New Zealand Black Sox Tour Ontario




June 11 - NZ Black Sox vs Jarvis Merchants - Jarvis, ON - 7 & 9pm
. June 12 - NZ Black Sox vs Kitchener Twins - Tavistock, ON - 7 & 9pm
. June 14 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Orillia, ON - Tudhope Park - 7 & 9pm
. June 15 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Sebringville, ON - 7 & 9pm
. June 16 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Kitchener, ON - Peter Halman Ballyard - 6 & 8pm



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Black Sox




Game A

June 11


Black Sox




Game B

June 11


Black Sox




Game C

June 12


Black Sox




Game D

June 12


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Game 1

June 14


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Game 2

June 14


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Game 3

June 15


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June 15


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Game 5

June 16


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Game 6

June 16


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New Zealand Black Sox vs Canadian National Team Standings:










New Zealand
















Results are in order of most recent to oldest:

New Zealand Black Sox vs Canadian National Team



Game 1 NZ vs CA

(Game 5)

Sat, 16 Jun 2007

NZ. 10


CA. 0


New Zealand:  10

Canada:                   0



New Zealand:





New Zealand:

Jeremy Manley:         5 IP, 0R, 0H, 8K, 1BB

C: Pat Shannon


Manly threw a no hitter.




Rob O'Brien:   0.2 IP, 6R, 6ER, 5H, 0K, 0BB
Rick Smith:     3.1 IP, 3R, 3ER, 5H, 3K, 3BB

Trevor Ethier: 1.0 IP, 1R, 1ER, 1H, 0K, 0BB

C: Rob O'Brien


Rhys Casley had 2 hits including a home run in the first inning

Donnie Hale had a two run home run, and a single

Thomas Makea had two hits.



Winning run was in the 1st inning, the first batter Makea singled and was doubled home by Nate Nukunuku


MVP of Game: Jeremy Manley, a no hitter.


Manley has been throwing strong all week.

Al's Game Notes



Marc McFarlane is the umpire on the dish for this game.

Marc is from New Zealand and as is tradition, travels with the team.


The traditional playing of the two natational anthems ran into a bit of technical difficulty and in a moving scene the

Black Sox lined up and sang their anthem loud and proudly. This placed the pressure on Canada to do the same, and

the partisan crowd helped them out.


When the two team line ups were announced, two honorary team captains were also announced, both former Kitchener/Waterloo

Twins catchers. Al Taylor, a native of New Zealand who had come to the area to be a professional fire figher many years ago, did

duty as the Twins catcher for many years. Craig Crawford was announced as the honorary team captain for Canada. Craig also did

duty as the catcher on the Canadian National team for almost ten years.





Rob O'Brien has the ball for Canada, brother Sean is catching.


Thomas Makea led the game off with a single.

Nathan Nukunuku followed up with a triple, scoring Makea and already the Black Sox are up 1-0

Travis Wilson pops one to the SS

Pat Shannon singles.

Jarrad Martin out but Nate scores

Donnie Hale singles

Brad Rona singles and adds a run

Rhys Casley hits a home run, 3 RBI

(Rick Smith comes in to pitch replacing O'Brien)

Stacy McLean pops one to the SS


Its 6-0 for New Zealand




Jeremy Manley has the ball for New Zealand and Pat Shannon is catching.


Ryan Wolfe strikes out.

Jody Eidt drives one deep to CF but its caught

Derek Mason goes down swinging.






Thomas Makea leads off again, called 3rd strike

Nathan Nukunuku called 3rd strike

Travis Wilson hits one towards the pitcher, dropped, safe on 1b

Pat Shannon drills a single past SS

Jarrad Martin walks

Donnie Hale drills a long one out to RF, caught.




Colin Abbott walks

Rob Gray hits into a double play

Bryan Abrey goes down swinging




Brad Rona walks

Rhys Casley called out

Stacy McLean SAC, Rona to 2b

Makea pops one to RF, out




Keith MacKintosh grounds one to the SS, out

Kevin Schellenberg grounds out

Sean O'Brien goes down swinging.




Nathan Nukunuku grounds out to 2b

Travis Wilson grounds out

Pat Shannon goes down swinging




Ryan Wolfe goes down swinging

Jody Eidt pops one to deep LF, out

Derek Mason fans out




Jarrad Martin walks

Donnie Hale home run, deep CF, 2 RBI

Brad Rona singled down the 3b line

Rhys Casley doubled, at least two Errors, and drove in a run

(Rick Smith out and Trevor Ethier in to pitch for Canada)

Gus Leger in to hit for Stacy Maclean, SAC, runner to 3b

Thomas Makea doubles and drives in a run, making it 10-0 ball game

Daniel Milne in to hit for Nate and grounds out to 3b

Jonathon Mundon in to hit for Travis Wilson goes down swinging to end the inning.




Colin Abbott called 3rd strike

Rob Gray grounds out

Abrey goes down swinging to end the game.



Jeremy Manley threw a no hitter.




Game 2 NZ vs CA

(Game 6)


Sat, 16 Jun 2007 19:30:31 -0700

NZ. 5


CA. 1



New Zealand:            





New Zealand:

Jeremy Manley:                   7 IP, 1R, 1ER, 7H, 10K, 1BB

C: Pat Shannon


Manley pitched both games back to back. He pitched a five inning no hitter in the early game

and a one run game in the final game. As Tim Maziarz said walking out of the park, "I think we could

have gotten to him (Manley) if we had played one more game". That was taken as a tribute to Manley who has thrown strong

all week in this test series.




Todd Martin:             5 IP, 4R, 4ER, 6H, 6K, 3BB

Dean Holoien:           1.2 IP, 1R, 1ER, 2H, 1K, 0BB

Trevor Ethier:            0.1 IP, 0R, 0ER, 0H, 0K, 0BB

C: Abrey



For NZ Donnie Hale had 3 hits including a home run.

Nathan Nukunuku had 3 hits including a home run.


For CA Ryan Wolfe had a lead off home run.

Steve Mullalley had two hits.

Jody Eidt had two hits.



MVP of Game: Donnie Hale



Al's Game Notes:


Before the second game started Terry Baytor was honoured by Larry Lynch for all his work with the
national program.

Lynch also officially honoured his long time catcher and friend Craig Crawford.

Umpire crew for this final game (game 6 of 6):
Gary Kipper on the dish
Jay Hart on 2b
Marc McFarlane on 3b
Steve Pangelly on 1b


Todd Martin is pitching for Canada and Bryan Abrey is catching.

Thomas Makea led off with a walk
Nathan Nukunuku bunt and safe on 1b
Travis Wilson SAC bunt moves the runners
Pat Shannon single blooper, safe but Makea tagged out at home plate
Jarrad Martin goes down swinging.


Jeramy Manley is still pitching for New Zealand and as always, Pat Shannon is catching.

Ryan Wolfe thrown turns into a monster home run to deep CF and Canada is up 1-0
Jody Eidt goes down swinging
Mason out
Colin Abbott grounder to RF, out

Canada is ahead for first time today.


Donnie Hale takes the first pitch from Martin deep and well over the CF fence and we have a 1-1 ball game.
Brad Rona grounds to SS and nice throw by Schellenberg to 1b for the out.
Rhys Casley goes down swinging.
Stacy Maclean, out


Rob Gray grounds out
Abrey out
Keith MacKintosh called 3rd strike.


