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Sagamok fastball tournament

July 26, 2009

Sudbury, ON

                                                                        The tournament got underway Friday night with two ball fields being used ..-the Beedaban field and Dreams field .In the opening game behind the fine pitching of veteran import from the Spanish Smokers of the North Shore League ,the Sagamok Chiefs easily disposed of the yiund Sagamok Rez`Ryders 7 to 0 .Cory picked up 11 strike outs .In the second game behind the fine pitching of Eric"E-train" Abitong the Babba boys defeated the North Shore selects 4 to 1 .Eric fanned 9 batters.In the final game of the evening the Moose Factory Braves behind the excellent pitching of Curve Lake import Ian Knaut ,shut out Garden River 6 to 0 ..In a surprise circumstance , the Parry Island Hawks were a no show and at first their opponents, the Kaboni Tigers , were awarded a 7-0 forfeith victory ..That later was changed and the Tigers were to play their two round robin tilts on Saturday .
                                                                         Come early Saturday morning before the first pitch could even be thrown , the rains came pouring down and delayed the 8 AM games till 11:30 AM  ..The rest of the day turned out perfect with cloudy and sunny periods. All 8 remaining games , five round ronbin ones and three quarter final games got in ..Refer to the attachements for all the results and final team seedings prior to the quarter final matches.(
Championship Sunday
      Semi final # 1       3rd seed   BABBA   VS   2nd seed   MOOSE FACTORY BRAVES
                                                     Ian Knaut of Moose Factory got into his groove from the get go in fanning 7 of the first 9 batters from Babba he faced .He continued his mastery from the mound giving up but two hits , a single and a bunt  as his Braves blanked Babba 3-0 .Eric Abtong pitched a fine game himself and had it not been for two costly errors in the 4th frame , his mates might of comeback in this game.
    Summary for  Knaut   7 IP   2 hits   0 BB    and  13 K's   Winner
                           Abitong  6 IP   4 hits   1 BB    and     5K's   Loser
       Semi final #2         4th seed SAGAMOK CHIEFS  VS 1st seed KABONI TIGERS
                                                        It was a tight defensive patch for most of the first four innings as starter Russ Abitong of the Chiefs and import Alex Ashawasagai of the Pickerel River Cardinals depended on their strong infileders to do the job .The Chiefs broke through in the third frame with their first run after the Igers had open the contest with a 1-0 lead in the first . The Chiefs added two more runs in the 5th frame and a final one in the sixth to win 4 to 1 .
      Summary for  Russ Abitong (starter for Chiefs)         3IP  2hits  0 BB  2 K's
                              Cory Stolar (in relief 4th)                       4IP  1hit    0 BB  8 K's  (winner)
                              Alex`Ashawasagai(starter for Tigers)  6IP  6hits  3 BB  7 K's (loser)
                              Brandon Amilca (relief in 7th)               1IP   1hit    0BB  3 K's
         Championship final         4th Seed  SAGAMOK CHIEFS   VS  2nd Seed   MOOSE FACTORY BRAVES
                                                           The final was all it built up to be .Both teams` displayed tough defense and the pitchers were in their zone from the very fisrt batter .Both teams scored i the second and third innings and the home team Chiefs led 3-2 after three frames ..Everything broke open in the middle innings as the Braves scored five runs and held on for a 7-2 victory and the championship.Pitcher Ian Knaut once more showed his mastery of the Chief batters as he gave up but two singles and a base on ball through the last four frames of shut out ball.Members of the championship team who certainly were happy to collect a purse of $2000 after travelling more than 10 hours to get to Sagamok. are the following : Jerritt Taylor ,Shawn Assinawe ,Ian Knaut , Brendon Beedz , Justin Taylor , Jeff Moore , Dave Cheechoo , Jimmy Jacob ,Blair Morrison and Corey Taylor ..
           Summary  for   Knaut    7 IP  6 hits  1 BB   9 K's (winner)
                                    Stolar     6 IP  8 hits   1 BB  7 K's
                            Knaut finished the tournament with a  5-0 record   48 K's (9,6 per game or 1,6 per inning) without a doubt the tournament MVP
Attached photos of both the winning and runner-up team(
                                                                                     Yours in fastball ,
                                                                                     Roger Legendre
                                                                                     One of the umpires for the tournament
                                                                                     Statistitian for the tournament
                                                                                      Public Relations Liaison/Advisor
You can also catch these photos and others from the tournament  at gallery) web site of the Rick McDonald Memorial Fastball League
Congratulations to Canada for their great effort at the World Fastball Championship in Sakatoon during the last two weeks. 
As a Northerner I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Elk Lake today  (Kraft  TSN contest)

WINS  TIES LOSSES Runs Agnst Points
1. Bradford Soxs 3 0 0 0 6
2.Minesing Orillia 3 0 0 4 6
3.Etobicoke Royals 3 0 0 5 6
4.Huntsville 3 0 0 9 6
5.Bracebridge 3 0 0 10 6
6.Storm Fury 2 1 0 0 5
7.J.C.North Stars 2 1 0 7 5
8.Lake Simcoe 2 0 1 5 4
9.Stoufville 2 0 1 7 4
10.Cool Hand Lukes 2 0 1 9 4
11.Parry Island 2 0 1 14 4
12.Vktoff 1 1 1 9 3
13.Waterdown Targets 1 1 1 14 3
14.Rama 0 2 1 9 2
15.Vdney Bullets 1 0 2 12 2
16.Lindsay 1 0 2 13 2
Out of the playoffs
17. Erin Twisters 1 0 2 24 2
18.Carlson Wagonlit 1 0 2 30 2
19.Pickerel River 0 0 3 24 0
20.Reeds 0 0 3 26 0
21.Preston Mechanics &
      Brechin   both 0 0 3 31 0
23.Young Guns 0 0 3 33 0
24. Garden River 0 0 3 38 0