Jack Grafmeier Memorial June 1-3 Kimberly, WI
Pool A Pool B Pool C
Bar Buzz--Appleton, WI Stoneyard--Madison, WI Kegel Black Knights--Fargo, ND
Hitters--Kimberly, WI Bar Madison--Madison, WI Rice Lake--Rice Lake, WI
Optimum Crush--Kenosha, WI Tin Cup--St Paul, MN Animal House--Lacrosee, WI
23 under Team--Kimberly, WI Hustle Hogs--Dekalb, IL Dolan & Murphy Shamrocks--Aurora, IL
Friday-Lower Diamond
G1 6:30 Bar Buzz vs Hitters
G2 8:15 Stoneyard vs Bar Madison
Saturday-Circle Tap Lower Diamond Saturday-Upper Diamond Saturday-Youth Diamond
G4   9:00 23 under vs Optimum G5 10:00 Kegel vs Rice Lake G6 9:00 Hogs vs Tin Cup
G7 11:00 23 under vs Hitters G8 12:00 Kegel vs Animal House G9  11:00 Hogs vs Stoneyard
G10 1:00 Optimum vs Hitters G11 2:00 Dolan vs Animal House G12 1:00 Tin Cup vs Stoneyard
G13 3:00 Optimum vs Buzz G14 4:00 Dolan vs Rice Lake G15 3:00 Tin Cup vs Bar Madison
G16 5:00 23 under vs Buzz G3 6:00 Animal House vs Rice Lake G18 5:00 Hogs vs Bar Madison
G17 7:00 Kegel vs Dolan **Division winners are seeded 1-3
***Effort will be made to not have teams in
same pool play each other in 1st round of playoff
Sunday--Sites to be Determined Sunday--Sites to be Determined ****Top Eight Teams make Playoffs
8:00 3 vs 6 8:00 5 vs 4 Tie Breakers    
10:00 1 vs 8 10:00 2 vs 7 Record   
12:00 3/6 winner vs 1/8 winner 12:00 5/4 winner vs 2/7 winner Head to Head  
2:00 Championship on Lower Diamond Runs Allowed--ALL pool games
Runs Scored--ALL pool games
Coin Flip      
Sunset Park in Kimberly, WI 
***Rain Out Line is 920-687-7890. Tourney Chair is Justin Colombo cell is 920-585-0179