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Men's Softball World Championship

May 21, 2019

Men's Softball World Championship

Men's Softball World Championship

Europe's most famous Men's Softball World Championship is all set to commence on 13th June till 23rd June 2019. Founded in 1996 by International Softball Federation (ISF) and held by World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), the season will witness 16 teams competing against each other. You can try betting on the matches at William Hill - it’s easy and fun.

Here are some crucial facts you must know right before you dive into the game.

  1. Participating Teams

According to rankings, Group A will consist of teams like New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, Czech Republic, and Mexico. Yes, it’s a powerhouse of teams in Group A itself. The very first match will have the away team New Zealand against home team Czech Republic.


  1. Field Length, Batters Box & Equipment

The field length of the Men's Softball is of 65-inch base paths. The length of the pitching rubber is 24 inches with the wideness of 6 inches. The batters boxes are 5.5 feet in length. A catcher box is also present.


The bats are 34 inches in length and have an approval stamp by USSA and Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA), or they can be suspended from gameplay. They can only be made of hardwood or laminated wood, aluminum, metal, fiberglass or graphite with a barrel that is closed at the end along with a handler and taper.


The same applies to softballs which must be of 12 inches weighing precisely 4.4 ounces. They will only be considered for the play if they have a yellow color official covering. The gloves must not be made of any leather or canvas material. The length must be about 4.5 inches in size which is exceptional for the pitcher, the first baseman and the catcher.

These specifics are decided by the USSA rulebook and keeps updating with better available material for equipment.


  1. Rules

The official USSA rule book is followed. A total of 7 innings are played which is exceptional in cases of a tie when the game will continue till one of them has won. It is up to the umpire or even the director of the tournament to call it quits in cases of rain, darkness or any safety issues that tend to occur.


  1. Strict Anti-Doping Policy

Intake of any foreign substance to enhance one's performance on the court is strictly prohibited. It is considered as unfair in nature and destroys the very essence of sport spirit. Overall, it will truly impact the health of the athlete negatively. Not only will it damage the image of the federation but also tend to encourage dishonest behavior.

The WBSC takes strict action on doping along with imposed penalties if found guilty.

The body ensures that such athletes must be banned from the game as they promote illicit activities and hamper the spirit of the sport. Athletes, Athlete Support Personnel and other such persons who are a part of WBSC or associated with the body in any way will also come under these bye-laws.