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Makea back at the helm for JBSX

January 12, 2019

Christchurch, NZ - - Makea back at the helm for JBSX

Thomas Makea is back at the helm of the New Zealand Junior Black Sox team.


Makea who has led the team since his initial appointment in 2013 will go again for glory with the world cup only 18 months away.


Makea has the honour of two silvers and a bronze medal to his name through 3 campaigns; Canada (2014 and 2018) and USA (2016).


Makea say’s I am very honoured to be given this opportunity to be named as the Head Coach of the U18 junior men’s programme. After three stints at the helm of the U19’s team I still feel that I have more to offer to young up and coming softballers around the country. I am looking forward to working with this younger group and helping to develop not only good ball players but good young men.  I have been working closely with Developing Sox  and will have a good chance to see these guys in action in Christchurch at the U18 nationals in a couple of weeks’ time”.


Makea will name his first 2020 World Cup training squad in early February.



Small re appointed Junior Black Sox Team Manager


Wayne Small is back in black and will work once again with Thomas Makea in an attempt to capture the illusive gold medal for the Junior Black Sox.


Small a former Black Sox Manager has been Makea’s right hand man since 2013 sharing the highs and lows along the way.  


“I am once again, excited to be named manager of the New Zealand Junior Black Sox” say’s Small.


“Having managed this team since 2013 it has been with a great sense of pride that we have maintained our spot on the medal podium” he says.





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