Thomas Makea grounds to 3b, out
Nathan Nukunuku grounds out
Travis Wilson pops up to SS


Steve Mullaley singles down LF side
Kevin Schellenbeg singles down the same side
Ryan Wolfe goes down swinging
Jody Eidt single on an E by 2b
Derek Mason goes down swinging
Bill Simmons in to pinch hit for Abbott with the bases loaded, grounds out



Pat Shannon walks
Jarrad Martin strikes out
Donnie Hale hit CF fence for a double and drives in Shannon for the RBI and now its 2-1 for NZ
Brad Rona doubles but Hale is out at the plate in a close play with a lot of dust
Rhys Casley walks
Stacy McLean walks
Thomas Makea gounds out to 3b


Jeff Ellsworth strikes out
Abrey is out
Keith MacKintosh grounds out to 3b

(Holoien has been warming up for past two innings)


Nathan Nukunuku hits a home run shot over CF fence and now its 3-1 for Black Sox
Travis Wilson grounds out
Pat Shannon goes down swinging
Jarrad Martin grounds out to SS


Steve Mullaley singles
Kevin Schellenberg pops one to 3b
Ryan Wolfe singles
Dale Levy PH for Eidt, walks
Derek Mason strikes out
Bill Simmons grounds to 3b, nice play by Brad Rona


Donnie Hale singles
(Dean Holoien comes in to pitch for Canada replacing Martin)
Brad Rona out at 1b
Rhys Casley, passed ball moves Hale to 3b, Casley singles and gets RBI
Daniel Milne, with Gus Leger running for Casley, Milne pops to LF, out
Thomas Make is out


Jeff Ellsworth goes down swinging
Abrey goes down swinging
Ian Fehrman grounds out

Jeremy Manley is still pitching for NZ and showing no signs of tiring.


Nathan Nukunuku grouns to SS, out
Travis Wilson pops to RF
Pat Shannon is out
Jarrad Martin doubles, RBI driving in Nathan Nukunuku
(Dean Holoien leaves the game and Trevor Ethier comes in to pitch for Canada)
Donnie Hale pop up, out


Steve Mullaley grounds out to SS
Kevin Schellenberg singles
Ryan Wolfe singles
Levy out
Mason is out












New Zealand finishes Series strong in Kitchener

Sunday, June 17, 2007


June 16th, 2007


New Zealand finishes Series strong in Kitchener


(Kitchener, ON) – The third and final doubleheader between Canada and New Zealand was one to forget for the Canadians. New Zealand rolled to a 10-0 win through 5 innings in the first game, and swept the doubleheader with a 5-1 win in the second game, which was much closer than the score indicates.


In the first game, New Zealand once again relied on very strong pitching as starting pitcher Jeremy Manley fired a no-hitter through five innings striking out eight and walking only one along the way. In fact, Manley faced the minimum amount of 15 Canadian hitters, as the only batter he walked was retired on a double play.


New Zealand’s bats added to Canada’s woes, as they started the game with a six run first inning off starter Rob O’Brien. Thomas Makea led off with a single, followed immediately by a triple by Nathan Nukunuku. Brad Rona later delivered a two RBI single, and scored one batter later after Rhys Casley hit a three-run homerun to chase O’Brien from the game.


Canada held the Black Sox for a few innings before New Zealand exploded for four more runs in the top of the fifth inning, highlighted by a two-run homerun by Donny Hale and an RBI double by Makea.


Travis Wilson and Pat Shannon also added hits for New Zealand.


In the second game of the twin bill, Canada looked much more alive in the early going, taking a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the first inning on a leadoff homerun by Ryan Wolfe. However, it did not take long for New Zealand to answer, as Donny Hale hit a leadoff homerun of his own in the top of the second inning. Canada loaded the bases with one out in their half of the third inning, but failed to score a run. New Zealand took a 2-1 lead in the fourth after Donny Hale hit an RBI double to put the Kiwis on top, and Nathan Nukunuku hit a solo homerun to lead off the fifth to push the score to 3-1.


Canada loaded the basses again with one out in their half of the fifth, only to be denied a run yet again. New Zealand added single runs in the sixth and seventh innings to seal the win, by a final score of 5-1.


After throwing a no-hitter in the first game, New Zealand kept Manley on the mound and he pitched the complete game win in the second game as well, striking out 10 Canadian batters while scattering eight hits and allowing only one walk. He certainly raised his intensity at key moments as he stranded eight runners on the base paths.


Ryan Wolfe, Jody Eidt, Stephen Mullaley and Kevin Schellenberg each had two hits for Canada, all singles with the exception of Wolfe’s homerun.


“We were beat by a better team” stated Mark Smith. “New Zealand clearly had a better work ethic, team spirit and played well as a team. They stepped up their game today, and it was certainly not a lack of effort on our part.”


“We came into this Series with expectations to split these games. We did not have all the players we would have wanted to show up, but we were able to bring in a few younger players to take a longer look at them and give them experience against a good team. We are the measuring stick for most countries, but in this Series we had the opportunity to measure ourselves with the best team in the World, which should help us prepare for the 2009 World Championships. This shows that there is a lot of work to be done, but we are confident that we will get there.”




For more information, please contact:


Gilles LeBlanc

Sport/Recreation Management Intern

MBA in Sport and Recreation Management

University of New Brunswick


Coordinator, Marketing and Communications

Softball Canada

(613) 523-3386 ext 3105







New Zealand Black Sox vs Canadian National Team


Sebringville, ON


Friday, 15 June 2007



Game 1



New Zealand at Canada


New Zealand:   



5 inning mercy



WP: Jeremy Manley:    5 IP 0R, 0ER, 0H, 6K, 1BB
C: Pat Shannon


LP: Paul Koert:            2.1 IP, 4R, 4ER, 3H, 2K, 2BB

Don Scott           2.2 IP, 4R, 4ER, 5H, 1K, 0BB
C: Darren Box



Travis Wilson had 2 run HR

Pat Shannon hit a home run, a bomb



MVP of Game: Jeremy Manley - threw a steady game

Al's Game Notes:

For this game the teams used the new ISF green ball.




Paul Koert pitching for Canada

Darren Box catching


Thomas Makea walked
Nathan Nukunuku struck out
Travis Wilson, home run, 2 RBI

Pat Shannon, monster home run, deep over CF fence and all of a sudden its 3-0

Martin out

Don Hale, fouled out




Jeremy Manley has the ball for Black Sox

Pat Shannon is catching.


Ryan Wolfe who was not with the team last night, sturck out.

Jody Eidt, nice stop by SS, throws to 1b, out

Derek Mason pop up to 2b, out


3-0 after one full inning.




Brad Rona, into a game for the first time this week, he was suffering from a leg injury, out

Rhys Casley out

Stacy McLean hits a line drive to SS, out

NZ down 1-2-3




Colin Abbot strikes out

Darren Box grounds one to pitcher, out

Steve Mullaley line drive to CF, out

Canada goes down 1-2-3 in 2nd




Thomas Makea, pop up, out

Nathan Nukunuku walks

Travis Wilson single

Pat Shannon SAC to RF scores Nathan Nukunuku

Jarred Martin grounds to SS, out, Wilson LOB


Don Scott came in to pitch for Canada, relief for Koert





Jeff Ellsworth strikes out

Kevin Shellenberg walks

Tex Lessard grounds to 2b, out

Ryan Wolfe single and Schellenberg safe at 3b when he slides under the tag, close but safe

Jody Eidt hits to CF, out


NZ still lead 4-0




Donnie Hale, out

Brad Rona single

Rhys Casley nice bunt, reaches 1b, Rona moves to 2b

Stacy McLean line drive to 3b, runners safe and 2b, 3b

Thomas Makea hits a double, 2 RBI

Nathan Nukunuku, LF, out, runner holds

Travis Wilson, single, RBI, scoring Makea

Pat Shannon, strikes out.


4R - 5H  - now its 8-0 for NZ




defence, Casley out, Gus Leger in for NZ


Derek Mason, out

Colin Abbott strikes out

Darren Box strikes out

Canada down 1-2-3




Jarred Martin out

Donnie Hale hits one down the middle, out at 1b

Brad Rona out

NZ down 1-2-3




Steven Mulalley out

Jeff Ellsworth strikes out

Kevin Shellenberg grounds to SS, out

Canada goes down 1-2-3 in the final inning


5 inning mercy





Game 2

New Zealand at Canada

New Zealand:   




Trever Ethier:             3.2 IP, 2R, 2ER, 6H, 4K, 1BB
Dean Holoien:             3.1 IP, 0R, 0ER, 1H, 8K, 1BB
C: Sean O'Brien


Heinie Shannon:          3.2 IP, 5R, 5ER, 7H, 4K, 1BB
Michael Geiger:           2.1 IP, 3R, 3ER, 5H, 3K, 1BB

C: Pat Shannon

Keith Mackintosh pinch hit for Canada, replacing Sean O'Brien for this at bat and hit a 2 run single to key 4 run 4th inning.

