Cephas Roth 2019 Schedule and Results

July 14, 2019

Tavistock, ON - - Cephas Roth 2019 Schedule and Results


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     - Congratulations to the Hill United Chiefs, the 2019 Cephas Roth Champs!

Cephas Roth 2019 - Tavistock, Ontario 

July 11 to 14, 2019
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8:00pm - Cubs vs Monsters - Queens Park 
5:00pm - Hill vs Niagara - Queens Park 
5:00pm - Monsters vs Waterdown - Optimist 
7:00pm - Hill vs Batmen - Queens 
7:00pm - Expos vs Waterdown - Optimist 
9:00pm - Cubs vs Batmen - Queens 
9:00pm - Expos vs Niagara - Optimist 
10:00am - Waterdown vs Batmen - Queens 
10:00am - Monsters vs Niagara - Optimist 
12:00pm - Waterdown vs Hill - Queens 
12:00pm - Niagara vs Cubs - Optimist 
2:00pm - Batmen vs Expos - Queens 
4:00pm - Expos vs Hill - Queens 
4:00pm - Waterdown vs Cubs - Optimist 
6:00pm - Niagara vs Batmen - Queens 
8:00pm - Hill vs Cubs - Queens 
8:00pm - Monsters vs Expos 
9:00am - Batmen vs Monsters - Queens 
9:00am - Waterdown vs Niagara - Optimist 
11:00am - Hill vs Monsters - Queens 
11:00am - Cubs vs Expos - Optimist 
2: 00pm - Championship Final - #1 vs #2 
Dave Bailey 
Tavistock Minor Ball Association 


Cephas Roth Thursday night  Game 1
Nith River Monsters                3         WP- Tyler Randerson
Kitchener Hallman Cubs         2          LP- Ryan French
Friday night games
5 pm Games
Game 2
Hill United Chiefs                      6       WP- Adam Folkard
Niagara Stompers                     1         LP- Kyle Linton
Game 3
Nith River Monsters                 5          WP- Greg Hammell
Waterdown Hammer               2           LP-  Michael Legase- Roote 
HR Tyler Pauli ( 2- RBI)  ( Monsters)           Ady Matias  (Hammer) 
7  PM
Game 4
Hill United Chiefs                  2            WP- Pablo Migliavacca LP- Keeshig
Toronto Batmen                    1            LP- Caleb Keeshig
Games 5
Waterdown Hammer           2             WP- Chris Van Volkenburg
Elimira Expos                         0              LP- Kirk Santala
9 pm games
Game 6
Toronto Batmen                5              WP- Yan Carlo Gonzalez
Kitchener Hallman Cubs  1                LP- Ryan French
Game 7
Niagara Stompers              4               WP- Devon McCullogh
Elmira Expos                       0                 LP- Dan Martin
Saturday games:
Saturday   10 am scores
Game 8
Toronto Batmen                   2              WP-- Caleb Keeshig
Waterdown Hammer          0                LP-  Bryan Newton
Game 9
Niagara Stompers               5                WP- Kyle Linton
Nith River Monsters           2                 LP- Greg Hammell
Noon games 10 & 11
Game 10
Hill United Chiefs                    4      WP- Adam Folkard
Waterdown Hammer             o       LP-  Chris Van Volkenburg
Game 11
Kitchener Cubs                        3       WP- Huemel Mata
Niagara Stompers                   0        LP-  Deven McCullogh
2 PM GAME      
Game 12
Toronto Batmen                     1        Yan Carlos Gonzalez- Caleb Keeshig
Elmira Expos                            1       Mark Wardrop- Dan Martin
4 PM GAMES 13 & 14
Game 13
Hill United Chiefs        8      WP- Pablo Migliavaccia
Elmira Expos                0        LP- Kirk Santala
Game 14
Kitchener Hallman Twins     9      WP- Ryan French
Waterdown Hammer            3       LP- Bryan Newton
6 pm game 15
Niagara Stompers               4           WP- Deven McCullough
Toronto Batmen                  3             LP-Caleb KeeshIg
8 pm Games 16 & 17
Hill United Chiefs                1           WP- Adam Folkard
Kitchener Hallman Cubs    0             LP- Huemel Mata
Nith River Monsters           3           WP- Tyler Randerson
Elmira Expos                        0            LP- Dan Martin
Sundays Games    18-19-20=-21-22
 Toronto Batmen                    6    WP- Yan Carlo Gonzalez
Nith River Monsters              2     LP-  Greg Hammell
Niagara Stompers                  2             Jordan Graham
Waterdown Hammer            2            Michael Legase-Roote
Hill United Chiefs                  8      WP- Pablo Migliavacca
Nith River Monsters             1       LP-  Johny Baker
Kitchener Hallman Cubs      2       WP- Ryan French
Elmira Expos                          1         LP- Kirk Santala
Hill United Chiefs                  8         WP- Adam Folkard
Niagara Stompers                 1          LP- Deven McCullough
Well late last night the person doing me a great job  sending me pictures of game sheets told me he would not be there today. I emailed the Gentleman who runs the event. He was to be at another youth event said someone would know what to do. About 4 hours after first games started I emailed one of2 heros for which  these box scores wold not be here. I emailed Dennis Dosman I explained and he said he would see what he could do.  He Came up with the other Hero Brady Wagler. Sent all the sheets and for that I thank both of them Very Very much. I will recommend these men for next year. Lots of great games. Thanks to Tavistock for putting this event on.                             Gary