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ISF's Day 7 - Game 53 - Argentina vs Australia

July 23, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

Game 53

Australia vs Argentina


The 3:30pm game at BVI - it will be late

4:40pm  Introductions

Argentina at Australia

Andrew Kirkpatrick pitching for Australia

Jose Guerrinieri has the ball for Argentina

A number of reporters in the press box from Argentina again today, they have a strong following back home.
The team manager and the pitching coach from Argentina came over together to say hello and thank us for sending fastball news out to the world.
The manager remembered meeting me in Valencia Venezuela in 1998 for the Pan Am Qualifiers. That was one great trip.
One of the reporters played ISC II ball last year in appleton.

Side Note:  Argentina showed up in the wrong uniforms. They had to change to antother colour. The score card I have has the old numbers, some are diffeent.

4:43pm start

41, Fernando Petric, strikes out
27, Andres Gamarci, out
12, Julio Gamarci, out

25, Mike Tanner, out
Harrow, out
Winters, out at 1b

2, Jose Pintos, strikes out swinging
18, Gustavo Goody, goes down swinging
22, Mauricio, strikes out

Major noise from GHB diamond, Botswana just beat Great Britain 5-1!


2 out real fast
27, Goolagong, out behind first

I do not have the proper line up card for this set of numbers for Argentina
16, out
44, out
9, Pablo Nontero, goes down swinging, out

Ty Bartorillo, pounds one out to lf, safe on first
42, Wells, strikes out
14, Nathan Jones, long discussion over a dead ball. smacks one off the 3b bag for a single.
25, Tanner, grounder, thow to 1b, error, safe and two runs score while the chase the ball around rf
17, Mike Harrow, smacks one up the middle to score one.
53, Zennon Winters, single, runners on 1 and 2
7, Nick Shailes, - Harrow steals 3b and almost gets caught but they drop the ball - runners on 2 and 3 - Nick Walks
2. Josh Davison, pounds one to rf and scores two runs. runners on the corners
27, Jeff Goolagong, safe at 1b, scores a run
8, Tyron Bartorillo, bunt and he is on 1b safely
- Bob Harrow is making a change, 42 out and 16 in
16, Terry Downes, double scores two more
re enter
14, Jones - delay - pounds one to lf and right into the fielders mitt out
25, Mike Tanner again, out at 1b to end a long inning
8 runs on 8 hits
8-0 lead for Australia

first batter hits right into Andrews mitt
18, out
12, Julio Gamarci, out


This is one fantastic day. Warm and sunny but a wonderful breeze blowing.

looks like a pitching change, Juan Potolicchio - wrong numbers for most of the team
3, Gibson, out
8, Zennon Winters, out at first
the Aussie support group is very large this afternoon
Argentina is warming up a pitcher down the 1b line
4, Aaron Cockman, out.
no runs no hits no lob
8-0 after four for AU

2, Jose Pinto, one of the few with the right number on - goes down swinging
18, Goody, out at 1b
22, out to rf and he is out for the final out of the game

8-0 for Australia

final: 6pm


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