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Who Has Hit The Most Home Runs In The Home Run Derby's History

August 3, 2022

Who Has Hit The Most Home Runs In The Home Run Derby's History

Who Has Hit The Most Home Runs In The Home Run Derby's History

Now that the All-Star games have come and gone, many of us are looking towards the statistics. This is a game where the best play against the best, which means some amazing and unusual MLB betting odds can take place.


Knowing that someone can create multiple home runs in a derby means they must have amazing skills. But who are the people that create home runs on a regular basis, and who holds the trophy for most home runs ever?


Time to find out.


Pete Alonso - 174 Home Runs

Pete Alonso holds the record for the most home runs in this Derby. With an outstanding 174 home runs, the Mets player has 68 more to his name than the next leading person.


Alonso has absolutely smashed this record and yet he has only participated in 2 Home Run Derbys. This means we can expect a lot more from this outstanding player. 


The most Alonso has ever produced in just one round is 35 home runs. He did this in his first derby of the 2021 games. This figure is the third highest for a single-round attempt. You’ll have to keep reading to see who came in first.


Alvert Pujols - 106 Home Runs

Pujols' record would have been breathtaking if it wasn’t for the ungodly number Alonso had achieved. Still, 106 home runs are nothing to stick your nose up to. His first ever appearance in the Home Run Derby was in 2003. Since then he has made 4 more appearances. 


Surprisingly Pujols hasn’t won a derby yet, but he has been close every time. Instead, his high score comes from reoccurring attempts at this legendary challenge. Pujols was determined to make his mark in this challenge, but it wasn’t until the 2022 derby that something shifted for him.


Pujols created an outstanding 35 home runs in this year, moving him out of the 70s, well into the 100s. This last-ditch attempt to make a statement worked, and now it has reached second place in the most home runs at the Home Run Derby.


Juan Soto - 99 Home Runs

Juan Soto is one of the youngest players on this list. His first ever Home Run Derby was in 2021 at the age of 22. And yet this champion has already reached 99 home runs in the tournament. 


Not only has this player done what most Hall of Fame batters couldn't, he also squared up against Shohei Ohtani. Ohtani pitched a high-speed ball that should have scared the young lad into submission, and yet Soto used that power to his advantage.


In his second Home Run Derby ever, Soto managed to win the final round. This show of strength alone is enough to give us a real glimpse into Soto’s future.


Joc Pederson - 99 Home Runs

Joining Soto in the 99 spot is Joc Pederson. This Giants player is a left-handed slugger. Pederson has only made two appearances, the first in 2015 and the second in 2019. So really, we should be saying that Soto has joined Pederson.


Pederson managed to complete 60 home runs in his 2019 performance and yet that amazing display wasn’t enough to win the game, nor was it enough to take first place in another prize - most home runs in a single derby.


Don’t let the negatives ruin Pederson’s stats though, as both numbers are amazing accomplishments.


Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 91 Home Runs

Now we have reached the person we have all been waiting for. Guerrero not only has an outstanding 91 home runs to his name, but he has also only competed in the Home Run Derby once.


That's right, the legendary Vladimir Guerrero Jr hit  91 home runs in one single derby. He is the record holder for the most home runs in one derby and happily sits in 5th place for the most home runs in Home Run Derby History.


These two facts shouldn’t exist and yet they do. If Guerrero comes back to the Derby, he could easily take the first place spot and give us a massive triple figure in the Home Run Derby history books. The 23-year-old has so much room to grow, and after a 2 year break, we hope to see him in the derby again.


Todd Frazier - 91 Home Runs

Frazier also has an impressive 91 home runs in his Home Run Derby history, however, this batter spread his amazing numbers over 3 years. From 2014 to 2016, Frazier was playing with a sturdy mind, and in the end that allowed him to win the 2015 game.


In the first and final appearances, Frazier lost at the final hurdle, showing that he was never an underdog in this game.



Each of these players has created an awe-inspiring record with their Home Run Derby games. The most notable was Guerrero and Alonso.


Alonso had only played twice and yet holds the record for the most home runs ever. But, Guerrero, having played once, has the most home runs for a single derby.


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