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Baseball Daily Fantasy Sports: Who Should be in Your Lineup?

September 23, 2020

Baseball Daily Fantasy Sports: Who Should be in Your Lineup?

Baseball Daily Fantasy Sports: Who Should be in Your Lineup?


At a camp during the civil war, soldiers played ball during their free time. It was referred to as "New York"-style baseball, which expanded into a national game. The sport grew so big that only after a few years, it has gathered 400 strong members. Cincinnati Red Stockings and Chicago Cubs were one of the first professional teams to be established.

Baseball, with its long history, has endured misfortunes. It survived the potential downfalls from the Great Depression and the two World Wars. The sport also experienced the dead-ball era, where players rarely could hit home runs. Moreover, a scandal called the "Black Sox Scandal" in the1919 world series made the sport even more popular in America.

The Major League Baseball is one of the oldest and the most popular sports dominating the United States for two decades. Today, the MLB has suspended upcoming games to conduct mass testing for their players. Despite this, the baseball daily fantasy sport continues to thrill enthusiasts with their weekly contest.


Only a few players could hit in the top four spots, which can be quite expensive, but remember that you need to save salary for other player positions. Subsequently, remember that catchers are one of the lowest-scoring positions in the DFS. Take note that catchers have limited offensive production and fewer average at-bats.

Considering Gary Sanchez, J.T. Realmuto for this position can be advantageous, as they are the best players for this position so far. Other players to consider are Mitch Garver, Yasmani Grandal, Salvador Perez, and Wilson Contreras. These top players can improve your chances of winning contests.

First Base
This position has the most significant scoring potential, so players usually spend big on MLB DFS picks for a tremendous first baseman during contests. A high-priced first baseman with a matchup can better your odds in winning contests.

Freddie Freeman, Cody Bellinger, Pete Alfonso, and Peter Goldschmidt are players you should consider for the First baseman. These high-upside sluggers surely avoid batting averages and try their best at stolen base attempts.

Second Base
The second baseman rarely provides powerful hits. Most of the time, they execute mediocre hits during formal matches. With that, this player position is a salary saving-spots in daily fantasy sports. Though this position can save you salary, remember that it is also an advantage to pick top-of-the-line players for this position.

Unlike other positions, choosing a second baseman is more flexible than different player positions. Your second baseman entirely depends on your lineup and strategy. Choosing Dee Gordon, Jonathan Villar, and Whit Merrifield are the best options as the second baseman.

The shortstop is also a salary-saving spot in the MLB DFS. However, being too thrifty for these positions may not produce enough points for you to win the contest. Besides considering its cost-efficiency in the salary, it is vital to remember to choose players with the most significant advantage in the field.

Choosing a player with an incredible amount of power and speed can level out your lineup. Thus, considering  Francisco Lindor, Trevy Story, Alex Bregman can balance your game. Starting a draft with these players as the shortstop can better your odds in winning the MLB DFS.

Third Base
Besides the first baseman, the third baseman also scores the highest during the formal game. Thus, securing a quality player for this position is a must. However, since it is a good score position, choosing quality players can be expensive, but it will surely secure a positional edge during contests.

Some strategies involve using potential breakouts and right undervalued players for this position in the mid to late rounds. Thus, you might want to consider Yandy Diaz, Tommy Edman, Nick Solak, and Yoshi Tsutsugo as your third baseman. They are also good fill-ins for daily transaction leagues and other DFS contests.

Choosing the right outfielders can change the contest's course, so selecting a player with at-bat totals and a high floor is advantageous. It is also wise to allocate more salary for this position. Always remember to reconsider your chosen player for this position.

There are vast options for a good outfielder this year. From one-category sleepers to all-around studs, these are remarkable players that can change the course of your path in MLB DFS. Consider Ramon Laureano, Kyle Schwarber, Starling Marte, and Austin Meadows in your lineup as they show promising talent in the field.