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We invite all major fastball / fastpitch softball organizations with their own web site to link back to us.

Please send us your logo and link address and we will link to you if you would please link to us.  Details on our logo below. And of course our web address is

To see our friends, scroll down to the bottom of our pages and see  FRIENDS OF AL'S FASTBALL - These are all well known softball organizations that have agreed to exchange logos with us.



The official Al's Fastball logo is the black one.

I would have folks use:

The other logos are variations for promotions or effects.

We created a few others in the event that for example, a friend's website had a dark background and needed a lighter logo. But for most cases they should use black if they are linking back to you.

If folks want to use other colors for articles or effects, then they can use:


All of these are also 863x671.



Many thanks





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