Cambridge, ON

Sunday, February 28, 2010



In Attendance:
            David Bakker, President

            Al Doran, Director/Secretary

            Larry Withnell, Palermo

            Tim Whitlaw, Umpires
           Clarke Staats, Jarvis
            Jamie Simpson, Owen Sound and ISC Player Representative



            Tim Whitlaw, Umpires

            Joe Todd, ISC Commissioner




Colin Smith, Past President

            Blair Setford, ISC VP and League Vice President
            Pat Graham, Jarvis
            Bill Simpson, Owen Sound

            Peter Kluszczynski, UIC

            Jim McKinnon, Port Elgin



The meeting was called to order at 10am by the League President, David Bakker with a welcome to all those in attendance.


2010 AGM Minutes


Al Doran presented the 2010 AGM Minutes to the executive and noted that they would be distributed by email later in the day. These minutes will be addressed at the 2011 AGM.


January 2010 Meeting Agenda


David Baaker moved to accept the Agenda distributed by Blair Setford and was 2nd by Al Doran.




Financial Report - Treasurer


Colin Smith had drafted a budget for 2010 and it was reviewed and modified by Blair Setford and Joe Todd. It was submitted to those in attendance with options for a 5 or 6 or 7 team league for the year.


Al Doran reported that he and Colin closed the two League bank accounts in Brampton and he is holding two cheques for he and Blair to open a new account closer to Blair. Colin turned over all the financial records which are in good order. Al will track expenses until the new account is set up.


Stats Report

Pat Graham was not available today however Al Doran reported that Pat Graham was willing to continue preparing the League stats in 2010.


Umpire in Chief (UIC) Report


No report.


Director’s Report – Al Doran – (Media and Marketing)


No Report.



Vice President’s Report


No Report.

Players Representative Report by Jamie Simpson

No Report


Teams for 2010


David Bakker polled the teams and the following teams interested to be in the League in 2010:



Owen Sound Juniors          Owen Sound Volkswagens
Owen Sound Seniors         Owen Sound Selects

Palermo                                 Palermo Athletics

Jarvis                                      Jarvis Gamblers

Port Elgin                              Port Elgin Blue Devils


Cobourg                                Cobourg Force – not confirmed
Napanee                               interested


Kitchener                               Kitchener Rivershark Twins
Wyevale                                 Wyavale Tribe – No, no team in 2010

St Thomas                 No, requested return of bond money


Schedule for 2010


The League Schedule will be determined by the teams before the next meeting on March 28 and any outstanding playing dates settled at that meeting. At that meeting, the teams will meet with each other to determine when and where each team will play each other. Each team must make a commitment at that time to play the required number of games vs. the other teams.


There is potential for one or more weekend tournaments to be held during the season where league teams will play each other and where there is a possibility teams will play exhibition games against non-league teams at those tournaments.



Regional Qualifiers for 2010


There will not be a specific Regional Qualifier in 2010 however there will be a number of tournaments that the ISC has designated Regional Qualifiers for our region. These tournaments are documented on the ISC web site:


Berths are noted on the web site as well.


Larry Withnell noted that more than ever, support is needed for the League. Wherever possible, any extra berths need to be reserved for the teams in leagues who commit to play every year. This will motivate other teams to join the league.


Some Tournaments Items Discussed (but tabled until March 28 when Blair Setford will be in attendance):


1)     Can Owen Sound Jrs go to the Great Lakes / OASA Championships in Waterloo  with a chance to win an ISC berth for 2011? - raised by Jamie Simpson

2)      Has the OASA Great Lakes tournament been ok’d or sanctioned by the ISC, with these rules?  -raised by Jamie Simpson


3) Can Junior teams as a whole go to the Great Lakes OASA Tournament? - raised by Jamie Simpson. This is probably up to Brad Thomson & Gary Wren of the OASA.

4)  Can the ISC Travel League enter a team that has not qualified for the 2011 WT  in the OCC, in Mitchell in September and if not, why not?  -Raised by Larry Withnell and Jamie Simpson.

5) Even though the Owen Sound Men’s team will get a berth from the Travel League, do we also want them to participate in the Innerkip Qualifier ? – Raised by Jamie Simpson


League Playoffs for 2010


David Bakker noted that a location is required to host the League playoffs. The normal weekend for this would be 23-25 July. Jarvis expressed interest in hosting this tournament. Teams expressed interest and an outline of what is required to host the tournament. Bids will be considered at the March 28 meeting.




March 28 meeting


Rosters and PRAWNS


Due by 1 May 2010.



Next League Meeting


The next League meeting will be on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at the Cambridge Golf and Country Club,  10:00am


All teams who have not paid are asked to bring their cheque books for the March 28 meeting to pay their bond fund and/or entry fees. Jarvis paid their 2010 entry fees and it’s held by Al Doran.