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Memorial Day Weekend Tournaments

May 25, 2019

Cedar Rapids, IA - - Memorial Day Weekend Tournaments

     - by Gary Baughman


Well after last week which featured Richard Haldane doing a great job streaming the Lelawna tournament until facebook screwed all of us fans from seeing the last 2 games. HE DID A GREAT JOB. The Victoria Day event in Innerkip was good.

Below is my list of events. Green will have box scores and stats done by me. Walcott had trouble getting teams so only a 3 team event 6 games.  The Molly one of my favorite tournaments featuring good games. Hervey Hand will send me the pictures of the score sheets. I will enter them into my scoring computer and send the reslts to Al to post. Will send him schedules to post the boxes to. Looking forward to these games. Hope to get scores with winning and losing pitchers for Niagara Falls and Pueblo events to Al's fastball high lite would be great as well. The Michigan event will posted to the Michigan web site. Good luck to all teams and players. Everybody get out go support the event in your area.
   Gary Baughman