Dean Holoien threw exceptional relief, 8K, and throwing bullets.


MVP of Game: Dean Holoien



Al's Game Notes:




Trever Ethier pitching for Canada

Sean O'Brien catching


Thomas Make pokes one to CF, out

Nathan Nukunuku hits to CF for a single

Travis Wilson, out

Nathan Nukunuku tagged out at 2b,  3 out




Heinie Shannon pitching for New Zealand

Pat Shannon catching


Ryan Wolfe drills one to LF and speeds to 2b

Jody Eidt, SAC bunt, out, Wolfe safe at 3b

Derek Mason single, scoring Wolfe - Canada has the lead for first time today - 1-0

Colin Abbott, called 3rd strike, ohhhh

Rob Gray, line drive, out




Pat Shannon, deep to LF but nice catch, out

Jarrad Martin grounds out to 1st

Donnie Hale singles

Brad Rona called 3rd strike




Ian Fehrman, pop to SS, out

Bryan Abrey sees action for first time, shot to CF, out

Kevin Shellenberg, pops to RF, out

down 1-2-3




Rhys Casley double on an E?

Stacy McLean strikes out

Thomas Makea drills one hard to 2b, out

Nathan Nukunuku grounds one to 1b, out

Casley is LOB




Sean O'Brien pops to 2b, out

Ryan Wolfe, called on 3rd strike

Jody Eidt walks

Derek Mason lines to RF, out

Eidt LOB



Travis Wilson home run deep CF, now the game is tied 1--1

Pat Shannon walks

Jarrad Martin SAC bunt, fielded by 3b Eidt while sitting on his butt, out at 1b, not pretty but it worked

Donnie Hale singles to LF, RBI, NZ take the lead 2-1

Rhys Casley singles and Hale to 3b

(Dean Holoien in to pitch for Canada)

Stacy McLean goes down swinging, a major out on a big swing

2R  -  3H  - 2 LOB  - NZ lead 2-1




Colin Abbot strikes out swinging

Rob Gray hits a home run deep LF, we have a tie game again

Ian Fehrman doubles to CF fence

Derek Mason drops one into CF and is safe at 1b

Kevin Schellenberg strikes out

Sean O'Brien is about to step into the batter's box when he is replaced with pinch hitter Keith Mackintosh who makes the coach look wise with bloop 2 RBI double.

Ryan Wolfe hits a triple, again running like a deer around the bases

(Michael Gaiger is in to pitch replacing Heinie Shannon)

Jody Eidt pops out to SS, leaving one LOB

big inning for Canada, 4R  -  5H  - 1 LOB  - 5-2 lead




Thomas Makea strikes out swinging

Nathan Nukunuku rips one down RF line for a single

Travis Wilson goes down swinging

Pat Shannon goes down swinging hard, Nate goes to 2b on passed ball


Dean Holoien is throwing major heat.




Derek Mason single to CF, dropped on a diving catch, nice try, but Mason is safe at 1b

Colin Abbott SAC bunt, is out

Rob Gray, hit by pitch, walks

Ian Fehrman, single, RBI, nice slide  but major dust cloud

Abrey ? goes down swinging

Kevin Schellenberg strikes out but not before claiming he was hit, umpire convention held but they did not agree so now walk


Canada is leading 6-2




Jarrad Martin walks

Donnie Hale goes down swinging

Brad Rona fans out

Rhys Casley big swing out


Crowd is buzzing about Holoien popping them in there tonight.




Sean O'Brien walks

Ryan Wolfe pops to CF and is out

Jody Eidt has a stand up triple and an RBI driving in OB

Derek Mason, single and an RBI, moving Eidt home

Colin Abbott caught looking on 3rd strike

Rob Gray singles

Ian Fehrman fly to LF, out

good inning for Canada, 2R - 3H - 2 LOB




Daniel Milne goes down swinging

Thomas Makea grounds one to 3b, nice throw to 1b for the out by Jody Eidt

Nathan Nukunuku pops out to LF to end the game.


Final score of 8 - 2 for Canada over Black Sox


A large partisan crowd out for both games this evening and they showed they enjoyed this second game. Many local players saw action this evening.

Heard many times during both games were comments about "that is why they are the best in the world" in referenc to the New Zealand Black Sox.

Their play has been outstanding all week.


Sebringville has a nice little park with wooden stands behind the plate and two large mobile stands in the outfield. Larger area in the beer garden with good

view down the 3b side. The first game was played mostly under very sunny conditions and very hot. By the time the second game got under way, light jackets were

called for but it was very nice to see the majority of the fans stayed for both games, right until the end. Many fans out from Kitchener/Waterloo area and we

can expect they will be back Saturday night at 6pm when these two great teams go at it again.


Watch for some very special events pre game Saturday night with two local heroes being announced as honorary team captains for these two teams.


Larry Lynch and Neil Fennell, the tour coordinators are to be commended for organizing this tour and hosting the Black Sox. They are at every game talking to fans

and making sure all goes well. They also have a supply of special Black Sox t-shirts available that are real collectors items.


Special thanks fo Doug Eidt and Steve Strasser and their volunteers in Sebringville for setting up this great evening.





Canada and New Zealand split again in Sebringville - SC

Saturday, June 16, 2007


June 16th, 2007


Canada and New Zealand split again in Sebringville


(Sebringville, ON) – For the second time in as many nights, Canada and New Zealand split a doubleheader in the second chapter of the International Test Series in Sebringville, ON. Nez Zealand took complete control of the first game, winning by a score of 8-0 called after five innings. However, Canada bounced back in the second game with an 8-2 triumph of their own. The Series now shifts to Kitchener, ON where the two teams will meet again for one final doubleheader.


In the first game of the night, New Zealand jumped to an early lead and never looked back. Travis Wilson and Pat Shannon connected for back-to-back homeruns in the top of the first inning, which highlighted a three run inning for the “Kiwis”. New Zealand added a run in the third inning on a sacrifice fly by Shannon, and four more in the fourth as five different players connected for singles. Thomas Makea produced two runs with a single in the inning, while Stacy McLean and Wilson each drove in a run with singles of their own.


The strong hitting of New Zealand was well complemented by the excellent pitching of Jeremy Manley, who threw a 5 inning gem en route to the victory. Manley struck out 6 while walking one, surrendering only one hit to Ryan Wolfe. His counterpart Paul Koert lasted 2 1/3 innings allowing four runs on three hits and two strikeouts, before passing the ball on to local player Don Scott, who pitched 2 2/3 innings, giving up four runs of his own on five hits while striking out one.


In the nightcap, Canada took the early lead and produced in key situations to earn the victory. Ryan Wolfe led off the bottom of the first with a double, and later scored on an RBI single by Derek Mayson. New Zealand replied in the top of the third inning with a lead-off solo homerun by Travis Wilson, and took a 2-1 lead a few batters later after an RBI single by Donny Hale. However, Canada stormed right back in the bottom of the inning, scoring four runs five hits, four of them for extra bases. Rob Gray tied the game with a solo homerun, followed by a two RBI double by pinch-hitter Keith Mackintosh, scoring Ian Fehrman and Brian Abrey. Wolfe then drove Mackintosh in with an RBI triple.


Canada added a run in the fifth on an RBI single by Fehrman, and added two more in the sixth as Jody Eidt and Derek Mayson each stroked RBI singles, pushing the final score to 8-2.


