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Why You Should Start Watching MLB

October 20, 2021

Why You Should Start Watching MLB

For some reason, people always say you have to pick a side, but in reality, you can enjoy as many sporting events as you want. Now that baseball season is coming up, it’s time to get into Major League Baseball. 


If you are looking for a reason to pick up the sport, and the MLB money lines aren’t enough to draw you in, let us walk you through why Major League Baseball is worth your time!


  1. It’s a Sensible Game with Respectable Players


Sometimes the glitz and the glamour can take over a sport and make it into more of a vegas show than a game. Baseball hasn’t succumbed to deafening screams yet, and still holds the classic American calmness of a wholesome sport.


This doesn’t mean that there isn’t an atmosphere, but you can have a good conversation with the opposing teams without worrying it will end up in a fighting match!


The players are respectable and don't argue with the referee, the spectators enjoy the game and aren’t there just for a drink, and you leave the game feeling part of a community.


  1. You Have Time To Place Bets, Learn The Rules and Make Friends


Some people find the MLB too slow, but they have the same type of breaks as the NFL. This slower way to play sports means you have more time to consider your betting options and truly sturdy the players in front of you.


The wait can help you connect with the spectators around you, whether that's online or on the benches. They will have just as much time as you to teach you about the sport. Joining during the MLB is the perfect time to try and join in the community as everyone is excited to talk about the games!


  1. You Can Get To Know The Players

Unlike most sports nowadays, baseball is still a “you got to be there to appreciate it” kind of game. Sure, you can watch it on your screen, but you will miss out on the player interaction as it cuts to the ads.


The big screen on the pitch often zoomed into the players, and you can see them clear as day. With the mic on, they will talk to you like one of their buds. Does he have a favorite song at the moment? Did he enjoy the chili dog? Did he forget his favorite bat? It's silly (and sometimes odd changing) information like this that can make a game seem like part of the family. 


Because of this relationship you develop with the players, you end up creating a stronger connection to their game. And if someone makes a good play, you feel genuinely proud, as if you were watching a friend. 


  1. The Announcers Are Just As Fun As The Game

The announcers, like any sport, are often sports journalists, old players, or anyone who has a lot of knowledge about the games. But in the MLB, they are more than just fact givers. Sure they will give you essential observations and helpful notes to help you understand the game in front of you, but baseball is a slow game, and we need a bit of entertainment to get us through the tranquil parts.


This means that a lot of the time, the announcers are talking to us like friendly radio hosts. They bring up interesting bits of history, talk about genuinely funny anecdotes and talk to us as if we were old friends. 


  1. You Can Watch The MLB In the Background And Still Make Good Bets

We’ve said it a couple of times now, but the game of baseball isn’t fast-paced. This means you can make your bets and go about your day jumping into the game every now and then to see how you’re doing. You can watch the game at work, while you’re doing the laundry, or when you’re going about something monotonous. The games are slow-paced, which means you don’t have to dedicate your whole day to the MLB and watch your real-life commitments pile up around you.


  1. The Games Can Be Extraordinary

Don’t think that our talk of slowness means the games are boring. These players have outstanding skills. In 2001, Randy Jonson hit a bird with a pitch in a scene out of a horror movie! The ball was thrown so fast that the poor dove exploded on impact!


Of course, the likelihood of that happening again is low, but there are amazing and surprising instances happening in the games all the time!


  1. You Can Be The Next Mourning Dove

As the skills of the players keep getting better and better, the coordinators need to add bigger and bigger nets around the field. 


Players are able to hit the ball with such accuracy and such ferocity that they often surpass a once unthought of level. If you ever go to the game in person, you need to keep an eye on the ball, or you could end up with a black eye!



With so much time to learn the rules and make your bets, you will be able to fall in love with the players, the teams, and the spectators as you cash in your wins. Imagine being able to show to your friends the next mourning dove incident.


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