Cambridge, ON

Sunday, January 10, 2010



In Attendance:
            David Bakker, President

            Al Doran, Director
            Peter Kluszczynski, UIC

            Larry Withnell, Palermo

            Fred McKeen, Jarvis
           Clarke Staats, Jarvis

            Bill Simpson, Owen Sound

            Michael Kelly, Wyevale

            Mark Lambie, Wyevale
            Jim McKinnon, Port Elgin
            Murray Maas, Port Elgin
            Jamie Simpson, Owen Sound and ISC Player Representative



            Tim Whitlaw, Umpires

            Doug Cundall, Umpires

            Joe Todd, ISC Commissioner

            Sam Forbes, Cobourg




Colin Smith, Treasurer

            Blair Setford, ISC VP and League Vice President
            Pat Graham, Jarvis
            Bill Simpson, Owen Sound



The AGM was called to order by the League President, David Bakker with a welcome to all those in attendance.


2009 AGM Minutes


Al Doran presented the 2009 AGM Minutes and Larry Withnell moved that the minutes from the 2009 AGM minutes be approved and this was 2nd by Clarke Staats. Passed.


2010 AGM Agenda


David Baaker moved to accept the Agenda and was 2nd by Al Doran.


President’s Report


David Bakker thanked the executive members for their support in 2009 and thanked and congratulated the teams; a great showing in 2009.


David moved that his report be accepted as read. 2nd by Larry Withnell. Passed.



Financial Report - Treasurer


Colin Smith was not available and it was moved by David Bakker that the financial report be delayed until the February meeting. Passed.


Stats Report

Pat Graham was not available today however Al Doran reported that the stats reports in 2009 were timely and accurate and feedback from fans and media were all positive.


Umpire in Chief (UIC) Report


Peter Kluszczynski submitted a written report to all those in attendance. (attached). Umpire fees will remain the same for 2010. A report on legal bats was also submitted to all.


Peter made a motion that his report be accepted. 2nd by Larry Withnell of Palermo, passed. 


NOTE: Peter raised a point about OASA suspensions. It was generally agreed that the ISC Travel League has historically always honored OA suspensions.




Director’s Report – Al Doran – (Media and Marketing)


Al thanked all the teams for timely game reports in 2009. He reminded all the teams that the League web site is at:

The page has league contacts which will be updated soon to reflect the 2010 executive and teams. Al gave an update on our good friend Roger May.





Vice President’s Report


Blair Setford sent his regrets and David Bakker distributed a report from Blair with an update on what is happening within the ISC this year and for the next couple of years.


Players Representative Report by Jamie Simpson

Jamie noted that he communicates on a regular basis with other player representatives and as a group suggestions are passed to the Executive Committee through Ken Hackmeister.

Doug Cundall noted that he was very impressed with Jamie Simpson as a coach at the nationals last summer.



David Bakker proposed the following slate of officers



President – David Bakker

Vice-President – Blair Setford

Treasurer – Blair Setford

Secretary (and Director) – Al Doran

Statistician – Pat Graham

Past President – Colin Smith

Director – team representative TBA

Director – team representative TBA

Director – team representative TBA

Director – team representative TBA



Umpire in Chief – Peter Kluszczynski

Statistician – Pat Graham


David Bakker and 2nd by Bill Simpson moved the slate of officers and the appointments for acceptance. Passed. Directors from teams to be announced at the next meeting.



Teams for 2010


David Bakker polled the teams and the following teams interested to be in the League in 2010:



Owen Sound Juniors          Owen Sound Volkswagens
Owen Sound Seniors         Owen Sound Selects

Palermo                                 Palermo Athletics

Jarvis                                      Jarvis Gamblers

Port Elgin                              Port Elgin Blue Devils


Cobourg                                Cobourg Force


Kitchener                               Kitchener Rivershark Twins
Wyevale                                 Wyavale Tribe

St Thomas                 No, requested return of bond money



Schedule for 2010


The League Schedule will be determined at the February 28rd meeting. At that meeting, the teams will meet with each other to determine when and where each team will play each other. Each team must make a commitment at that time to play the required number of games vs. the other teams.


There is potential for one or more weekend tournaments to be held during the season where league teams will play each other and where there is a possibility teams will play exhibition games against non-league teams at those tournaments.



Regional Qualifiers for 2010


There will not be a specific Regional Qualifier in 2010 however there will be a number of tournaments that the ISC has designated Regional Qualifiers for our region. These tournaments are documented on the ISC web site:


Berths are noted on the web site as well.


Larry Withnell noted that more than ever, support is needed for the League. Wherever possible, any extra berths need to be reserved for the teams in leagues who commit to play every year. This will motivate other teams to join the league.


Some Tournaments Discussed:




19-21 June – Innerkip – 2 berths – Joe Todd


19-21 June – Napanee – 1 berth – Joe Todd


18-19 September – Mitchell – Ontario Challenge Cup – 1 berth for 2010
both Innerkip and Mitchell received federal grants to upgrade their fields for 2010


August – OASA tournament – 1 berth – Joe Todd


League Championship – possibly two berths – TBA


Question on eligibility of junior teams. U19 at ISC Worlds – it is hoped
2nd weekend in June – Frankenmuth

Junior age group to be adjusted in 2012


Will the Legends be a Qualifier this year?  TBA, Feb 28 meeting


Lots of interest in the Port Huron tournament for 2010. Berths?

Al noted that he hopes this year this tournament reports their results.


Midland Explorers Tournament, berths?  TBA





Budget for 2010


Blair will propose a budget at the Feb 28 meeting.



League Playoffs for 2010


David Bakker noted that a location is required to host the League playoffs. This normal weekend for this would be 22-25 July. Teams expressed interest and an outline of what is required to host the tournament. Bids will be considered at the February 28 meeting.




February 28 meeting


Rosters and PRAWNS


Due by 1 May 2010.



Next League Meeting


The next League meeting will be on Sunday, February 28, 2010 at the Cambridge Golf and Country Club,  10:00am


All new teams are asked to bring their cheque books for the February 28 meeting to pay their bond fund. All teams are asked to bring a cheque to cover the 2010 registration at the February 28 meeting.