The four run burst in the fourth inning chased New Zealand starting pitcher Heinie Shannon out of the game, who struck out 13 batters in a complete game shutout win Thursday night in Orillia. Canadian starter Trevor Ethier pitched 3 2/3 solid innings before being replaced by Dean Holoein, who seemed to turn the game around for Canada with a very strong performance. Holoein mopped up the final out in the fourth with a strikeout, and followed that by striking out the side in each of the two following innings while his offence got him some run support to earn him the win. He struck out eight batters in 3 1/3 innings while only giving up one hit and a walk.


“I got into a groove and my arm felt really good” said Holoein after the game. “It felt really good to win the second game after a tough loss in the first game. We want to win this Series. We bounced back and gained momentum and that should carry forward to tomorrow’s games.”


“It will be important for us to get an early start in the next games. New Zealand has a great team and it’s tough to climb back after falling behind early. Taking an early lead gets us into the game and fires us up.”




For more information, please contact:


Gilles LeBlanc

Sport/Recreation Management Intern

MBA in Sport and Recreation Management

University of New Brunswick


Coordinator, Marketing and Communications

Softball Canada

(613) 523-3386 ext 3105






NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team



Orillia, ON

Thursday, June 14

Game 1

New Zealand Black Sox at Canada

CA.   8
NZ    4



Rob o brien
Dean Holoien
Trever ethier

Rob O'Brien:               3 IP, 2R, 1ER, 1H, 3K, 0BB
Dean Holoien:             2 IP, 0R, 0ER, 1H, 1K, 1BB
Trevor Ethier:             2 IP, 2R, 2ER, 2H, 1K, 1BB
C: Sean O'Brien

Jeremy Manley
Michael gaiger

915 PM game ended

Jeremy Manley:          5.1 IP, 4R, 4ER, 5H, 3K, 1BB
Michael Gaiger:           1.2 IP, 4R, 4ER, 3H, 1K, 4BB
C: Pat Shannon


for Canada:
Derek Mason - one HR, 4 RBIs - went 3/4
Jody Eidt - 1/4 -  Monster HR - 1 RBI
Rob Gray - 1/2 - 2 walks - 1 run scored
Kevin Schelleberg: 2/3 - 1 run scored

for New Zealand:

Stacey McLean went 1/1, walk, 2 RBIs
Jarred Martin went 1/1, run scored ROE

Black Sox score 2 in T2
Stacey McLean singles in 2 off of Rob O'Brien
B3 Canada ties - Kevin Schellenberg single - Steve Mullaley single RBI
B4 Canada goes ahead 3-2 - Rob Gray walks - Jeff Elsworth triples, RBI
B5 Canada scores one to go ahead 4-2

Canada wins 8-4

MVP of Game: Derek Mason home run, 3 RBI in B6

Game enjoyed by large enthusiastic crowd estimated at 500 in nice setting by the Lake in Orillia.

Al's Game Notes:

Black Sox entertain the crowd with the Haka ceremony, a very popular performance. This has not been done
at all locations, the team decides before each game if they will do it that evening. Let's hope we see it in Sebringville
and in Kitchener. Some background:

Rob O'Brien pitching for Canada, Jeremy Manley has the ball for Black Sox.

No score after first inning.


Rob O'Brien knocks down catcher Pat Shannon, Shannon takes 1b.

Martin singles and Stacey McLean drives in two runners to put Black Sox up by 2 runs.



Travis Wilson hit one to deep deep CF and an amazing catch by Colin Abbott.



Steve Mulalley doubled and brought in Schellenberg.
Derek Mason brought in Mullaley to tie the game 2-2.


Dean Holoien in to pitch for Canada.

Pat Shannon fly to RF, out
Jarrod Martin fly to CF, out
Donnie Hale singles
Rhys Casley fly to CF, out


Rob Grey walks
Ellsworth drove in Robo
Schellenberg line drive to 2b, out
Sean O'Brien strikes out but Canada lead now 3-2


Canada switches Daley Levy for Ellsworth

Thomas Makea hits into a double play to end the inning.


Steve Mullaley pops one to SS, out
Jody Eidt with no one on hits a monster home run, now its 4-2 for Canada
Derek Mason singles
Colin Abbott out at 1b, Mason to 2b
Robo walks
Ian Fehrman strikes out. 2 LOB


Trever Ethier in to pitch for Canada

Nathan Nukunuku fly to LF, out
Travis Wilson walks
Pat Shannon singles and Wilson is now on 2b
Jarred Martin doubles, one RBI
Donnie Hale, SAC, scores Shannon
Rhys Casley, out

Now its 4-4


Dale Levy walks
Schellenberg gets on
Keith MacKintosh singles, RBI, second runner out at home plate but now its 5-4 for Canada
Steve Mullaley walks
Jody Eidt out at 1st
(Michael Geiger comes in to pitch for Black Sox)
Derek Mason hits a home run, 3 RBI now its 8-4 for Canada
Colin Abbot walks
Rob Grey grounds out

Canada leads by 8-4


Stacey McLea singles
Daniel Milne strikes out
Thomas Makea singles but McLean is out at 2b
Nathan Nukunuku out

Game over - final Canada 8 - New Zealand 4

A very entertaining game for the partisan crowd.


Game 2

New Zealand Black Sox at Canada


CA. 0



Wp Shannon


Heinie Shannon:  7 IP, 0R, 0ER, 2H, 13K, 1BB
: Pat Shannon

Lp. Todd Martin
Rick Smith

Todd Martin:               4 IP, 1R, 1ER, 3H, 4K, 1BB
Rick Smith:        3 IP, 4R, 3ER, 6H, 3K
C: Darren Box


Nathan Nukunuku went 2/4, 2 RBI
Gus Leger went 1/2, SAC
Travis wilson had 2 RBI



Jody Eidt went 1/2, BB

Pat Shannon scores hit 3b scores on throw, 2 RBI

MVP of Game: Heinie Shannon - 2 Hitter

Al's Game Notes:


Todd Martin has the ball for Canada with Darren Box catching.

Black Sox go down, 1-2-3
Pat Shannon
Nathan Nukunuku
Travis Wilson


Heinie Shannon has the ball for Black Sox with brother Patrick catching.

Steve Molalley strikes out
Jody Eidt singles
Derek Mason strikes out
Colin Abbot strikes out


Pat Shannon walks
Jarred Martin strikes out
Donnie Hale strikes out
Rhys Casley drops one into CF, out


Rob Grey pop to 3b, out
Fehrman and Levy out


McLean, out
Gus Leger singles (Leger is also a world class rugby and cricket player I am told)
Makea singles but Leger is out at 2b
Nathan Nukunuku triples bringing in Makea - now 1-0 ball game for NZ
Travis Wilson out


Darren Box hits one deep RF but very nice catch by right fielder
McKintosh strikes out
Mullaley strikes out


Jarred Martin singles
Donnie Hale out at 1b, Martin safe on 2b
Travis Wilson - Martin to 3b on passed ball - Wilson out at 1b on a close call


Jody Eidt singles
Mason out
Colin Abbot called out on a disputed call by home plate umpire
Robo, out


Rick Smith in to pitch for Canada

Stacey McLean singles
Gus Leger SAC and McLean is on 2b
Thomas Makea, out
Nathan Nukunuku doubles scoring McLean
Travis Wilson, double
Pat Shannon - an In The Park Home Run - the man can run!
Jarrad Martin, out
Travis Wilson, out

4 runs on 6 hits - now NZ are up 5-0


Ian Fehrman fly out to LF
Dale Levy, out
Darren Box, out


Stacy McLean out
Gus Leger, Out
Thomas Makea strikes out to end their half of the 6th


Keith McKintosh, out
Steven Mulalley, pops one out to RF
Jody Eidt, strikes out


Nathan Nukunuku bounces one out of the park, ground rule double
Travis wilson, Pat Shannon, out


Derek Mason pops one to LF, out
Colin Abbot, single - out at 2b
Rob Grey singles
Ian Fehrman strikes out


game over

New Zealand Black Sox 5 - Canada 0


A spectacular night in the ballyard!









Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Tavistock, ON


The Black Sox vs Kitchener Hallman Twins in Tavistock Ontario.


The evening started off with an emotional presentation to local softball hero, Brian (Chubb) Stere. Stere, who was a walk on try out with the Waterloo Twins 16 years ago was an immediate hit and after 16 years, the team is retiring their first number in their forty year history.


Larry Lynch, long time coach and friend to Stere made an powerful presentation to Brian in front of an estimated 800 strong crowd here in Tavistock. Stere received a jersey with his number 16 on it and received a standing ovation from his home town fans.

Another local softball hero, Dan Yantzi threw out the first pitch to his long time catcher, Brian Stere.

Game 1


New Zealand Black Sox at Kitchener Hallman Twins


New Zealand:             11

Kitchener Twins:        3


New Zealand:   



WP: Michael Gaiger      4 IP

Heini Shannon:   1 IP

C: Pat Shannon


LP: Don Scott:    3 IP

Grant Patterson:  2 IP
C: Chris Shewfelt



Al’s Game Notes:

Pat Shannon and Rhys Casley had the big hits for the Black Sox while Dale Levy did well for Kitchener.



A crowd estimated at around 800 turned out on this beautiful evening to take in the ball game. The Tavistock park was an excellent setting for this evening of fastball. Sculpted out to provide comfortable seating for a good sized crowd, the fans had an enjoyable evening.


The Black Sox brought out the hot bats and showed no mercy on the Twins who had just competed in the Midland Michigan tournament on the weekend. The Black Sox, who have not played for the most part this season, appear to be over their jet lag and ready to play some serious ball.


The Twins picked up Grant Patterson (Toronto) from Midland Explorers, and Tyler (Tex) Lessard and Chris Payne from the St. Thomas Centennials to fill in for players injured on the weekend in Midland.


In the first inning Don Scott faced the entire starting line up of the Kitchener Hallman Twins. Thomas Makea, led off with a double to deep RF. Nathan Nukunuku, slapped a single and moved Makea to 3b. Travis Wilson opened up the scoring with a single down the 3b side, scoring Makea and moving Nathan Nukunuku to 3b. Patrick Shannon hit clean up and hit a single, driving in a runner even though there was a bit of a delay in the running when the Kitchener 3b fell on the runner. Jarrod Martin became the first out when failed on a bunt. Don Hale was the second out, not pleased with a called strike on a check swing. Rhys Casley singled and drove in two more runs. Stacy McLean singled and drove in a run. Daniel Milne was the 9th batter of the inning and final out. The score was 5-0 and now it was Twins turn.


This half inning seemed to take forever, and maybe even longer for pitcher Don Scott. He tried his best to find where the Black Sox could not reach him, but they found his pitches no matter where he threw them.


Bottom of the first and Michael Geiger took the rubber for New Zealand with Tex Lessard leading off for Twins. Lessard earned a walk. Calvin Miller poped out.  Dale Levy hit a single and Lessard was on 3b by now. Ron White hit a single and scored Lessard and moved Levy to 3b.  Twins were on the scoreboard and the large partisan crowd was pleased to see the scoreboard change, it was now 5-1.
Chris Shewfelt struck out, now two out.
Chris Payne hit a single and scored a run, it was now 5-2 and the crowd was into it.

Dave Bailey grounded out for the final out.

5-2 at the end of one inning.



T2 Thomas Makea walked. It seemed through the game that leadoff man Makea led off every inning.

Nathan Nukunuku hit a single now runners on 1b and 2b.

Travis Wilson popped one up and was the first out.

Patrick Shannon hit a SAC fly to CF, runner to 3b.

Jarrad Martin at the plate, inning ended suddenly with a lead off call at 1b.

A much shorter half inning than the first one.


B2 Grant Baechler led off but grounded out at 1b

Evan Boyd made it to 1b

Tex Lessard and Calvin Miller each struck out, stranding one.


T3 Jarrod Martin walked.

Don Hale walked.

Casley SAC bunt, out at 1b, moved the runners.

McLean dropped one into CF, out.

Milne struck out.


B3 Dale Levy singled.

Ron White SAC, moved the runner to 2b.

Shewfelt singled down 3b line, now runners on the corners.

Chris Payne, SAC fly to score Levy.

Dave Bailey singled.

Baechler out, end of inning, now its 6-3 for Black Sox.


T4  Grant Patterson in to pitch for Kitchener.

Makea led off again, strikes out this time.

Travis Wilson singled.

Pat Shannon walked, runners on 1b and 2b.

Jarrod Martin walked, bases loaded.

Donnie Hale doubles and scores two.

Fast forward to 10th batter, Thomas Makea comes up for the second time in the inning and strikes out.


B4 Heinie Shannon comes in to pitch for Black Sox.

Evan Boyd, Tex Lessard  strike out and Derek Shackleton pop fly, out, end of 4th inning.


T5 Grant Patterson still has the ball for Twins.

18 singled for Black Sox, close but safe at 1b

Travis Wilson singled, runners on 1b and 2b

Pat Shannon strikes out

Don Hale is the second out

Casley singles and drives in a run.

Skip to end of T5 and Black Sox leading 11-3


B5 Heinie Shannon still pitching for Black Sox,

Twins go down 1-2-3.


Five inning game ended at 9:20pm


There will be a 15 minute break between games and players from both teams took time to sign a lot of autographs for the large attendance of kids in the park this evening.





Game 2


New Zealand Black Sox at Kitchener Hallman Twins


New Zealand:             3

Kitchener Twins:        0


New Zealand:   




WP: Jeremy Manley

Heini Shannon
C: Pat Shannon


LP: Todd Martin

Paul Koert

C: Chris Shewfelt


Pat Shannon hit a home run for the Black Sox.


Dave Bailey had a hit for Kitchener.




The second game got underway at 9:40pm


Todd Martin on the rubber for Kitchener Hallman Twins


T1 Thomas Makea led off, 4 straight balls, walked.

Nathan Nukunuku SAC pop up

Travis Wilson struck out

Pat Shannon, grounded at 3rd, runner out at 1b, Makea to 2b


B1 Jeremy Manly on the runner for Black Sox

Larry Lynch back in his old familiar spot as 3rd base coach for Twins


Tex Lessard struck out.

Chris Shewfelt hit a line drive to CF and a terrific catch for the out.

Dale Levy for the 3rd out.


T2 Jarrod Martin hit one high that fell into RF and 3 Twins missed it, turned it into a triple, that’s hustle.

Don Hale grounded to RF and drove in Martin.

Casley grounded past 1b and now runners on the corners.

McLean out at 1b and runner from 3rd out at home plate. Now 2 out.

Gus Leger drives in a run to make it 2-0 for Black Sox.


B2 Jeremy Manly still has the ball for Black Sox and looks strong.

Ron White walks

Pat Humfryes pop up, out.

Chris Payne strikes out

Grant Baechler strikes out.


T3 Todd Martin still has the ball for Twins and looks strong.

Black Sox go down 1-2-3


B3 Dave Bailey hit by pitch, takes 1b

Chuck Chessell strikes out
Tex Lessard walks

Chris Shewfelt singles

Dale Levy hits a grounder but is out on a close call at 1b


New Zealand lead 2-0


T4 Patrick Shannon hits a monster home run.

Jarrad Martin hits a single

Don Hale strikes out

Stephen Ratu strikes out

McLean hit by pitch, takes 1b

Gus Leger strikes out


New Zealand lead 3-0


B4 Twins go down 1-2-3


T5 Paul Koert in to pitch for Kitchenr

Makea singles  - great running

Next patter pops to CF and runner is held

Black Sox end the inning with no more scoring



B5 Heinie Shannon in to pitch for Black Sox

Calvin Miller pops one up to RF and is out

Dave Bailey hits one deep but catch of the day by CF

Chuck Chessell strikes out.


