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ISF's Day 3 - Game 17 Argentina vs South Africa

July 19, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

Once again I share the press box this bright sunny morning with my friends from Argentina.

Game 17

South Africa at Argentina


South Africa
Lucas Mata is throwing for Argentina
first two batters struck out while I was setting up
15, Barrett, out
no runs, no hits, no errors, none left on base


Moses Molaba has the ball for South Africa
9, Fernando Petric, walks
9, sac bunt moves the runner
12, Gamarci, passed ball moves the runner to 3b; Gamarci, grounds to 2nd, out
32, Guerrinieri, another passed ball to score the runner; Guerrnieri, walks
29, Goddy, runner steals 2b; out at 1b to retire the side
1 run, now 1-0 for Argentina

nice to see a few more people here this morning, must have skipped church, very vocal group, as are the two benches.
very bright and sunny this moring but fairly brisk breeze, great for the comfort level of the ball players. you don't need a jacket in the stands, its sun tan day.

13, Gerhard beats out a blooper to first
6, Duncan bunts and its caught, out
5, Jonathan, goes down swinging
40, Green, goes down swinging
1-0 for Argentina, the home team

31, Bruno Motroni, walks after almost being caught out on a long fould ball missed at the 1b side fence way out there
22, Caceres, out at 1b but moves the runner
16, Bolzan, passed ball moves the runner to 3b; OUT
3, Coccia, flys out to rf
no runs, no hits, no errors, none lob

23 Anthony Carr, out
I can recall Anthony from Midland MI in 1996, I used to get emails from his brother in South Africa each day asking for regards to be given to the "Ant"
we have come a long ways since 1996, that year I took notes all day and typed all night from the hotel, now I have a ring side seat and wirless - how come I still don't get to sleep!
24, Alexander, called 3rd strike.
10, Young, grounds to Mata and is out at 1b
no runs, no hits, no errors, none lob

no singing yet today from the South African bench, hope they eventually break into song, this crowd would love it

41, Fernando Petric, pops out
9, Pablo Montero, walks
12, Julio Gamarci, doubles
32, Gustavo, drives one to cf fence for a double and two RBI - now its a 3-0 game for home club
29, Goddy, another double, another RBI, now its 4-0 for Argentina - much better mood with my friends the media from Argentina this morning
pitching change - Moses to the bench
now pitching, 85 Sadler
Bruno fly out
22, Caceres, goes down swinging
16, Kevin Bolzan, bunt, ball thrown away, makes it to 2b
3, Coccia puts it out of the park over cf fence, two run home run to make it 8-0 for Argentina
41, out at 1b, end of inning
7 runs, 5 hits, no errors, none lob
8-0 score for Argentina

One thing that has been nice to have here are the line up cards for both teams just before each game, they enable me to refer to the number and spelling of the names.
The volunteer staff here are outstanding, always ready to help us get the information out.


86, Renier, out
15, Barrett, goes down swinging
13, Gerhard, grounds out
no runs, no hits, no errors, none lob
8-1 for Argentina

CTV in the stands with a video camera this morning, big one. Local media has been excellent. see and/or their Twitter feed for some of the local paper's feeds.

South African started warming up another pitcher in the T4 but Sadler still has the ball, so far
9, Pablo Montero, line drive right to the cf er, out
12, the dp, Julio Gamarci, time out, we have a dust storm; out at 1b
32, Gustavo Guerrinieri, walk
29, Goddy, called third strike, if looks could kill!
no runs, one hit, one lob
8-0 still for Argentina

6, Small, walks
21, Bradley Barrett, grounds to ss, but throw to 1b wild, runner safe, but they take the runner at 3b
40, Green, out at first, runner to 2b
I just noticed 33 is pitching, Maximiliano Monteo, think he came in this inning. will check later with the ISF stats.  I don't yet have my sidekick John beside me scoring the game.
23, Anthony "Ant" Carr, out
2 out
24, David Lee Alexander, grounds out to end the inning and the game
no runs, no hits, one error

8-0 final for Argentina over South African


Next Mexico will play Botswana

now 12:57pm


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