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Reviews HRMS Book


Here are what the experts have to say about our new book:
November 15, 2000

Dear Al,
It was a pleasure speaking with you on Monday at the IHRIM conference in Toronto. I just wanted to pass along my comments regarding the your book.

I want to reiterate that your book has been instrumental in part of the framework for the acquisition and implementation of a new HRMS. Though, we are in the infancy of the project, the scope of the project has been greatly influenced by your book. The title "Human Resources Management Systems: A Practical Approach" has truly given us a "practical approach" to obtaining the most critical management tool that our enterprise will ever use.
Thank you.

Shawn Higgins
HRIS Specialist
Camp Dresser & McKee
50 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA. 02139
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HRMS Instructors

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The Media
By Ray Brillinger
Canadian HR Reporter
October 23, 2000

The Technology to manage intellectual capital

First, it was e-commerce, then e-business; now, increasingly we see developments and hear about trends in e-HR. While HR Information Systems (HRIS) have been around and evolved over many  years for a quick history, see the first chapter in Human Resources  Management Systems: A practical approach, reviewed in this column a more comprehensive and strategic HR function has recently adopted the term HR Management Systems (HRMS) to reflect the enhanced importance and capabilities of today’s IS and IT applications in human resources. Despite the critical role HRMS plays in the HR world, there are relatively  few books published to shed light on the topic. These recent titles will help readers to understand how information is  being used in HR today, the technologies and software available to support  the needs, how to select and implement systems successfully, and some strategic areas the systems serve including knowledge management and intellectual capital development. 

Human Resources Management Systems: A practical approach, 2nd ed.By Glenn M. Rampton, Ian J. Turnbull and J. Allen Doran, 339 pages,  Carswell (1999), 416-609-3800. 1-800-387-5162, www.carswell.com 

“The selection of an appropriate system is a critical HR management decision. However, the authors go beyond the usual examination of selection criteria and maintenance of an HRMS, to look in-depth at the opportunities to use the HRMS as a critical management tool in the organization.” Co-authors Turnbull and Doran are frequent contributors to CHRR in areas related to HR technology and information management. This second edition is updated to reflect new developments, especially Internet use and related applications. The coverage and style are also revised to reach an expanded audience: HR and payroll managers, general management and IS professionals as well as college- and university-level teachers and students. The first part of the book describes the background and needs for HRMS, and presents a Return on Investment approach for cost justification and demonstrated value. Next, several chapters take the reader through the stages of planning, designing, implementing and maintaining the system. The last part of the book shows, in detail, how HRMS can support core HR functional areas:

  • HR planning and development;
  • Staffing;
  • Training and development;
  • Compensation and payroll;
  • Benefits and pension programs;
  • Occupational health and safety.
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