T6 lead off walks

Jarrad Martin grounds out to 1b, runner safe on 2b

Donnie Hale bad throw to 1b, safe at 1st

Stephen Ratu pops to CF    runner had stolen 2b

McLean stuck out



B6 Tex Lessard struck out

Chris Shewfelt out

Dale Levy single

Pat Humfryes out


T7 Daniel Milne singles, ball dropped by CF, safe at 2b

No score


B7 Dave Bailey single

No score for Twins in 7th


Game ends 3-0 for NZ Black Sox over Kitchener Hallman Twins



A very pleasant evening of ball. Great park and a very large and enthusiastic crowd of fastball fans out to enjoy the event. Weather was spectacular.


Next up:
June 14 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Orillia, ON - Tudhope Park - 7 & 9pm
. June 15 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Sebringville, ON - 7 & 9pm
. June 16 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Kitchener, ON - Peter Halman Ballyard - 6 & 8pm





New Zealand - Jarvis Exhibition games - split a pair

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jarvis, Ontario


Close to 300 fans turned out on Monday night to catch thekick-off of the New Zealand Blacksox tour of Ontario.  Under clear skies, the fanswere treated to two well played games. 


Game 1:

New Zealand – 5

Jarvis – 0

WP- Jeremy Manley (with relief from Michael Gaiger)

LP- Brian Urquhart (with relief from Andrew Phibbs)


New Zealand broke a scorelesstie in the top of the 4th when Rhys Casley hit a solo HR.  PatrickShannon followed with a solo HR of his own in the 5th.  After aBrad Rona walk, Casley hit his 2nd HR of the game to make the score4-0.  Stacy McLean scored on a fielder’s choice to round out thescoring.  Manley and Gaiger combined strike out 12 and give up 1 hit. Urquhart allowed 8 hits and struck out six in his 4-1/3 innings.  Phibbs gaveup three hits and struck out two.


Game 2:

New Zealand – 2

Jarvis – 3

WP- Scott Wagar

LP- Heinie Shannon (in relief of Gaiger)

The Blacksox struck first with a pair of runs in the firstinning on a walk to Nathan Nukunuku, an RBI triple by Travis Wilson and a FC byPatrick Shannon.  Jarvis responded with a run in the bottom of the second ona HR by Brad Robinson.  New Zealand threatened in the 4th inningwhen Brad Rona and Casley singled with one out.  After a McLeanfly-out, Milne singled to center but Brad Rona was thrown out with a collisionat the plate on what was scored an 8-3-4-2 put out at home.  Jarvisreplied in the bottom of the fifth to win the game with a pair of runs. Rino Dambrosio singled on a misplayed pop-up that landed between three Blacksoxplayers.  Chad Staats followed with a single to RF to put runners at firstand second.  Bob Gillow then hit a high chopper to SS to load the baseswith none out.  CF Bill Simmons then hit a 2-1 pitch to center fielddriving in two runs to end the game.

Rhys Casley was hot on the night with four hits for theBlacksox.  Pat Graham went 2 for 2 in the second game and Bill Simmons hada pair of hits on the night for the Merchants. 

The executive of the Jarvis Merchants would like to thankall the fans, sponsors and the Blacksox for their attendance and support on Monday night.

Clarke Staats


On Monday  the Black Sox's tour began. It was a nice warm nite with lots of fans in the stands. rough guess would be between  400 and 500.

New Zealand started the first game  with Jeremy Manley on the mound. Jarvis  countered with Brian Urquhart. Game was scoreless for the first three innings. Then the Sox's bats came alive in the fourth inng  scoring  4 runs.

Jarvis was forced to bring in Andrew Phibbs.they scored  1 more run in the next inning. to   win the first game   5  to 0. Notes New Zealands pitchers throw a one hitter. The Merchants only managed a single in the sixth inning off the bat of Billy SImmons.


Game # 2  got started late  and due to curfew had to be put on a time limit.  both teams agreed. 

the game started at9:30   with the Black Soxs  startin Mike Gaiger on the mound. Jarvis went with Scotty Wagar.  THe Sox's sdtared fast scoring 2 runs in the first inning. Then Scotty seemed to  get stronger as the game went on .In the 3rd inning Brad Robinson hit a Home Run  to make the score 2  :    1  after the 3rd  innning. the Sox's tryed to mount a comeback but Scotty held them Jarvis last at bat  with time runnung out.

Jarvis started the inning off with  2 straight singles then they got a infield single to load the bases. for Bill Simmons.

First pitch billy saw he lined it centre field. for 2 rbi's and the game was over.  THis gave Jarvis a 3  to 2 victory.

 Both teams played very good defencely.  And the crowd really enjoyed both games and gave both teams a standing applause while the teams shoke hands.



Bill Lindsay

Jarvis Merchants



Canada vs New Zealand Test Series

Friday, May 25, 2007

International Test Series Schedule

The schedule for the six game Senior Men’s National Team International Test Series between World #1 ranked New Zealand and #2 ranked Canada has been finalized. The Series will provide an excellent matchup, as the teams last met in the Gold Medal game of the 2004 World Championships in New Zealand, where the hosts posted a 9-5 victory. Both teams are beginning to prepare for the World Championships which will take place in Saskatoon, SK in 2009.

The first doubleheader will be played on Thursday, June 14th at Tudhope Park in Orillia, ON, with game times beginning at 7:00pm and 9:00pm. Tickets will be sold at the door for a price of ten dollars per person.

The doubleheader in Sebringville, ON will take place at Community Park, with game times also beginning at 7:00pm and 9:00pm on Friday, June 15th. Tickets can be purchased through the Hallman Twins and Sebringville Sting, and will also be sold at the door. Admission cost for the event in Sebringville is five dollars.

Meanwhile, the doubleheader in Kitchener, ON will be played at the Peter Hallman Ball Yard on Saturday, June 16th. Please note that the game times for these games are 6:00pm and 8:00pm, and tickets will be sold for five dollars each at the door, or by calling Series Coordinator Larry Lynch (519-579-2903)  or

Thursday, June 14th – Orillia, ON
7:00 p.m. Tudhope Park New Zealand vs. Canada
9:00 p.m. Tudhope Park New Zealand vs. Canada

Friday, June 15th – Sebringville, ON
7:00 p.m. Community Park New Zealand vs. Canada
9:00 p.m. Community Park New Zealand vs. Canada

Saturday, June 16th – Kitchener, ON
6:00 p.m. Peter Hallman Ball Yard New Zealand vs. Canada
8:00 p.m. Peter Hallman Ball Yard New Zealand vs. Canada

For more information, please contact:

Gilles LeBlanc
Coordinator, Marketing and Communications
Softball Canada

In addition to the National Team games theNew Zealand Community Trust Black Sox will also be playing the Jarvis Merchantsin Jarvis,Ontario
Monday June  11, 7 and 9 p.m., and the following night they will tangle
with the Kitchener Hallman Twins at Optimist Park in Tavistock, Ontario, again7 and 9 p.m.


The 6 game international test series will be a highlight ofthe Ontario fastball summer of softball excellence. With major club team events scheduledin Woodstock, Monkton and Orillia
and the ISC World Championship scheduled for August in Kitchener, Ontario fans will truly salivate at the opportunities to catch “fastball fever”this year.


June 11 - NZ Black Sox vs Jarvis Merchants - Jarvis, ON - 7 & 9pm
. June 12 - NZ Black Sox vs Kitchener Twins - Tavistock, ON - 7 & 9pm
. June 14 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Orillia, ON - Tudhope Park - 7 & 9pm
. June 15 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Sebringville, ON - 7 & 9pm
. June 16 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Kitchener, ON - Peter Halman Ballyard - 6 & 8pm

Larry Lynch





NZCT Black Sox V Canada International Series - June 14-16, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

NZCT Black Sox V Canada International Series

June 14th – June 16th
Orillia, Ontario

NZCT Black Sox prepared for pressure test
Thursday May 31st

It may have been over three years since the two teams last met on the
softball diamond but the atmosphere will be electric when the New
Zealand Community Trust Black Sox face Canada on their home turf next

The NZCT Black Sox fly out next week bound for Canada and a 12 day
tour that will consist of four warm up games and six internationals.

