June 24, 2024



HRMS Selection is our speciality.

This is a brief summary of the vendor selection services provided by Phenix.

First steps in HRMS Selection:

  • The HRMS Steering Committee
  • Systems Audit
  • Critical Success Factors
  • The Business Case for a new HRMS
  • Cost Benefits
  • Needs Analysis
  • Technology Direction

Leading to:

  • Using your needs analysis to develop an RFP for a new HRMS
  • How to identify all the HRMS vendors
  • Evaluating the RFP’s from the HRMS vendors
  • The HRMS Project Team
  • Vendor Selection Criteria
  • Getting to the Short List
  • Evaluating the vendors best fit
  • Other criteria
  • Final Decision - picking the best fit HRMS for your company
  • Contract negotiations
  • HRMS Implementation Planning
  • HRMS Project Management

Phenix Management Int'l:  HRMS Consulting

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