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St. John's Intermediate Men's FP Results (Monday, July 09)

July 10, 2018

St. John's, NL - - St. John's Intermediate Men's FP Results (Monday, July 09)

Molson St. John's Intermediate Men's Fastpitch League

Results: Monday, July 09, 2018

Game #1: Sportscraft Waterford Valley 4 vs. Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic 7

Hefferan Picked Up Win In Relief, As RMM Republic Defeated Sportscraft Waterford Valley 7-4

Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic Pitching Stats:
Matt Power (Starter) 4IP, 4R, 3H, 1HBP, 3BB, 6K
WP: Trevor Hefferan (In Relief) 3IP, 0R, 1H, 1BB, 1K

Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic Top Batters:
Leon Cantwell 2-3, 2R, 1BB, 1RBI
Chris Thorne 2-3, 2R, 1BB
Trevor Hefferan 1-2, 2R, Double, 1HBP

Sportscraft Waterford Valley Pitching Stats:
LP: Jordan Noftall 6IP, 7R, 8H, 1HBP, 4BB, 10K

Sportscraft Waterford Valley Top Batters:
Jeremy Hickey 1-1
Justin Hand 1-2, 1R, 1HBP
Jeff Conway 1-3, 1BB
Patrick Heffernan 1-4, 1R, Grand Slam Home Run, 4RBI

Game #2: CBS Storm 0 vs. Chayee Bourras NL Selects 4

Reid 2H-10K Shutout, As Chayee Bourras NL Selects Blanked CBS Storm 4-0

Chayee Bourras NL Selects Pitching Stats:
WP: Lucas Reid 7IP, 0R, 2H, 4BB, 10K (1st Career Shutout)

Game Note
Lucas Reid (CBNLS) Recorded His 1st Career Intermediate League Regular Season Shutout.
Congratulations Lucas!

Chayee Bourras NL Selects Top Batters:
Jordan Hamilton 2-2, 1R, 1BB
Marcus Pittman 1-2, 1R
Joel Nash 1-3
Darcy O'Reilly 1-3

CBS Storm Pitching Stats:
LP: Rylee Costello 6IP, 4R, 6H, 3BB, 3K

CBS Storm Top Batters:
Rylee Costello 1-3, Double
Jordan Hatch 1-3, 1SB

Next Intermediate League Action

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
6:00pm Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic (3-3) vs. CBS Storm (3-2)
8:00pm Lafontaine Club (3-1) vs. Sable Building And Design (3-4)