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Softball Ontario Seeks Members for its Coaches Committee

September 12, 2019

Toronto, ON - - Softball Ontario Seeks Members for its Coaches Committee

VOLUNTEER POSITION(S):  Coaches Committee Members- 4 openings
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Softball Ontario Seeks Members for its Coaches Committee

Softball Ontario's Coaching Committee is pleased to announce four (4) openings on its volunteer Coaches Committee.
Softball Ontario's Coaches program mandate is to create and implement coaching development programs that improve and enhance the quality of softball coaching in Ontario. Our Coaches program offers the following services:
  • National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) - Community Sport Stream and the Competitive Sport Stream contexts
  • Workshops- Beyond the NCCP - interactive clinics for Coaches
  • Professional Development Point Opportunities- in person workshops and webinars
  • Coaches Conferences/Symposiums- host and provide coach education opportunities for softball coaches
  • Coach Resources/Materials- designed specifically for softball coaches
Successful candidates will take a leadership role in the development of the Coaching Program in Ontario through: assisting on the creation of program goals and objectives for the Coaches Committee, representing the Coaches Program in the community and working to provide coach education opportunities.

Coaches Committee members will be expected to attend all committee meetings (approximately two (2) per year) as well as facilitate two (2) National Coaching Certification Program clinics. Ideally, a Coaches Committee Member will have experience coaching softball in addition to the following qualifications and responsibilities:
  • Good communication and administrative skills
  • A willingness to do tasks as assigned by Softball Ontario Coaches Chairman
  • A keen interest in Coach Development
  • Coaching experience is an asset
  • A good understanding of the National Coaching Certification Program
  • Must be Certified in  Competition-Introduction, Softball
  • Must sign Softball Ontario’s Confidentially Agreement
  • Must complete Softball Ontario’s Volunteer Application
  • Attend all Coaching Committee Meetings
  • Receive and review all materials/meeting minutes distributed by Softball Ontario
  • Complete tasks assigned by the Coaches Committee and/or Chair
  • Help promote the Softball Ontario Coaches Program and the National Coaches Certification Program for Softball
  • Instruct/Facilitate Coaches Clinic(s)
  • Submit articles for Coaches Clipboard
  • Be a mentor to another softball coach if requested
How to Apply

All interested candidates are asked to apply in writing, expressing your interest in a cover letter along with a detailed resume outlining your softball and coaching background and qualifications for this position. Applications should be received by the Softball Ontario office no later than at Friday, September 27, 2019, 4:30 pm.

Email your resume to Steph Sutton, Technical Program Specialist at for consideration.

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