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Spring Update from the Stats Man

April 10, 2019

Cedar Rapids, IA - -  Spring Update from the Stats Man

From Gary Baughman, the Stats Man - @iscstat


Well I had a very good winter. Spent my time following softball in the South Pacific. Good event in Makassar Indonesia. Teams from the Philippines Indonesia Australia and THE 23 & Under from New Zealand.  Followed 19 & Under National Championship in Australia. Also the Men's Nationals. ACT WON with Adam Folkard and Andrew Kirkpatrick carried the load.  Followed the Northern Fastpitch Series in Auckland NZ. Several Tournaments Include the TAB Challenge. Won by Japan. Also the Men's and Women's Nationals. Followed the Men's National Club championship. They do not post the scores with winning and losing pitchers. So I was able to get only 38 of 81 games.
I want to thank Jason Gerbes for streaming the NFS games and the tournament games on diamon one. He sent me links for 15& Under games 17& Under I watched all he dent. Sent 19 & under as well as 23 & Under . Did men's and women's club nationals. Makassar Open streamed every game. No announcers but still it was ball. 
As all of you know I collect winning and losing pitchers with the scores. Hard to get in NZ. I got a lot from Jason's broadcasts. NFS I got a lot fro Jason's broadcasts.  But I want to give a huge Thank You  to two folks who love the game and really care for the culbs they belong to. Kris Attewell did inning by ining scores with high lights and pitchers for each game not streamed. Sent Iscore for Club Nationals. The other is Christine Nukunuku For the League champion and Club National champions the Mount Albert Ramblers. wonderful lady wrote very good articles for their facebook page for each game telling the story of the game. She also sent Iscore for the Club event.  Also will mention  Marie Byrnam who for PCU Devils from Christchurch NZ she posted Iscore as well. 17 Teams in the club event. A few posted scores on facebook but only these three wonderful people cared enough to the the fans of their club what was going on.  By the way  The Ramblers 1st Auckland United 2nd AND PCU 3rd.  Was a great tournament.  
Spring has sprung here In Iowa. But now I am working to Follow the Japan Softball Association Men's League. The start the 12 of April in Japan 14 hour behind them in Iowa so starts here the 11th.  7 pm   ist game. Play 17 teams. Round robin  Play in sections Section 1 this weekend. Section 2 plays May 18th and 19th. Section 3 plays September 7th and Section 4 plays October 19th. Final Tournament plays November 9th and 10th.  Do not know if I will be able to get pitchers or not but I will try. Andrew Kirkpatrick put on to their face book page. Will attach links for this stuff at the end. Huemel Mata is pitching on the same team as Andrew. They got roster on web site but i cannot translate them yet. Andrew also said they would stream game will share what I get on Facebook. The Japanese facebook page will have it as well. I hope we get streaming up in North America soon. Seems like streaming is all over except here.  Keep posting scores with pitcher and articles to Al's Fastball lets promote this game that we love. Well better attach what I have fro Japan for those who want to know. 
Also since I got screwed out of my ISC life They removed me from the roster list. I will still be doing tournament and I need those rosters please send them to me. May have as many as 14 events this year.
Gary    -  <>                                 Facebook page
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