@SoftbolARG name their 17-man team for Saskatoon for #ISFMens2015 and ‪#‎TO2015‬

May 26, 2015

Parana, ARG


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information enclosed with the confirmation of the Argentine squad that disputará the upcoming World Championships and Pan American Games in Toronto.






We're going for glory!
Argentina already has defined the schools that will face the two
Maximum commitments softbolístico world in the category
Male: the WBSC World Championship and Pan American Games
May 25, 2015 (Communication CAS) .- Argentina already has the names seek glory in Canada.
The National Team coaching staff, headed July Gamarci, today announced the list of players
They represent our country in the two major powers of the Men's Softball: Championship
World of Saskatoon, and the Pan American Games in Toronto.
The list of players who will contest the World Cup in Saskatoon is:
1. Brandauer, Juan - Bahia Blanca
2. Caceres, Mauricio - Bahia Blanca
3. Lane, Nicholas - Parana
4. Gervasutti Sebastian - Bilbao
5. Godoy, Gustavo - Parana
6. Godoy, Manuel - Parana
7. Godoy, Roman - Parana
8. Malarczuk, Ladislao - Parana
9. Mata, Huemul - La Pampa
10. Mayoral, Mariano - La Pampa
11. Migliavacca, Teo - Parana
12. Montero, Mariano - Parana
13. Montero, Paul - Parana
14. Motroni, Bruno - Parana
15. Petric, Fernando - Paraná
16. Potolicchio, John - Parana
17. Zara, Juan Cruz - Bahia Blanca
Meanwhile, because the roster for the Pan American Games should be composed of only 15
players, players and Mayoral Brandauer not made the trip to Toronto to play the maximum
sporting competition of our continent.
After the merger this weekend took place in the city of Parana, the coaching staff will
He told the players, in an emotional meeting held today at the entrerriana capital, decision
he finished Argentine schools conform to Saskatoon and Toronto.
The World Championship will be held in the city of Saskatoon, Canada, from 26 June to 5 July.
Argentina in Group A, along with New Zealand, Canada, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Great Britain,
Philippines and Indonesia. Meanwhile, in Group B will play Venezuela, Australia, Japan, United States,
Mexico, the Netherlands, Denmark and the Dominican Republic.
The Argentine national team debut in the World against New Zealand on June 26 at 21 pm on
Saskatoon (Argentina midnight). After the debut against world champions Argentina will continue its
in round robin way to Guatemala, at 18 am in our country, on the second day of competition.
The third presentation Gamarci team will be June 28, at 18.30, to Indonesia.
The next day, in the first game of the day (13 hours from Argentina) our team will face Republic
Czech; while the June 30 our guys rival Canada will be the home team, at 21pm.
The last two games of the group stage will be to the Philippines, on 1 July 1830; and to Britain,
July 2, at 13 hours. Playoff phase begins on July 3, under the double page, ending
Sunday July 5, with the dispute of the second semifinal and the final.
After the end of the World Cup, Argentina will travel to Toronto to compete in the Games
Pan, in what marks the return of Men's Softball program this sporting event. the
opening ceremony of the Games will be on July 10, while the men's competition will be held
from 12 to 18 March.
Argentina debut facing the last Pan American champion, Venezuela. On the second day of action
Our national team will face Mexico at 14 pm, while on Tuesday July 14 Argentina is
submit to Canada, at prime time at 19 pm.
Our team will close the round robin against the United States and Dominican Republic, on 15 and 16
respectively. Finally, the playoffs will be played on Friday 17 and Saturday 18.
The Technical Corps is headed Gamarci as Head Coach in July, accompanied by coaches Andrew Gamarci,
Kevin Bolzan, Alberto Guerrinieri and Michael Stapleton; the scouts are Rafael Salguero and Nicolas Jimenez; the
Gustavo doctor is Gumpel; and Team Leader Javier Martinez.