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Saturday Results --- Pete Schwab Memorial (Frankenmuth MI)

July 13, 2008

Frankenmuth, MI

July 13, 2008
Frankenmuth, MI

Results of Saturday's Round Robin Games

Priority Mortgage 5R, 9H
Duncan Outlaws 4R, 8H
WP: D. Vanderark 6K
LP: B. Chabot 2K
Priority: Terry Boetsma 2-3 2RBI, Tracy Boetsma 2-4
Duncan: C. Foor 4-4 2RBI
Notes: M. Gruppen with a 2R GW double in top of seventh

Goshen Gators 6R, 9H
Carey Allstate 4R, 4H
WP: W. Koshmider 5K
LP: G. Krueger
Goshen: J. Kling, 2H & RBI, G. Bontrager 2H

DC Current 3 R, 6H
Tiffany's 1R, 6H
WP: M. Huppert 4K
LP: J. Hoover 10K
DC: A. Binkey 2 doubles, Ruppert 3 hits
Tiffs: M. Meinecke 2 hits, B. Carbeno 2 hits

DC Current 11R, 13H
B.C.C.I 2R, 5H
WP: M. Huppert
LP: P. Hoisington Sr.
DC: A. Binkey 3-4 HR 2B 3RBI
BCCI: P. Hoisington Jr. 3B 2 RBI

HBC Lightning 3R, 5H
Kelders 0R, 2H
WP: S. Kelly 7K
LP: B. Whitman 6K
Notes: Matt Shook with a 3 run HR in bottom of 6th broke a tie

Duncan Outlaws 12R, 15H
Carey Allstate 5R, 11H
WP: Browning Chebot
LP: R. Allen
Outlaws: Brent Miller 3-3, Dave Wiley 2-4 GS

Ashland Stock Pack 10R, 14H
HBC Lightning 8R, 9H
9 innings
WP: Ty McKinney 11K
LP: S. Kelly (2 in) in relief of J. Lovell
Stockpack: J. Whitely 2 hits, C. Honnaker 2 doubles, S. Flinner 2 hits
Game Notes: Ty McKinney with walk-off 2R homer in 9th (4th hit of game)

DC Current 9R
Twisters 3R
WP: A. Eckman
LP: G. Wright

Jack Daniels 16R, 20H
Up to Date 14R, 12H
WP: M. Ranz
LP: D. Lach in relief
Jack Daniels: L. Lathin 3-5, Reed 3-4, Frias 3-4, McKinney 3-5
UTD: J. Harper 3-4 2HR 5RBI
Notes: Jack Daniels with 6 runs in top of 7th

Alvinston Indians 8R, 9H
Wabash Fastpitch 1R, 3H
WP: D. Martin 6K
LP: R. Eckmen
Alvinston: S. Fenton 2-3, J. Woodmen 2 hits

Ashland Mets 6R
Homer Fastpitch 4R
WP: L. Reymar
LP: B. Boyd in relief
Notes: S. Zabrowski with two run game winning HR

Goshen Gators 5
Blues 0
WP: W. Koshmider
Goshen: J. Kline 3B, B. Yoder 3 his, J. Kling 2hits, M. Manering 2 hits

Ashland Stockpack 2R, 3H
B.C.C.I 1R, 5H
WP: J. Yates 11K
LP. P. Hoisington Jr. 5K
Stockpack: J. Whiteley 2-3, C. Honaker 2R HR
BCCI: J. Hosington 2 doubles

Priority Mortgage 7R, 5H
Jack Daniels 0R, 6H
WP: Tracy Boetsma
LP: M. Rantz
Priority: Bill Lutke 3-3

Goshen Gators 6R
Up to Date Painting 0R
WP: W. Koshminder 4K
LP: D. Lach 3K
Goshen: B. Yoder 2H, A. McIntyre 2H, M. Manering HR
UTD: T. Roberts 2-2

Duncan Outlaws 7R, 15H
Homer Fastpitch 5R, 11H
WP: L. Bender 7K with relief from Browing
LP: Bryan Boyd 8K
Duncan: Prinkor 2B 3B, Brown 2hits HR

Alvinston Indians 9R
Tiffany's 0R, 2H
WP: R. Swift
LP: P. Vanderharr

Goshen Gators 6
Carey Allstate 4
WP: W. Koshmider 5K
LP: G. Krueger
Goshen: G. Bontrager 2H double, J. Kling 2H

Kelders 4
Wabash Fastpitch 1
WP: B. Whitman
LP: R. Eckman

From Friday Night
Stockpack 1R, 3H
Priority Mortgage 0R, 1H
WP: Ty McKinney 18K
LP: D. Vanderark 9K
Notes: Ty McKinney with run scoring triple in 1st for only run

Standings after Round Robin Play

Bracket A
1st Alvinston Indians 3-0
2nd DC Current 3-0
3rd Ashland Stockpack 3-0
4th HBC Lightning 2-1
5th Kelders 1-2
6th Tiffany's 1-2
7th Twisters 1-2
8th Wabash 0-3
9th BCCI 0-3

Bracket B
1st Goshen Gators 3-0
2nd Ashland Mets 3-0
3rd Priority Mortgage 2-1
4th Duncan Outlaws 2-1
5th Blues 1-2
6th Homer Fastpitch 1-2
7th Jack Daniels 1-2
8th Carey Allstate 0-3
9th Up to Date Painting 0-3

Playoff Match-ups for Sunday

Bracket A (10 teams)
Duncan Outlaws vs. Kelders (Game #A1)
HBC Lightning vs. Blues (Game #A2)
Ashland Mets vs. Ashland Stock Pack
DC Current vs. Priority Mortgage
Alvinston vs win Game #A1
Goshen vs. win Game #A2

Bracket B (4 teams)
Homer vs. Twisters
Tiffany's vs. Jack Daniels

Bracket C (4 teams)
BCCI vs. Carey's Allstate
Wabash vs. Up to Date

Action is underway already on Sunday.

Ashland Mets are leading Ashland Stock Pack 5-1 in top of 6th
(McKinney vs. Reymer).
Kelders is leading Duncan Outlaws 3-0 in top of 7th (Whitman vs. Chabot)
Lightning is leading Blues 4-0 in bottom 5th (S. Kelly vs. R. Nichols

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