2008 Ontario Challenge Cup Qualifier - Innerkip & Hickson - Fri & Sat & Sun

September 20, 2008

Innerkip/Hickson, ON


Our last update for Sunday afternoon will be around 2pm when we check out of the Quality Inn. We will be doing short updates via Blackberry to NEWS-2 for the rest of the afternoon and will do complete update when we get home late tonight.  AD


SCHEDULE   in PDF format for Innerkip/Hickson
Friday, September 19
at Hickson
Etobicoke Royals:     3
Kitchener Outlaws:    5
at Innerkip
Belmont Black Sox:   8
Exeter Braves:         0
at Innerkip
Oshweken:              3
Shakespeare:          2
at Hickson
Elmira Millwrghts:     9
Cambridge Reds:      2

at Innerkip
Hamilton Hawks:       3
Innerkip Eagles:       0
at Innerkip
Ingersol Crush:        5
Toronto Celtics:        4



GAME 2 9am
Rockford Rush vs Kitchener Smoke at Hickson

Kitchener Smoke:     2

Rockwood Rush:       4


GAME 4  11am at Hickson
Port Elgin Blue Devils vs Orangeville Kings at Hickson

Port Elgin:      9

Orangville:     0

GAME 11 9am
Cambridge vs Innerkip

Innerkip Eagles:       8

Cambridge Reds:      3


GAME 12  9am
Toronto vs Exeter

Toronto Celtics:        3

Exeter:                   0

GAME 9  11am
Etobicoke vs L2 Kitchener Smoke

Etobicoke Royals:     2

Kitchener Smoke:     4

GAME 10  1pm
Shakespeare vs L4 Orangville

Orangeville: 1

Shakespeare 2

GAME 13  11am

Rockwood Rush    1

Kitchener Outlaws   6

GAME 14  3pm
Oshweken vs W4 Port Elgin

Oshweken Redmen: 1

Port Elgin Blue Devils: 7


GAME 15  1pm
Elmira vs Hamilton

Elmira Millwrights: 7

Hamilton Hawks:   4


GAME 16  1pm
Ingersol vs Belmont

Ingersol: 5

Belmont: 8


GAME 17  3pm
Kitchener Smoke vs L16 Ingersol Crush

Kitchener Smoke:  4

Ingersol Crush:        6


GAME 18  3pm
W10 vs L15

Shakespeare Falcons: 10

Hamilton Hawks:       0


GAME 19  5pm
Innerkip vs L14 Oshweken Redmen

Ohsweken:    0

Innerkip:       6



GAME 20 5pm
Rockwood vs Toronto Celtics

Toronto:        2

Rockwood:     3


 GAME 21  7pm
Shakespeare Falcons at Ingersol Crush

Shakespeare:   9

Ingersol:          4


GAME 22  7:00pm
Rockwood Rush at Innerkip Eagles

Rockwood:      3

Innerkip:         4

GAME 23  9:00pm
Kitchener Outlaws at Port Elgin Blue Devils

Kitchener:      5
Port Elgin:       6

GAME 24   9:00pm
Belmont Black Sox at Elmira Millwrights

Belmont:       3
Elmira:          4




GAME 25  9AM
Shakespere vs Kitchener

Kitchener:      3
Shakespeare: 2


GAME 26  9AM
Belmont vs Innerkip

Belmont Blacksox:    5
Innerkip Eagles:       1



GAME 27  11am
Port Elgin vs Elmira

Elmira Millwrights:               8
Port Elgin Blue Devils:         1



GAME 28  11am
W25 VS W26

Kitchener Outlaws vs Belmont Blacksox

Belmont:       3
Kitchener:      2


GAME 29  1pm
W28  vs  L27

Belmont vs Port Elgin

W28  vs  L27

Belmont Black Sox: 6
Port Elgin Blue Devils: 0

GAME 30  3pm
W27  vs  W29

Elmira vs  Belmont

Elmira: 7
Belmont: 0

Congratulations to the Elmira Millwrights - 2008 Challenge Cup Champions - Qualified for 2009 ToC



GAME  31  5pm – The IF Game  (not necessary)
W30  vs  L30 if first loss







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