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Naming of the Major Sox U23 Women’s Team

March 18, 2019

Wellington, NZ - - Naming of the Major Sox U23 Women’s Team

Softball New Zealand is pleased to announce the Major Sox U23 Women’s Team to compete at the Canada Cup.


The 2019 Canada Cup International Softball Championship will be held from July 5 - 14, 2019, in Surrey, British Columbia and will promote the development of the sport by helping young female athletes reach for their personal best. The Canada Cup organisers invite hundreds of college and university scouts to the event providing players with an excellent opportunity to be considered for scholarships to some of the top schools in North America.


The 2019 New Zealand Major Sox Team is:
Tyla Morrison, Loran Parker, Meg Gladding (Auckland), Erin Blackmore, Otila Tavite, Aaria Tawha (Hutt Valley), Mereana Makea (Wellington), Amy Begg, Mikayla Werahiko, Lucy McIntyre (Canterbury), McKenzie Giles (Western Australia), Denva Shaw Tait (East Stroudsburg University), Kelley Renner (University of California)

Team Management
Stanley Doney (Head Coach), Kate Gentile (Battery Coach), Rebecca Annan (Manager) Assistant Coach and Scorer – TBC.




Glen Roff - Softball Manager

Softball New Zealand

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