Percy Gibbons (1916 - 1988) Percy Gibbons was born in Nevis, W.I. in 1916 and came to Canada in 1930 with his Barbadian parents. A longtime fastball player, Gibbons later performed as a coach manager, and trainer for two Toronto championship teams and was commonly called "Mr. Baseball". For over twenty years Gibons worked at Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens as an usher. He was trainer for the Toronto Gators in 1993, when they won the International Softball Congress World title in 1993. Gibbons celebrated his 80th birthday with the Scarborough Royals when they won the North American World Series fast pitch in 1996.


(1st Annual)
All Star Double Header

The Toronto Gators
('95 Canadian and ISC World Champions)
"The Best of the Rest"
The '96 O.A.S.A. All-Stars

Hillside Park, Waterloo, Ontario

Wednesday, August 7, 1996


Bill Horne -Fingal
Don Smith -Caledonia
Larry Lynch -Waterloo Twins
Lorne Thompson -Waterloo Twins
Percy Gibbons -Scarborough Royals

*Brad Underwood -Owen Sound Tiremen
*Frank Cox -Owen Sound Tiremen
Tim Cox -Owen Sound Tiremen
Bob Rath -Owen Sound Tiremen
*Ken Kivell -Owen Sound Tiremen
Brent Underwood -Owen Sound Tiremen

Doug Levy -St. Marys
Dale Levy -St. Marys

*Craig Crawford -Waterloo Twins
Todd Martin -Waterloo Twins/Tampa Bay Smokers
Rob Trussler -Waterloo Twins
Jeff Spencer -Waterloo Twins

Dave Forgrave -Toronto Aces
Frank Forgrave -Toronto Aces

Scott Evans -Midland Explorers/Grande Prairie Pride

Barry Reek - ?
Steve Smith -Caledonia

Invited but participating in Junior Nationals in St. John's NF:
Jody Eidt -Napanee Jr. Express
Shane Newson -Napanee Jr. Express

SPECIAL GUESTS to be honored between games with
"Outstanding Service Awards":

*Darren Zack -Toronto Gators
Ray Tilly -Toronto Gators
*Brian Paton -Toronto Gators
*Terry Baytor -Toronto Gators
Dan Yantzie -Waterloo Twins
Brad Underwood -Owen Sound Tiremen

* (were also named to Canada's National Team)


The Ontario Amateur Softball Association established the O.A.S.A.
Scholarship program in 1995 after the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation
withdrew all funding for the Ontario Elite Athlete Assistance Program.
Financial awards from the Scholarship Program are intended to assist with
the education and personal training of athletes who have made long term
commitments to achieving excellence in the sport of fastball.

In an attempt to raise further funds for the Scholarship Program, as well
as a way of showcasing some of OntarioEs elite fastball talent, the
O.A.S.A. is staging "SCHOLARSHIP CLASSIC '96" on Hillside Park in
Waterloo, Ontario. This 1st Annual All-Star Double Header will feature
the '95 Canadian and ISC World Champions, Toronto Gators, versus "The
Best of the Rest" - the '96 O.A.S.A. All-Stars.

Wednesday, August 7 - 6:30pm game 1 at 7:00pm game 2 at 8:30pm

(The Toronto Gators leave for the '96 ISC's in Kimberley WI, the next
day, as do some members of the All Stars who play for the Waterloo Twins
and the Owen Sound Tiremen, who along with the Milverton AW Millwrights
will be playing in the '96 ISC's in Kimberley).

Al Doran "At the Ballpark"


Memorial Plaque in Honour of

Mr. Percy Gibbons

The East York Community Council recommends:

(1)that the request by the Dieppe Men's Fastball League to mount a memorial plaque in honour of Mr. Percy Gibbons on the back of the scorebooth at Dieppe Park be permitted, subject to the Acting Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Operations, East York, approving the final design and location of the plaque;

(2)that the Dieppe Men's Fastball League be held financially responsible for the total cost of the plaque and its installation; and

(3)received the following communication (July 20, 1998) from Mr. Joe Murchison, President, Dieppe Men's Fastball League, East York:

"We recently bereaved the passing of Percy Gibbons.

Percy was involved with the Dieppe Park Men's Fastball League for over 30 years as a coach, manager, trainer and most recently our roving good will ambassador.

Everyone at the park knew Percy as he was always here helping out in some capacity.

It is the intention of the Dieppe Park Men's Fast ball League and friends of Percy Gibbons to hold a memorial benefit night benefit double header on Wednesday, August 5th.

The purpose of this benefit is to raise funds for the purpose of purchasing a memorial plaque to the memory of Mr. Gibbons. We would like to mount this plaque on the back of the score booth where Percy always parked his vehicle.

We would appreciate your consideration to give us permission to mount this plague on City property."


Mr. Joe Murchison, President, Dieppe Men's Fastball League, East York, appeared before the East York Community Council in connection with the foregoing.


(Al Doran) wrote:

Just a quick post to congratulate the Scarborough Royals on the '96
Tournament, a great success!

Scarborough Royals ALMOST won their own tournament but the Mississauga
Slam took the championship game into extra innings. The Slam won the
game in the 8th inning, 4-2 on a home run.

First Place: Mississauga Slam
2nd: Scarborough Royals (host team).
3rd: Port Perry Jrs

1st: Richmond Hill Rays
2nd: Markham

Congratulations to Russ Gregory and his (class act) team of
volunteers. 18 teams had a great time over the weekend playing in
l'Ameroux Park in Scarborough.

Special mention:

1. Percy Gibbons: trainer, organizer, t'shirt and hat sales, etc. etc,
etc. Percy will be 80 years young in August and leads the team in
positive attitude.

2. Vere Small, warming up in the batting cage to come in bottom of the
8th, but the team went down swinging before he got on deck. Vere was
a member of the World Champion Richmond Hill Dynes in the early 1970's
and shows no sign of slowing down either. Vere put in a few innings
at first base over the weekend, great to see him in action again.

3. Port Perry Jrs, a class act too, and this fans choice as "best Jr
team in the tournament".

4. Richmond Hill Rays for coming back on the loosers bracket, to win
the consolation prize. Nice to see Mark Bendehan back in action at
1st base. Mark retired from the Gators after winning the world
championship at Sioux City last year but keeps in shape playing for
his home town team now. Glenn Moreland still pitching up a storm, off
to Europe to pitch in June.

The Scarborough Royals play their home games on Thursday nights at
Thompson Park in Scarborugh, check them out. They will also be at the
Baltimore Classic on June 15-16.

Al Doran "At the Ballpark"