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For the many years we have been sharing information from the world of men’s fastball (fastpitch softball) our sole sponsor has been our own company, Phenix Management Int’l, Inc.. With our retirement from the active consulting business in 2015, our sole source of funds has ended.

We are totally open to suggestions on sponsorship opportunities. Within reason, of course.

We have had a very limited number of news postings that have pointed to web links that have had services (such as web bingo) available to all our readers. These have been short and tasteful and so far have been accepted by our readers as they are not “in your face”.

These marketing opportunities have generally cost the sponsor a modest flat fee of $100 USD and are posted with the understanding that we will leave these information pieces on our website for as long as we operate the site

There are many other options available to fans of the game. Let us know what you are interested in and we will see what we can do to accommodate your requirements.


Al Doran

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