NZCT Black Sox coach Eddie Kohlhase says such a short tour is unheard
of and something the team has never done before. However he says it
will be an ideal chance to set the framework for the 2009 World
Championships which will also be held in Canada.

"Six internationals spaced over three days with two double headers
each day against one of the best sides in the world. It will be a test
of our team and give us a good indication of where we are at," said

Going into the tour the NZCT Black Sox hold the title of three time
world champions having defeated Canada in the final of the 2004 World
Championships to stay on top of the world.

Since that world championship victory in 2004 the Black Sox selection
panel have
increased the talent pool utilising up to 35 players on
various tours in recent years. However there will be no experimenting
on this tour.

"We are going there to win an international series and for the first
time during this programme we have picked what we believe to be our
best 17 athletes.

"The athletes understand that while they are the 17 going a number in
the extended squad could well consider themselves unlucky to miss
selection. This will be a test of the squad and the depth of the
squad," said Kohlhase.

Given that the world champs are just two years away Kohlhase says the
tour will be a great chance to gauge where the team is at and
understand the environment the team will be faced with in 2009 when
they attempt to claim their fourth consecutive world title.

Due to the timing of the tour which sees the NZCT Black Sox taking to
the diamond in their off season Kohlhase says he will be calling on
all his players to stand up and perform.

"Traveling to Canada is a pretty tough assignment and we will be
looking for everyone to deliver. Unlike what other teams are saying
where they have a leadership group we talk of a team being "leader
full". We are very lucky to have experienced core of hardened
internationals in this team and everybody has a role to play from the
youngest guy in the squad Tyson Byrne through to the most experienced
in Jarrad Martin".


Friday June 15th

12.00pm NZCT Black Sox Canada
2.00pm NZCT Black Sox Canada

Saturday June 16th

12.00pm NZCT Black Sox Canada
2.00pm NZCT Black Sox Canada

Sunday June 17th

12.00pm NZCT Black Sox Canada
2.00pm NZCT Black Sox Canada

* Note all times listed are New Zealand time. Toronto where the games
are being played are 17 hours behind New Zealand.

(Canadian times follow:)
. June 11 - NZ Black Sox vs Jarvis Merchants - Jarvis, ON - 7 & 9pm
. June 12 - NZ Black Sox vs Kitchener Twins - Tavistock, ON - 7 & 9pm
. June 14 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Orillia, ON - Tudhope Park - 7 & 9pm
. June 15 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Sebringville, ON - 7 & 9pm
. June 16 - NZ Black Sox vs Canadian National Team - Kitchener, ON - Peter Halman Ballyard - 6 & 8pm


Thursday 7th June NZCT Black Sox fly out from Auckland International
Airport bound for Toronto.

Friday 8th June Following a two hour bus trip the team arrive in
Kitchener and settle into their accommodation with a rest day.

Saturday 9th June The team spend the day training.

Sunday 10th June Day four of the tour will be spent training and
holding a skills clinic in the Kitchener area.

Monday 11th June The team have a 90 minute bus trip from Kitchener to
travel to Jarvis for two exhibition games against
Jarvis Merchants.

Tuesday 12th June The team have a 30 minute bus trip from Kitchener
to travel to
Travistock for two exhibition games against the Kitchener
Hallman Twins.

Wednesday 13th June The team have a three hour bus trip from Kitchener
through to a new base in

Thursday 14th June The international series between the NZCT Black
Sox and Canada
gets underway with a double header at Tudhope Park.

Friday 15th June The team return to their base in Kitchener and
settle back into their accommodation before traveling to
for another double header against Canada in the evening.

Saturday 16th June The NZCT Black Sox wrap up their international
series against Canada with two final games at
Peter Hallman Ballyard.

ay 17th June The team spend their final day on tour packing up and
preparing for departure.

Monday 18th June The NZCT Black Sox team travel home flying out from
Toronto and headed for Auckland.

NZCT Black Sox Touring Party:

Heinie Shannon Pitcher Auckland
Jeremy Manley Pitcher Hutt Valley
Michael Gaiger Pitcher Canterbury
Patrick Shannon Catcher Auckland
Stephen Ratu Catcher Wellington
Jonathan Munden Catcher Auckland
Jarrad Martin Infield North Harbour
Travis Wilson Infield Canterbury
Brad Rona Infield North Harbour
Nathan Nukunuku Infield Auckland
Tyson Byrne Infield Hutt Valley
Thomas Makea Outfield Wellington
Stacy McLean Outfield Wellington
Donny Hale Outfield Auckland
Daniel Milne Outfield Canterbury
Gus Leger Outfield Auckland
Rhys Casley Outfield Hutt Valley
Eddie Kohlhase Coach Auckland
Eric Wilson Assistant Coach Wellington
Dave Workman Assistant Coach Wellington
Wayne Small Manager Wellington
Helen Townsend Video Analyst Canterbury
Rob Cashman Physiotherapist Wellington
Kurt Olsen Trainer Auckland
Russell Moffatt Scorer Christchurch

NZCT Black Sox Player Profiles

Position: Pitcher
Club: Hutt City United
Province: Hutt Valley
DOB: 15/05/82
Career details – Victory in the 2006 Pacific Cup was Jeremy's first
taste of international softball with the NZCT Black Sox. He secured a
place in the team last season on the back of strong performances for
his club side Hutt City United as he led them to the 2006 NZCT
National Club title. With his first taste of international softball
behind him Jeremy is now looking to cement his place in the team with
the 2009 World Championships in mind.

Position: Pitcher
Club: Parklands Christchurch United
Province: Auckland
DOB: 06/12/70
Career details – Michael debuted for the NZCT Black Sox in 1999 but
has had a stop start international career due to injuries. Despite
injury frustrations Michael has tasted the ultimate success winning
world championships gold in 2004 and was also part of the victorious
NZCT Black Sox team in the Pacific Cup last season.

Position: Pitcher
Club: Auckland United
Province: Auckland
DOB: 21/06/75
Career details – It has been a long time between appearances for
Heinie in the NZCT Black Sox uniform. Making his debut in 1998 Heinie
has not played for New Zealand since the North American tour of 2002,
so he will be keen to make the most of every opportunity in Canada.
While he may not have been playing for New Zealand in recent years
Heinie has not been lost to international softball as he has been
representing Samoa.

Position: Catcher
Club: Waitakere Bears
Province: Auckland
DOB: 21/06/75
Career details – Patrick first debuted for the NZCT Black Sox in 1995
and was in and out of the team before cementing his place in the side
in 2001. Since then he has become a regular feature of the side and
was part of the 2004 World Championship winning team.
Patrick is joined in the team by his twin brother Heinie.

Position: Catcher
Club: Miramar
Province: Wellington
DOB: 05/09/75
Career details - In the late 1990's Stephen made his senior
international softball debut but it wasn't until his selection in 2005
that he became a regular member of the side. Stephen offers a degree
of versatility to the NZCT Black Sox infield as he can successfully
full the positions of both catcher and third base. Having fought his
way into the NZCT Black Sox side Stephen is now targeting a world
championship title in 2009.

Position: Catcher
Club: Auckland Marist
Province: Auckland
DOB: 30/08/86
Career details – While still only young in years Jonathan has already
had a wide taste of international softball. Jonathan debuted for the
NZCT Black Sox as a 19-year-old in 2005 and in the same year he also
captained the Junior Black Sox team at the Junior World Championships.

