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Men's Extra Liga- Czech Republic League for posting

April 27, 2019

Cedar Rapids, IA - - Men's Extra Liga- Czech Republic League for posting

     - And Call for Team Rosters by Gary Baughman

I am an old fat white man sitting in my wheelchair in my living room watching baseball. No softball to watch. Sitting here with nothing else to do I look for tournaments or league all over the world. As you all know as a hobby I collect scores with winning and losing pitchers for games played anywhere. I love it when tournaments and leagues post Articles about their events then post score with pitchers to Al's Fastball. I look around to find stuff to post that would be interesting . I found a link on Fastpitchwest for the Czech Republic Softball Association.   On that page I found  A page with articles about the Men's Extra Liga. The men's premier fastpitch league. I have seen many of the players at the world tournament over the years. Also playing at european events that were streamed. Jozsova Denise wrote short excellent articles for the 16 Games played April 13th and 14th. Now I wanted the pitchers for those games. Well a Wonderful person from the scorers association facebook page that I joined pointed me in the right direction. After a lot of dumb on my part I found What I wanted. League schedule, Scores and Iscore. Every game on Iscore. Lenka Richterova  ​is the reason you are reading this post. Thank you so much for your help.  
Now I will send Al's scores and pitchers to put on this post.  Folks in Australia will follow Harrison Pudner. He throws for the Hippos as does Michael Holobradek who threw in PA  Bear Bottom Lodge.   Folks in Argentina will follow Martin Gonzalez. He threw for Denmark Circle Tap last summer. Steve Normand  threw for the Irma Tigers last year. Jordan Noftall throws in the St. John's NL leagues. Zach Pierce pitches in Saskatchewan.  and Clayton Robinson pitched for Coberg Blls in the 23 & under Last season. Lots of reasons to follow I know I will.  

   Here is the scores and pitcher for the Czech League with rest of schedule


As I got screwed out of my ISC LIFE I need rosters for the tournaments I am doing box scores and stats. The Molly Sherman Elkand PA's 1st event. Don't need stupid from. Just First name, Last name , Number and position. Want home towns as well please. Time to start sending rosters please. Well got to send scores and pitchers and schedule to Al to go with this.  Still no nothing about the FBS Tournament In Cancun. Any one know who I can contact please email me Team USA will be there. 


Well I forgot to get up at 5 am to see if ExtraLiga does live Iscore. Will try again tomorrow morning. 8 GAMES today 8 games tomorrow. Next results.

Tempo Praha 6 Chomutov Beavers 0 
WP Jiri Brabek LP Clayton Robinson

Tempo Praha 8 Chomutov Beavers
WP- Steven Normand
LP- Marek Maly ( Played for Dolan & Murphy and in PA )

Ledenice Sharks 10 Locos Breclav 3
WP- Jaroslav bRENIK
LP- Lukas Kubat

Locos Breclav 7 Ledenice Sharks 5
WP- Zach Pierce
LP- Jonas Hajny

Painbusters Most 7 Eagles Praha 3 
WP-Martin Gonzales (I believe)
LP - Jonas Mach

Painbusters Most 11 Eagles Praha 4
WP- Voitech Buchner
LP- Jordan Noftall

Spectrum Praha 8 Havlicknv Brod Hippos 1
WP- Michael Bela
LP- Harrison Pudner

Spectrum Praha 5 Havlicknv Brod Hippos 4
WP- Ondrej Malecek
LP Michael Michal Holobrádek

Again tomorrow 8 games I will report results.



ExtraLiga results for today. 
Eagles Praha 5 Chomutov Beavers 1 
WP- Jiri Pokorny LP- Clayton Robinson 
 Chomutov Beavers 5 Eagles Praha 3 No Iscore up yet 
Havlickuv Hippos  2 Ledenice Sharks 1 
WP Micheal Holobradek LP- Jaroslav Brenik
Ledenice Sharks 11 Havlickuv Hippos 4
No Iscore for 2nd Hippos -Sharks game 
Painbusters 7 Tempo Praha 0 
WP-Martin Gonzalez LP- Petr Bed
 Painbsters 6 Tempo Praha 2 
WP-Voitech Buchner LP Steven Normand 
Spectrum Praha 8 Locos Breclav 3
WP- Ondrej Malecek LP- Lukas Kubat
Spectrum Praha 4 Locos Breclav 3 
WP- Michael Bala LP- Zachary Pierce 
Hope to get missing Iscore soon. 
 Next weekend is 4th and 5th of May. 
 Cinco de Mayo event in Yakima WA that week as well.

Gary Baughman