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The 2019 Softball Season: A Look

April 18, 2019

The 2019 Softball Season: A Look

The 2019 Softball Season: A Look

It’s great to see 2019 Softball Season arrive in style!

With much speculation since last June when Florida State achieved their first National Title and with gossip-mongers speculating that Tim Walton would leave Florida, everything was seeming a bit topsy-turvy.

Also, Mike White did leave Oregon and joined Texas. Eugene saw many exits as well. Since the last season, there have been many transfers, exits, and additions which did make the game somewhat shaky. If you are into Michigan online sports betting , you surely know about it all. If you don’t, read on.

All said and done, there’s a lot to be expected in terms of performance and annual rankings this season of Softball.

So, let’s get started and put the record straight!

People are excited to see Alyssa DiCarlo, IF, Georgia to make more home runs. And also New Mexico State’s Kelsey Horton.

Kelly Barnhill, P, Florida is another stalwart and a dominant college pitcher who is all geared up for a national title.

With the right preparations for the Olympics 2020, she also has a funnybone. Recently she remarked, “That I am Looking forward to being an underdog”. Which she is definitely not!

Meghan King, P, Florida State is the kind of pitcher who can start and finish a game with perfect elan. She has allowed only 11 home runs in 380 innings in the last two seasons. With a pretty good record, she is a sure show-stopper!

Other players to vouch for are Megan Good, P/IF, James Madison, Sis bates, IF, Washington, Amanda Sanchez, IF, LSU.

With great players are competing for the national title, this season of softball is sure to make it big and fiery!

Top in the Race

Washington is surely going to fight it out this season, whether it's against Florida or Oklahoma.

With players like Sis Bates, who is in good shape and is all set to make it much more fun with her gorgeous looks and softball defense tactics. And Taran Alvelo who is working more on the quality of her innings, we can expect a lot this season.

Morganne Flores, C, Washington is also a good hitter. She missed the 2018 season because of injury, and now she is working hard for the national championship trophy. In 2017, she gained the fifth most total bases among the Pac-12 hitters in softball.

Hopes Running High

There are very high expectations from all the teams. The confidence of the players look great this season and all teams are looking forward to being a team sport.

Both Offensively and defensively all the teams look strong. Also, with the 2018 National Champions, The Florida State headed by head- coach Lonni Alameda, a strong season of Softball is what makes 2019 softball Season impressive and fun!

Shannon Rhodes joined Texas in time. Also, with a new coach, Mike White (who has the valuable experience of heading Oregon for the past nine seasons), even Texas looks formidable.

So, syncing with the softball program for the 2019 season, right in time makes sense!