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The Magic Behind the Pinstripes: Unraveling Yankees Fans' Superstitions

September 15, 2023

The Magic Behind the Pinstripes: Unraveling Yankees Fans' Superstitions

The Magic Behind the Pinstripes: Unraveling Yankees Fans' Superstitions


There are few fan bases as passionate and storied as that of the New York Yankees. Rooted in tradition and history, Yankees fans have not only witnessed the rise and fall of baseball dynasties but have also carried a legacy of superstitions and rituals that have become as integral to the game as the crack of the bat.

Weird Superstitions in the World of Sports

We are all probably aware of weird superstitions and behaviours that are the norm when it comes to anyone playing all their favourite sports games, from your average FIFA player to the more volatile twist of baseball themed slots games, like Baseball Grand Slam or Baseball Frenzy. But one would not believe the extent to which sports fans, especially baseball fans, are governed by superstitions coming up and on game day.

Babe Ruth's Bat Magic

The Sultan of Swat himself, Babe Ruth, was no stranger to superstition. Ruth refused to let his teammates borrow his bats, firmly believing that each bat had a finite number of hits in it. He even took to wearing women's silken stockings between games, convinced that it would ward off hitting slumps. Ruth's peculiar rituals extended to stepping on second base whenever he jogged in from right field.

From Clemens to Giambi: A Ritualistic Brotherhood

Roger Clemens, one of the game’s pitching legends, couldn't take the mound at Yankee Stadium without first visiting Monument Park to touch the head of Babe Ruth's statue. He even named his children with names starting with the letter "K" for strikeouts.


Jason Giambi's golden thong superstition is the stuff of legends. Struggling during a hitting slump, he donned the unconventional lucky charm and soon found himself breaking free from the slump's grip. His teammates, Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon, followed suit, showcasing the contagious nature of superstitions in the Yankees' clubhouse.

The Modern Era: Superstitions in the Present

Yankees fans have carried the torch of superstition into the present era. Aaron Judge, the towering slugger, chews two pieces of Dubble Bubble sugar-free bubblegum just before the first pitch and keeps it in his mouth until he makes an out.


C.C. Sabathia, a Yankees stalwart, carries a portrait of his children in his jersey for support and good luck, showcasing how deeply ingrained these rituals can become.


Gleyber Torres, a rising star, tried growing a moustache during a game but shaved it off between at-bats. He then hit well and playfully faked shaving his moustache on the field, a testament to the fun and unpredictability of superstitions.

The Power of Rituals

The debate over whether superstitions are rational or irrational has raged on, but recent research has suggested that it's the rituals associated with superstitions that can reduce tension and stress, leading to improved performance. It's not about magic but about psychological comfort and self-confidence.


As Yankees fans prepare to support their team through another season, they'll continue to wear their lucky hats and jerseys, sit in their favourite spots, and engage in their cherished rituals. While there may not be real magic in these superstitions, there's certainly a sense of connection, comfort, and camaraderie that binds fans together in their unwavering belief that they play a part in their team's success.


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