczynski has been named the new Fast Pitch Provincial Umpire-in-Chief. Peter previously held this position for eight years, from 2007-2015. He returns with the ambition to further accelerate the growth and development of umpires within the province.

Peter has been involved with the sport of softball since he was five years old. He has seen the game from a player’s perspective, a coach’s perspective, and of course, an umpire’s perspective. Peter has also assumed leadership roles at the local level, as he spent five years as the President of the Brampton Umpires’ Association.

Peter first began volunteering with Softball Ontario as part of the Zone 5 staff, before undertaking the Zone 5 FP Umpire-in-Chief position. Subsequently, he joined the Fast Pitch Umpire Committee as a Deputy Umpire-in-Chief until he inevitably took on the PUIC role. He is a certified Level 5 official who has both officiated and supervised at six different Canadian Championships.

Peter has no shortage of experience on the diamond. He has represented our program and our country at major international competitions, such as the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games and the 2017 Men’s WBSC World Softball Championship. Peter’s leadership, along with his long list of experience, will be a great benefit to the Softball Ontario Umpire Program.

Softball Ontario, along with Peter and the rest of the umpires in the province, would like to thank outgoing PUIC Dave Mills for his service. Dave’s hard work and dedication has made a noticeable difference in the Umpire Program. Softball Ontario is confident that this commitment and positivity will continue under Peter’s leadership.

For more information, please contact:

Sami Sherry - Umpire Program Coordinator
416-426-7150 ext.104