It's easy to feel sorry for the two oldest sons of Hawke's Bay's four-time world softball champion Thomas Makea.

But Wellington infielder Dante Matakatea and Canterbury outfielder-pitcher Reilly Makea were always going to get similar treatment to what their father got from his father Tom Makea snr in terms of training sessions and lessons on what it takes to get to the top. The sessions may be arduous and repetitious but nobody questions them ... they are part of a successful formula.

The fact both sons have already played for Black Sox teams (they both played against the Czech Republic in February) backs this statement up. There's few better than their father who can predict which one of the pair will crack a Black Sox World Series team first.

"Dante has got the better work ethic and the better drive. Reilly has got more talent so he thinks he doesn't have to work as hard. But they both take learnings off each other ... they both know if they maintain a strong work ethic and work on those little things they both have the potential to make it."

There will be one weekend next month when their dad might reduce their training workloads and allow a bit of celebrating. It will be the weekend of May 26 when Makea, 43, and Hawke's Bay motor racing legend Greg Murphy will be inducted into the Hawke's Bay Sports Hall of Fame at the Hawke's Bay Sportsperson of the Year function at Taradale's Pettigrew-Green Arena.

"I was blown away and lost for words when Ryan [Hambleton of Sport Hawke's Bay] contacted me. To be inducted by those back in my home town certainly means a lot and it's awesome to be alongside fellow players like Owen Walford and Chubb Tangaroa who I looked up to," Makea said from his Wellington base last night.

A St John's College and St Mary's Primary School old boy, Makea, represented Hawke's Bay through all the age groups and at senior level. He was a Hawke's Bay rep when first selected in the Black Sox in 1994 and when he made his first World Series team in 1996.

The father of three boys moved to Wellington in 1997 with the aim of getting stronger club play to enhance his chances of becoming more of a force on the international stage. It paid off and during a 16-year period which ended in 2013 Makea was ranked the best centre outfielder in the world.

Within weeks of retiring from international play Makea was appointed Junior Black Sox head coach. A multiple title winner at the International Softball Congress in the United States which is recognised as the toughest club competition in the world, Makea, guided the team to silver medal finishes at the 2014 and '16 world championships.

"We're looking for a change of colour this time," Makea said referring to the team's quest for gold at Prince Albert, Canada in July.

"Hopefully it will be a case of third time lucky. It will be a big challenge but we've learnt a lot along the way."

Reilly will have a pitching role at his second junior world championship. Dante also played in two world championships.

When quizzed if the Black Sox head coach role was a possibility in the future, Makea, replied:

"We'll see what happens but I'm looking forward to a bit of time off from softball when we get back from Canada."

After six years in Christchurch Makea recently returned to Wellington where he is running a labour hire business. While in Christchurch he had a player-coach role for three years with the Papanui club and he played alongside Reilly when the team lost to Auckland Ramblers in the final of last month's national interclub tournament in Lower Hutt.

"I just treated Reilly as a teammate. He didn't get any special treatment," Makea recalled.

He believed New Zealand was still producing plenty of male softball talent but pointed out the calibre had dropped on the lastest three-year cycle.

"That's when we have to step in and really help out these guys with the little things they have missed out on or haven't been taught."

"I'm really enjoying coaching and giving back to the young kids who make our teams. At the last Black Sox training camp there were 13 players who had been through our Junior Black Sox teams and that was pleasing to see," he added.

In the wake of Makea's induction we thought it would be timely for him to name his best Black Sox and Hawke's Bay Selections, teams containing the best players he played alongside in both teams. They are:

Black Sox: Pitcher, Chubb Tangaroa; Catcher, Mark Sorenson; First base, Jarrad Martin; Second base, Dion Nukunuku; Third base, Dean Rice; Short stop, Kere Johanson; Left outfield, Thomas Perenara; Centre outfield, Thomas Makea; Right outfield, Donny Hale. Designated player, Brad Rona.
Hawke's Bay: Pitcher, Chubb Tangaroa; Catcher, Tony Simpson; First base, Rayner Te Wake; Second base, Joachim Paul; Third base, Kevin Gettins; Short stop, Vallance Horne; Left outfield, Vaughan Dellow; Centre outfield, Thomas Makea; Right outfield, Darcy Brown. Designated player, Paul Walford.