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March 15, 2021

Brampton, ON - -  AlsFastball.com – State of the Website


     - 23 March 2021 Update - BIG Fan of the game saves the day!


This time last year we posted an update on what we thought would happen to AlsFastball down the road.


It was kind of long and involved but did give some of the history of our site.

I am not going to repeat the history part but will say that the last year has been, in a word, "different".  Different for all of us for sure.  As for our website, we have reported mostly on some of our friends passing on, cancellation of fastball tournaments, and international news as we receve it.  But not a lot of actuall men's fastball tournaments and results. It just did not happen. Hopefully that will change this year - 2021 as we get everyone vaccinated and things open up.

In the article last year I did try and outline the nasty side of running a website, the costs. They have not changed much and luckily my trusty old NCIX desk top unit is still running, even if the company went belly up some time ago.  Bell keeps me connected to the internet and we manage to pay them each month.

This time of the year we get one invoice that is a challenge to come up with the loose change to pay it off as its a big one, for us, but considering the value we get from the host that looks after us, its a good deal.

This is a copy of the note from last year on this point, with only the due date changed by a couple of days:
"We must find $540.00 CAD before (7 April 2021) to keep going. We have already renewed the domain name, but the web hosting for another year is another matter.

I do hope that our friends in Fastball (aka fastpitch softball) continue to help us out on a regular basis by continuing to send us their stories. Upcoming tournaments, tournament results, game results, bios on players, and so many more stories that our readers love to read.

So there you have it, we will do our best to keep alsfastball.com up and running for as long as we can however it you know of anyone interested in helping out with hosting the site, please let me know.




23 March 2021 Update - Great News!

An outstanding fastball fan has stepped up and saved the day!

BIG THANKS to a friend of the game who has once again stepped up and saved the day for us all!




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