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Masters Fastball News - Dec. edition

December 17, 2017

Stoney Creek, ON - - Masters Fastball News - Dec. edition

Masters Fastball News from Ontario & Beyond
Stoney Creek, Ontario

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Some recent postings ...................................

- Ontario player looking to play in any/all Legends tournaments in 2018

- “Import rule” changed for 2018 ISC Legends Tournament in Kitchener, Ontario

- List of masters/legends tournaments for 2018

- ISGU/NAFA 50+ & 60+ tournament in Florida in January

- New Legends team announcement

- First ever ISC Legends Qualifier Tournament for Canada East teams

- 2018 NAFA Masters East in Midland Michigan

- Tons more info/results etc.

Please send me any Masters related stories, photos, upcoming tournaments, results, etc.
I'm always looking for people of interest to fill out the "Masters of the Game" questionnaire.

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