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Japan Softball League

April 18, 2019

Cedar Rapids, IA - - Japan Softball League

I keep looking for things sometimes I find them. The Japanese Softball Association League played Section 1 this past weekend. They posted scores on their facebook page. Today I found the scores with wining and losing pitchers. I use google for this because they translate the pages fr Japanese to english for the most part. Some names were not translated. For instance I believe the Huemel Mata and Andrew Kirkpatrick pitched for Daiwa ACT names left in Japanese. I took a guess hope I amr correct. The Japanese pitcher for their club was translated. Some names were translated but I wonder if they if they are the players full name. Such as Saito and Matsuda K. They also have names ending in also. Nota capitol letter. Being and Old Fat White Man from Iowa I do not speak, read or write Japanese. If anyone out their knows how the get things translated the rosters are in pdf I have tried everything I could to get them translated. Google did the web page bt the pdfs are on another page that google does not translate. Pan American games are coming up this summer in Lima Peru will need their website translated. Well sending Japan League Section 1 to Al on the other email for posting.    Gary



Japan Softball League. Starts soon schedule on this site. Andrew Kirkpatrick tells me they have a facebook page. Put results on and also streaming of league games. Plays part of schedule in the spring rest in the Fall. 
Thought you folks would be interested.