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Softball won't be in Paris, but is this the end?

November 21, 2022

Softball won't be in Paris, but is this the end?

Softball won't be in Paris, but is this the end?

We all love fastpitch softball. That's why you find yourself on the pages of your popular website. Our favorite goes by many names, including fastpitch or fastball, and is the quickest, most exciting, and most popular form of softball. It boasts thousands of competitive players worldwide, with millions watching games live from the stadium, on television, or through the best live streams.


Fastpitch has enjoyed a global following for many years, and that support continues to grow. As the sport's coverage builds and more games are shown live on TV, advertising revenue increases, and so too do the financial rewards offered to the best players. More exposure, games on TV, and higher pay ensure a steady stream of new players taking up fastpitch while new fans continue to join the ranks. 


Checking the latest Bovada review, we notice increases in the sportsbook's game coverage, offering betting, live streaming, and promotions, including free bets. If you last checked in on fastpitch a while ago, or this is your first time encountering the sport, you'll be delighted to learn you join us at an interesting time.


Fastpitch has never been as popular as today, and it would be a fair assumption that the sport is in the best health we've ever seen. But fastpitch has arrived at a crossroads. The honeymoon period is over, and the next move will be vital in securing the sport's long-term success, its players, and the next generation of stars.


Olympic run ends


It wouldn't be unkind to fastpitch to say that it doesn't share the same fame as professional sports like the NFL, English Premier League, NBA, MLB, NHL, or UFC. It's still a work in progress regarding matching those giants of the sports industry, but there can be no denying that fastpitch is moving in the right direction.


Much of its past success and the reason behind the spike in popularity we've seen over the last few years can be explained by fastpitch's involvement in the Olympic Games. Sharing a platform with athletics, soccer, and aquatic sports has done wonders for fastpitch's reputation. Its loyal following is boosted by other sports fans dropping in to show interest during the Olympic Games.


Olympic-level softball came into being in 1996 and became a mainstay of the schedule for over a decade. That lasted until 2008, when the sport was removed ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games. Many thought time was up after enjoying a better run than even the most hardcore fans would have expected. Softball had performed well and won some new admirers, but the golden age was done.


Back in business


That was the worry ten years ago, but it didn't last. Fastpitch was reinstated to the Olympic Games schedule after just two renewals. We missed 2012 and 2016 but roared back in 2020. The International Olympic Committee reinstated softball for Tokyo 2020, an Olympic Games you will remember was postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Softball joined baseball, skateboarding, karate, climbing, and surfing to the schedule.


All was good again in the world of fastpitch softball. But as fans already know, it's never a smooth ride. After returning for just one game, the sport was removed and won't be included in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Another blow for the sport, and some predict that having been handed a second chance in Tokyo last summer, the game is now up, and softball's long-running and exciting partnership with the biggest competition in sports is over.


Is that a genuine concern? Is this the last we have heard from softball at the Olympics? It's certainly possible, and some have been reaching for the panic button early, but there's no need. History shows that the International Olympic Committee is a softball fan and is likely to return. It will never get to the level of the 100m sprint or relay, a mainstay of the games, but it will return on occasion to add an extra edge of excitement and to keep things fresh.


It may not include softball, but Paris 2024 promises to be a feast of sports emphasizing making the games diverse and inclusive. For that reason, we are certain softball will return to the Olympics.


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