Position: Infield
Club: Northcote
: North Harbour
DOB: 05/02/73
Career details – When it comes to softball there is little that Jarrad
hasn't achieved in his illustrious career. Since debuting for the NZCT
Black Sox in 1991 Jarrad has claimed three world championship gold
medals, a Commonwealth Series gold, two Pacific Cup titles and
numerous provincial and club titles in New Zealand.

Position: Infield
Club: Papanui
Province: Canterbury
DOB: 10/07/77
Career details – Travis debuted for the NZCT Black Sox in 1996 and was

part of the World Championship winning team. Stella performances in
that tournament caught the eye of American baseball scouts and he
signed up for the Atlanta Braves in 1996. Travis played professional
baseball in America for seven years before returning to softball in
New Zealand 2004. Travis won a NZCT Black Sox recall in 2005 and is
now targeting the 2009 World Championships.

Position: Infield
Club: Northcote
Province: North Harbour
DOB: 17/02/76
Career details – Brad has been in the NZCT Black Sox team for the last
seven years after making his debut in the team's gold medal winning
performance at the 2000 World Championships. He claimed world
championship gold again in 2004 with the NZCT Black Sox and caught the
eye of the New Zealand sports fans with his power hitting and refusal
to take a step backwards.

Position: Infield
Club: Mt Albert Ramblers
Province: Auckland
DOB: 08/05/80
Career details – Nathan burst on to the international softball stage
as a 19-year-old in 1999 joining his older brother Dion in the side.
Since then Nathan has gone on to claim two world championship titles
with the highlight being the 2004 win in front of a home crowd in
Christchurch. Nathan has also had plenty of success with both his club
side and provincially for Auckland with three club national titles and
three NZCT National League victories to his credit.

Position: Infield
Club: Hutt Valley Cardinals
: Hutt Valley
DOB: 27/09/88
Career details – Tyson is the youngest member of the touring squad and
at the age of 18-years of age will be looking to make his NZCT Black
Sox debut on tour. Following his international softball debut with the
Junior Black Sox team in 2004 and 2005 Tyson has quickly risen through
the ranks of senior softball in New Zealand.

Position: Outfield
Club: Porirua
Province: Wellington
DOB: 20/08/75
Career details – As a three time world champion Thomas is something of
a veteran in the NZCT Black Sox team but the desire to be the best
continues to drive the world class outfielder. Thomas debuted for the
NZCT Black Sox in 1994 and has been a fixture of the team ever since.
A leader within in the team he is formidable in the batters box and
hard to beat in the outfield.

Position: Outfield
Club: Parklands Christchurch United
Province: Canterbury
DOB: 07/09/78
Career details – Since making his NZCT Black Sox debut in 1999 Daniel
has been in and out of the national team. Daniel has toured Australia,
North America and Botswana with the NZCT Black Sox but is yet to
attend a senior world championship. With his foot in the door Daniel
is looking to cement his place in the NZCT Black Sox team with his eye
on the 2009 World Championships.

Position: Outfield
Club: Poneke Kilbirnie
Province: Wellington
DOB: 02/10/75
Career details – World Championships gold in 2004 with the NZCT Black
Sox has been the highlight of a distinguished softball career for
Stacy to date. At 23-years of age Stacy made his international
softball debut in 1998 and while injuries have seen him in and out of
the team she has been a regular member of the side since 2002.

Position: Outfield
Club: Auckland Marist
Province: Auckland
DOB: 12/10/74
Career details – Gus has a wealth of international softball experience
behind him for both New Zealand and Samoa. Gus debuted for the NZCT
Black Sox in 1995 and then took up an American baseball contract
before returning to New Zealand. Gus reignited his international
softball career in 2000 with Samoa and captained the side at the 2004
World Championships. Gus won a recall to the NZCT Black Sox team in
2005 and is now targeting the 2009 World Championships.

Position: Outfield
Club: Mt Albert Ramblers
Province: Auckland
DOB: 03/04/75
Career details – Donny has been part of two world championship winning
NZCT Black Sox teams in 2000 and 2004 and is an experienced member of
the New Zealand team. The past season has seen Donny taste
considerable success in the role of player coach as he has claimed the
NZCT National League title with Auckland and the NZCT Open Club
Championship crown with Mt Albert Ramblers.

Position: Outfield
Club: Hutt City United
: Hutt Valley
DOB: 21/12/78
Career details – Rhys debuted for the NZCT Black Sox in 2002 but is

still to cement his place in the side. He won an international recall
in 2005 for the Evodrive Series where he was in impressive form with
the bat. Along with maintaining a successful career in New Zealand he
has also tasted plenty of success in America where he plays in the off

Softball New Zealand


Softball Canada announces 2007 Senior Men's National Team

Thursday, June 7, 2007


June 7th, 2007


Softball Canada announces 2007 Senior Men’s National Team


(Ottawa, ON) – Softball Canada is pleased to announce the 2007 Senior Men’s National Team roster. Twenty four (24) of Canada’s best male softball players have been selected to represent Canada and compete at the International Test Series that will take place in Orillia, Sebringville and Kitchener, Ontario from June 14th to 16th.


The Series will include three doubleheaders in which World #2 ranked Canada will host World #1 ranked New Zealand. It will also provide both countries an opportunity to begin their evaluation process in preparation for the XII ISF World Championships in 2009 in Saskatoon, SK. For more information on the Test Series, please visit


The athletes who have been chosen to represent Canada at the International Test Series are:


1.      Colin Abbott, Portugal Cove, NL

2.      Bryan Abrey, Richmond, BC

3.      Darren Box, Edmonton, AB

4.      Jody Eidt, Mitchell, ON

5.      Jeff Ellsworth, St. Lawrence, PE

6.      Trevor Ethier, Saskatoon, SK

7.      Ian Fehrman, Townsend, ON

8.      Rob Gray, Toronto, ON

9.      Dean Holoien, Melfort, SK

10.  Paul Koert, Stouffville, ON

11.  Tyler Lessard, St. Thomas, ON

12.  Dale Levy, St. Mary’s, ON

13.  Keith Mackintosh, Melfort, SK

14.  Todd Martin, Bracebridge, ON

15.  Derek Mayson, North Vancouver, BC

16.  Stephen Mullaley, Freshwater, NL

17.  Scott Newitt, North Delta, BC

18.  Rob O’Brien, St. John’s, NL

19.  Sean O’Brien, St. John’s, NL

20.  Kevin Schellenberg, Squamish, BC

21.  Don Scott, Stratford, ON

22.  Chris Shewfelt, Stoney Creek, ON

23.  Bill Simmons, Smithville, ON

24.  Rick Smith, Duncan, BC

25.  Ryan Wolfe, Melbourne, ON


Team Staff


Team Leader/Statistician – Barry Smith, Sheet Harbour, NS

Head Coach – Mark Smith, Halifax, NS

Assistant Coach – Don Bates, Saskatoon, SK

Assistant Coach – Marty Kernaghan, Grafton, ON

Assistant Coach – Ray Tilley, Woodstock, ON

Athletic Therapist – Bruce Marshall, Ottawa, ON

Athletic Therapist – Adam Davies, Ottawa, ON

Equipment Manager – Bob Baird, Burlington, ON

Player Representative – Bob Court, Duncan, BC



“We are looking very forward to the Test Series against New Zealand” says Mark Smith, Head Coach of the Senior Men’s National Team. “Our games seem to bring out the best in each other and we enjoyed a great rivalry with New Zealand over the years. Like New Zealand, we are using this Series to evaluate players in preparation for the 2009 ISF World Championships and we expect people to step up and show strong performances.”


Softball Canada is the National Sport Governing Body for the development and regulation of softball in Canada. Its objectives are to promote, encourage and develop participation to the country’s population and international excellence in softball.

Bios on the players with pictures:



For more information, please contact:


Gilles LeBlanc

Sport/Recreation Management Intern

MBA in Sport and Recreation Management

University of New Brunswick


Coordinator, Marketing and Communications

Softball Canada

(613) 523-3386 ext. 3105